1. Lee Gold

    3 plate method, loft light only turns on if bedroom light is switched off?

    I wired 3 plate method loft light from supplying from my sisters bedroom light ceiling rose, the only way the loft light I fitted tuned on is if my sisters bedroom light was off, so then I it was really bugging me I went back to my connections supplying the loft light at my sisters ceiling rose...
  2. multimick

    flex connection plate zone 2

    is this allowed or am i being pedantic ,it aint ip x4 , it's feeding a panel heater that is ip 24. so that's ok at least
  3. L

    UK Need for an outlet plate and a 13 amp socket for new oven/gas hob.

    Hi.I am a DIY enthusiasts and do have the basic knowledge of electric science. As I am about to refurbish my kitchen,I have bought an electric single oven power rated at 3.60 kw and a gas hob power rated 1.3kw. The existing setup is:6mm t/e cable running from CU/Fuse box (on a 32amp MCB) to 45 A...
  4. S

    Mitsubishi colt

    Hi, my daughter has a mitsubishi colt 1.1 litre 56 plate. Her car beeps 3 times and then changes the radio station. This has baffled me. Does anybody have any ideas please. Thank you.
  5. Moley

    Anyone else got a '19 plate (dead!) Transit custom??

    It seems that all Transit Custom 2.0 vans built between Feb and Sept 2019 were built with injectors that can die at any time. There was a coating used on the inside of the injectors that can come loose and block up. All four injectors and pipework have to be replaced. My Transit with 4200 miles...
  6. Z

    Trainee CCU vs Outlet Plate

    What's the difference between a cooker outlet plate and a Cooker connection unit? Is an outlet plate for when a cooker doesn't have any way to connect to circuit from the cooker unit itself and that's when you attach an outlet plate to the wall and then have cable go from the cooker to the...
  7. Q

    Domestic Can connection plate be replaced by plug socket

    Hi, I’ve been living in a “new built” house for the last five years and the time to replace some of the built-in appliances has come. My dishwasher and washing mashine are connected to the grid via connection plates similar to those, although I’m not aware of their exact technical parameters...
  8. J

    230/240vac 10.5a rated heat plate into Single Ph 32a commando socket

    Hi all, ist post: I have a portable appliance which is a temperature controlled heat plate, the input requirements are single phase 230/240vac 10.5a, the unit is designed and built in the US and is factory adapted for the UK market. The supplied flex that comes with the unit is 3.3 mm sq 3 core...
  9. P

    Grid plate customer request

    I have had a customer ask me about installing a grid plate in their kitchen as part of the quotation for a rewire of said kitchen. It wil need to include a 16A oven, washing machine, dishwasher,extractor hood and microwave oven. I have not used one of these before so thought i would ask people...
  10. rolyberkin

    Switch Plate Wiring?

    What's this all about, keep coming across deep boxes packed to fault inducing capacity with cables, looks a complete cluster f*** to me, or am I just getting old?
  11. Marti

    Domestic Garden lights best in "3 Plate" or at switch

    Opinions appreciated on this one. Garden in approximately a square, 20 metres pr side The board is under the stairs and I'll run a 6aRCD protected feed behind the units to the rear wall and into the garden; everything outside in Schneider boxes filled with Ray Tech Gel Cable will be either Hi...
  12. M

    Back box depth for LAP flat plate light switch

    Following great advice on here about wiring my ceiling light I've now moved onto replacing the plastic light switches. Does anyone know if a 16mm back box will be OK to accommodate this switch...
  13. N

    Help with changing a light "plate" just wires coming out of the wall....

    Hi Everyone!! As you can probably tell by the question I am definitely no electrician :) I wanted to change my light switch as I broke the old one...I purchased a new light switch but it was flat whereas the old one was more of a box. I tried to attach the wires following a youtube video but...
  14. K

    HELP. Back plate wiring to smart heating hub HELP

    Trying to install Drayton wiser hub r... The backplate has previously been wired and is as in picture. Attached. The diagram is in instructions as how it needs to be. Attached. Which wired need to go where.. Please help
  15. Marti

    If you're selling your private number plate I might be interested.

    Just on the chance that anyone fancies selling their private number plate in the future , I might be interested if it electrical or electrician related. I realise they are not to everyone's taste and I'm compensating / having a crisis / shallow / infantile / got better things to do with limited...
  16. M

    Cooker outlet plate converted to double socket

    Hi everyone found this today cooker outlet converted to a double socket which the cooker is plugged into it then a extension lead plugged into other socket which runs the gas hob ignition and garden sockets and garden light's all on 33amp mcb with 6mm from board to cooker then 1.5mm to outside...
  17. A

    4 gang kitchen socket plate

    looking to put 4 sockets in a drywall box in the kitchen, it's not wide enough for four in a row. Is there a square type like the attached one but without the module slots?
  18. M

    Ford PATS Flash Code 16 55 Plate Ford Fiesta

    Hi, Long term guest viewer but could do with some advice if that's ok. As above, 55 plate fiesta 1.4 Style that wont crank. Immobiliser flashing red led doesnt phase out after ignition turned on. Flash Code 16 (CAN link error between PCM and Instrument Cluster). Battery is 13v. Fuses...
  19. J

    Brushed Steel Screwless plate - which Brand?

    I have to install roughly 150 points at a large property. The client is style conscious and wants to install Brushed Steel / Chrome / Nickel Flat plate sockets and switches. Is BG Nexus a good and sturdy brand? Not shoddy quality like LAP which keep falling off / failing. Mainly worked with MK...
  20. J

    Switch plate earthing advice

    I had reason to unscrew a metal 4-gang switch-plate to investigate a noise. I discovered that the earth terminal on the switch does not have a wire to the metal back box, or anywhere else. The lighting cable earths are terminated in the earthing point in the back box. The wiring to this...
  21. S

    cover plate for downlights

    hello i want to remove some down lights from a room before i remove the fittings and reskim ceiling etc i was hoping to take out the bulbs and find some blanking plates to fill the holes do these exist as i cant find them ? i suppose the market for this product is pretty small ! cheers
  22. O

    The number plate thread ...............yes really

    Spotted this today: Feel free to add ones you see!
  23. H

    For Sale '11 Plate Fiat Doblo 80k miles

    No longer needed after next week, so looking to sell. Opening up on here before it gets listed on Auto Trader next Friday. If anyone is interested drop me a PM, but I feel the price is usually enough to whittle out those that are interested or not. Will be looking for £3500 on Auto Trader...
  24. Leesparkykent

    Flate plate accessories

    I hate the stuff and haven't fitted it for years.......but have a customer that wont be persuaded and wants brushed steel screw less flat plate accessories. The job is huge (in the region of 600 points altogether) so want to find something that's not going to be a PITA. Any recommendations...
  25. DPG

    UPS spec - help required.

    Morning all, and happy Friday! I've been asked my advice on what UPS would be suitable to run an ICT machine (ICT=In Circuit Test, it's machine that tests electronic PCB assemblies). Now it is fed from a standard 3 phase supply, but I am confused a little by the rating plate - I've attached a...
  26. H

    Advice needed on poor junction installation

    I discovered this whilst removing tiles in my daughters kitchen. It disintegrated when i touched it with the sds drill No enclosure just a backing plate rawl plugged to the wall and plastic terminal blocks behind. As its unsafe and exposed I need to repair it as quickly as possible. There isn't...
  27. G

    Floodlights and SWA cable.

    Hi all. I have been asked to put two lights on two 30ft floodlight pylons. (one on each) They need to be at around 6-8ft high. It will be a new circuit and run in SWA. Is it 'correct' or acceptable to run the cable up the pylon to that height? (on the outside) Also, any ideas on cable fixings...
  28. E

    Cooker / Hob connection

    Just had a new kitchen installed. The new cooker and hob didn't come with any cable. The hob is rated at 6Kw and the single oven at 2.2Kw. The circuit is a 32A mcb, 6mm t&e to a ccu and then 6mm down to the connection unit. MI says to use H05V2V2-F T min 90C. Is this Butyl? I was going to...
  29. J

    concealed cables to D.B.

    Hi All.. Situation: Full rewire of a house, The distribution board is located in the garrage on the adjacent wall back to back with the house.. The roof level of the garage is below the ceiling of the joists so can't break threw at high level It's my intention to run the cables down/up the...
  30. happyhippydad

    Straight wired and crosswired Ethernet connection?

    Evening everyone.. I have just been experimenting with a cat5 wall plate on one end of the cat5 cable and an RJ45 on the other end. The RJ45 connects to my router and the wallplate is situated in the office. I then connect a standard Ethernet cable (RJ45 on both ends) from the wall plate to...
  31. P

    Testing hotplates on an electr cooker

    This is maybe not strictly a PAT testing question but you PAT testers might be able to help. I am renovating a set of electric cookers and start by testing them disconnected from the supply using PAT testing principles. So I test for earth continuity and insulation resistance. If OK then I...
  32. H

    Domestic cooker and rcd!

    Had a look at a job where the cooker, protected by 100mA rcd, trips intermittently. Sometimes it can go for weeks without any problem. The cooker is only 2 years old. I have carried out an insulation resistance test on all the cables which was >999 and also a ramp test of the rcd which trips at...
  33. N

    EICR code

    Hi can someone confirm what code you would give metal light and sockets with no flying earth to the back box. Lights are on a non RCD side of the board so was unsure if it's a C3 cheers Neil
  34. A

    13amp Double Socket with plug presented at 45 degrees- do you know a supplier ??

    Hi This question was asked some years ago on this forum but the link to the supplier is no longer active. I am looking for a Wall Mounted 13 amp double socket that could be mounted on a narrow kitchen upstand that would normally not allow the use of moulded plugs. as i see it there are three...
  35. Soulsurfer

    Time lag switch solutions

    Hey all, I'm looking into a solution for a friend who has a long staircase in an old surgery he has converted to flats and bedsits. Basically from front door onwards he has 2 gang switch plates all wired junction box system with just red,yellow,blue 3 core and cpc at each gang. He wants time lag...
  36. A

    Domestic Identify this socket...

    Hi, I was hoping someone might be able to help me identify this wall socket in my house. Its been bugging me for years and searching online doesn't bring anything up. Thanks.
  37. infinity

    Fuse Blowing on small motor

    have been asked us to look at installing a different fuse as the 13A plug top keeps blowing when they try to start the Motor, its a very small bench compressor. He seems to think it requires a fuse to allow the inrush of current, but the plate of the motor states its only 1500W so should this...
  38. C

    Identification of grid switch module and mounting frame

    Hi, Could anyone identify the manufacturer of this grid switch and mounting frame from the image please Much appreciated, Mark.
  39. C

    Hi, new to the board and looking for help

    I've a 56 plate saab 9-3 vector sport and for some reason recently, the battery has been dying whilst sitting overnight. I took the car to kwik fit who told me that the battery seemed fine but that their equipment notes a noise which meant that something was staying on in the car. No internal...
  40. B

    Calculate 3 phase amperage

    How do you calculate your amps for a 3 phase motor starter
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