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  1. M

    UK Kettle Element Keeps Blowing

    Hi, I'm the landlord of a rented property. I recently had the fuse box (dcu) changed from the old "wire type" to the newer mcb/rcd type. It has been 5 months since it was replaced by a qualified electrician. My tenant has informed me that he has replaced 4 kettles since then. 1. All kettles...
  2. msattitude

    RCD 1 Tripping When Kettle Turned On

    Hi, Have an issue with the RCD1 tripping each time I turn on the kettle. Have tried 3 different kettles and they all trip it yet all 3 kettles work fine. The confusion is, the kettle is plugged into socket that is run via RCD2 NOT RCD1 This is the set up: RCD1 trip controls: Oven Boiler Kitchen...
  3. D

    Kettle just blew up

    My kettle just decided to test my 32a mcb The good news is the 32a breakers works the bad news is the kettle no longer....
  4. HVManiac

    Need help with identifying the type of connector on vintage Sears kettle

    Hello everyone, Guys I've an old Sears kettle that I still use. But recently I noticed that the power cord connector to the kettle is wiggly, but still works. Since, it looks like a removable connector I tried to pull it slightly but it doesn't seem to be removable. Anyone here has any idea...
  5. S

    Please help, sockets keep tripping after I've used my kettle.

    Hi I'm looking for some help please. I don't have any electrical experience and just wondered if anyone could shed some light on why my circuit breaker keeps tripping the sockets. This started about 6 months ago when the sockets switch started tripping randomly. I told my landlord and after...
  6. E

    Domestic Kitchen sockets issue.

    Hi all, can I ask if anyone has ever had a problem like this. i was called to a property tonight, the tenant had turned on their kettle and it had switched off at boiling point but continued to boil. They have tried 4 other kettles and they've all done the same thing. ive tested the circuit, a...
  7. A

    Domestic Sockets tripping different rccb?

    Quick question which I will probably kick my self when I look into the d/b in the morning. We currently have a house being restored(finishing touches) had western power out this morning to change over to PME, I came home from work popped in the house to catch the first half of the rugby and...
  8. J

    Power supply to garden workshop

    I am developing a prototype garden workshop design that has an off-grid power supply. The current setup is 300Wp PV, MPPT charge controller with 20A rated discharge current, 266Ah (C100) deep cycle battery and a 3000W (6000W peak) modified sine wave DC 12V to AC 220V inverter. This setup happily...
  9. K

    RCD tripping

    Recently, whenever we plug in either our kettle (1850-2200 Watts) or our iron (2300-2750 Watts), it trips the RCD for that circuit. Nothing has been changed on the installation, and we've had both appliances for a few years and they never used to cause this problem. Up until recently, whenever...
  10. N

    HELP !!! RCD Mystery

    My son and his wife moved into a house about 7 months ago, they have had a new consumer unit and a new combi boiler fitted about 5 months ago and everything has been fine up until now. My daughter in-law phoned the other morning to say that the electric had gone off in the house and everytime...
  11. L

    Domestic Supply Problems or very unlucky customer???

    Had a customer today, kettle not boiling correctly, 4th replacement kettle in 3 weeks. all not boiling past Luke warm Supply characteristics TT Supply 66ohms. No Bonding as caravan and all utilities in plastic (caravan) bonded RCD protecting caravan and caravan supply (30mA) when kettle...
  12. D

    Domestic Kettle repeatedly tripping RCD

    Sorry for posting here, but the DIY forum is locked. I have no electrical training. A few months ago a cheap (£5) Argos kettle tripped the RCD and the switch for the sockets at the same time. Trying to put the switches back up immediately tripped them again. Unplugged kettle, switches stayed...
  13. J

    Will this work in the UK?

    Hi all, I am trying to buy a present for someone but it only appears to be for sale in the US. I can get it shipped over here to the UK but want to know if it will work? And if it would work with an adapter, would it burn out quickly? I want it to be safe and last... Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp...
  14. Top Cat

    6 Amp RCBO 13 Amp load

    Doing a rewire at the moment in an empty house. I am using RCBO's mostly so when i got 1 room complete i wired the 4mm radial into the RCBO so we could get the kettle going. After several brews i went to disconnect it only to find i had wired it into a 6 Amp RCBO! The trip never operated once...
  15. M

    Domestic 110 volt

    Chaps I have just installed a 10 kva 110v site transformer on a job and put 3 double sockets in the garage for battery chargers etc I have had a request from the builder and the client to put temporary 230v standard 13 amp double sockets on each floor (i assume the builder dont have any 110v...
  16. E

    Socket above sink, tiny room, nowhere else to put it.

    Basically a tiny room as wide as the sink has a sink fitted and a socket above it. There is not enough space to move it anywhere else, what should be done. Its for an industrial EICR
  17. I

    Ring Main Fault

    When I turn a load on on the ring main it trips the rcd, is this due to there being a fault between neutral and cpc?
  18. E

    ZS on final sub circuit

    Lads Have measured R1 + R2 and get a total of .45 ohms, when I test the ring with my tester I get 2.1ohms, the unit was calibrated last week, any ideas?
  19. C

    What fuse for PC?

    My new Dell PC is rated at 230V, 1.8A but comes with a lead with 5A fuse in the plug. Why not 3A? Similarly the 230V, 1.3A monitor also has a 5A fused lead. Why not 3A? I wish to run both from a "Y-power lead" (UK plug to 2xIEC sockets), item PL0962602 sold by CPC. Since the total current...
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