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  1. S

    Fike zone faults

    Hi all I have installed twinflexpro fire detection system and getting zone faults ,please have look at attached video. Any idea how I can clear the fault, Thank you 1575322451
  2. O

    Jumper keeps cutting out faster progressivly

    Hi all, thank you for reading my post. My first one so I hope it is in the right spot. I just bought a house in Thailand. I moved in a week ago and 3 days ago a jumper started cutting out. Since then it has been doing so more frequently and now I am unable to put it in the on position. I am a...
  3. B

    Electrician Advice on faults and Ideas for fixes

    Hi guys, I'm not a sparks so i'm looking for some advice and help on a few issues. I've recently had all my sockets chased back and new switches chased in and some replaced as well as other work. My first issue. I've had all my sockets moved up a few inches from there original locations to...
  4. D

    Altered ring main, now a DIFFERENT circuit is not working?

    I’ve just altered a ring main by taking 1 leg out of the board and taking it to a spur (then taking a leg back), to add a socket in. After doing so I’ve turned the board back on and everything is working as it should, other than cooker circuit (A radial feeding the cooker/hob, extractor fan and...
  5. H

    Help please, What would you do?

    I have a customer who has 4 12v spotlight that are intermittent. The original installer decided to install the transformers where they couldn't be accessed from below so the only way to get to them is by lifting carpets and flooring above. Once the floor was lifted and the transformers were...
  6. H


    Hi everyone. I'm an electrician in Leeds and i'd really appreciate your view on walking away from jobs when the existing install is not right. For instance I had two days booked in for a CU change and rewiring of some spotlights. I always start a CU change by doing a condition report first on...
  7. N

    Instantaneous faults and discrimination

    Hi, I am currently working on a project where the client has asked us to complete a discrimination study. The primary area of concern involves an upstream miniature circuit breaker (25A type C) and a downstream 10A gG fuse. The type C circuit breaker time current characteristics within BS...
  8. D

    Neutral earth faults

    Hi all, I've got an electrician at work who constantly keeps putting n-e faults off the rcd side to the non rcd side & leaving them. Now in the past I've been out to two n- e faults which have melted the insulation off the 1.5mm cable thus requiring a rewire,now what should I do.. 1, have a...
  9. Soulsurfer

    Faults central at present !

    Been out on a handful of callouts last few days and had some beauties, such as a socket spurred for t.v. and associated sky box, dvd player etc.. spurred from another in a unit which had stopped working and showed up as no neutral ! this was apparently working last week and just stopped working...
  10. P

    Need help on having a free standing LED Panel tested for faults.

    We currently have LED lighting panels that are used for photography and video lighting purposes. They are a stand alone electrical device with their own power pack and mains adapter. We want to have them tested by an electrician to see if they are safe, or if they have any problems. We are...
  11. B

    what is the correct sequence for locating faults?

    i'm a bit confused with this question, it doesn't state what kind of fault so the question is open to a broad spectrum, i'm aware the first point is speak to relevant people regarding faults but after that it could go so many ways. am i missing something here? i'm reading through the nvq3...
  12. Bob Geldoff1234

    Faults that aren't there?

    Over the past couple of years i have been called to houses where the rcd has periodically tripped.I have carried out all insulation resistance tests and have been greater than 20m ohms across all conductors.I have then tested the rcd tripping times and ramp tests. Everything is showing clear and...
  13. G

    Eicr coding

    Doing a test the other day and found a couple of metal light switches no earth to faceplate just to back box but both lugs were fixed. What code do you reckon I'm saying 3 but it's a 2 minute job anyway to rectify. Can't recall seeing it before though Cheers
  14. M

    fault finding

    Anybody know any good websites for fault finding videos, currently studying for my am2.
  15. C

    Fault Finding?

    Alright, I recently sat my FICA and failed section E (Fault Diagnosis) and I have my resit next Monday but my problem is I've never actually done fault finding before. I've read about it and looked over some basic notes but my first real attempt at it was on the day of my test! I know that...
  16. L

    Glow-worm 18hxi intermittent fault

    Hi, Got a Glow-worm 18hxi boiler (6yrs old) with an intermittent fault. Cuts out with F1 or F4 code message. Sometimes runs for several days with no problem, then cuts out once or twice same day. Regularly serviced by our local plumber (also fitted it) but he cannot find the problem. Had the...
  17. T

    ebay van trouble

    Hi guys, Sold my old van on ebay the other day. £600 buy it now. Listed every known fault I could think of, said the usual stuff like no tyre kickers, haggling etc, price is final. Some guy bought it and turned up with his mate to collect on friday, from the word go he was checking everything...
  18. P

    Signing work off

    I've recently had a phone call off a potential client, asking for there recently refurbished house to be electrically signed off as they have sold the house. I think what's happened is they have had a electrician in to rewire it and modify the circuits but they wasn't part P. I am wondering if...
  19. dez0178

    Can anyone explain the best way to fault find on a ring main.

    Hi, Can anyone help please. I am doing an assignment for college level 3. I am trying too understand how to find a fault on a ring main circuit. I have read about splitting the ring, finding which end has the fault test again until the fault is found. But could anyone explain step by step on how...
  20. G

    help with 303 question city and guilds

    State TWO faults which may be found for EACH of the following.a) Luminaries b) Flexible cable/cords c) Wiring Can any one help me with this one?
  21. S

    fault finding techniques !

    Hello all I've got a college assessment coming up about fault finding just wondering if any of you use certain techniques when fault finding ? Is there certain things you do first ? Obviously these are all pre determined faults which can be switched in and out please any suggestions will be...
  22. M

    2394/95 Practical Element

    Has anyone done the new 2394/95 practical and how does it compare too the old 2391?
  23. A

    Emergency lighting commercial

    Hi All, seen an install that another company has carried out who have put emergency lighting on their own mcb instead of the lighting mcb on that floor. Is this allowed? There is a main rcd switch but if its a short it will trip lighting mcb and not activate emergency lighting? Also they did...
  24. 7

    help needed ring main fault

    hello there your expertise please :D Basically recieved a job from a client that rents out propertys the client has had the council complete a EICR and they have found x2 ring mains have the following faults: circuit 1:no continuity lives (readings-RN=1.33) circuit 2: no continuity neutral...
  25. A

    Repairing Solar PV systems

    Hi guys I'm interested to hear if many of you are returning to faults on either your own or installs by others? If so, what kind of faults are occuring? Just trying to build up a picture or any recurring theme of faults to help with some research we are going. Any input greatly appreciated...
  26. P

    2357 unit 308 fault finding?

    hi guys, ive got my unit 308 next week. Its the practical part for finding faults. does anyone who has already done this unit have any tips for possible faults that they must put on the boards for me to find? thanks maggie
  27. G

    Dometic sockets

    I have just recently bought my first house and have took all the carpets up and stripped all the walls for redecorating so I am looking at the wiring in the house to see if there are any problems. In the bedroom there are 4 double sockets and 1 single socket but only a couple work. The light...
  28. H

    Tell us your faults

    Tell us your faults Has anyone had any good faults to tell and managed to rectify the faults? Always find them interesting to hear about Replica Dolce & Gabbana Shoes Retail Air Force One Shoes
  29. N

    Need help with fault finding material, 303 C&G. Please Help.

    Hi I passed the inspection and testing exam. I have my Fault Finding and rectification exam coming up, and I am having a problem!! I cant find any help (books, pass papers, websites) on Fault finding and rectification. I looked every where but no luck! I have the books OSG, IEE Wiring Reg...
  30. M

    Fluke 62 Infrared Thermometer

    As mentioned on the forum before by Lenny, this is a cracking little thermometer. When ever I get called out to a fault or conducting and EICR, this little one does a quick scan over the MCB's and more than often or not gives me the heads up to a cause or potential fault. Recently I got called...
  31. C

    Tell us your faults

    Has anyone had any good faults to tell and managed to rectify the faults? Always find them interesting to hear about
  32. E

    Testing before cu change

    Hi Guys, Just wanted to get some views and different opinions on what tests you complete at pricing/enquiry stage for a cu change?Complete all tests beforehand? Complete limited tests, ze, PFC, ir?Would be interesting to see how everybody operates?Particulary IR tests, just want to give clients...
  33. D

    Domestic Fault diagnostics of single phase induction motor

    Hey everyone i'm working on my final semester project on fault diagnostics of SINGLE PHASE induction motors.... i've searched through the internet for fault diagnostic techniques and all i got from there are the ways to diagnose faults in "THREE PHASE INDUCTION MOTORS"... SO wanted to ask if...
  34. J

    Help with fault finding - general questions please help

    Hi there i have got my trade test to do done my installation today and tomorrow i have my fault finding and testing&inspection to do, just have a few questions i want to ask a decent tradesman who understand faults quite good, im fine with testing and inspection but where it comes to fault...
  35. P

    2391 visual inspection help

    Hi I have just had the results of my 2391 exams. I passed the written and have failed the visual inspection assesment part of the practical exam. The examiner said I did not find 12 faults. I found 12, but 2 were not on his list, does anybody have the list of faults that the examiner is...
  36. B

    scenario cd; 14 faults and codes

    can anyone help, ive found 14 faults but cant seem to get codes correct, everytime i change i have to go through full scenario again and end up missing something ,,, help
  37. M

    3 Phase problems

    Hi all, can someone please provide me with a list of the most common faults that you will encounter with 3 phase equipment such as ac units, motors, etc. Cheers Boys.
  38. sythai

    CU changes.... testing first

    Evening all... Just quick question before pop out. Recently there was a post on CU upgrades, and someone? said when pricing they done it as 2 seperate jobs. First job: full test and rectify any faults. Second job: CU swap and quick test (as you will have most of results from job one) Good...
  39. D

    Fault Finding Practical 2330.

    I was wondering if someone who has done this exam would be able to tell me what certain faults will have on the test results. I don't have a job and have to do this exam in a couple of weeks and while I know how to test I am feeling very unprepared for it. I know that doing CPC check will...
  40. R

    How far do you have to go with pricing?

    Hi just after a few pointers, I am doing a kitchen for my sister in law and as I am employed this is just a materials cost type of job. However what i thought would be pretty straight forward has turned into a bit of a nightmare as on the first fix I checked the ring main which was open so I put...
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