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    Why is my AFCI breaker tripping?

    Hi. Recently, one of my AFC I breakers began tripping any time even a small load was put on it. To make a long story short, I have replaced all the receptacles and switches on the circuit and have replaced the AFCI circuit breaker. Really the only 2 things left I haven't touched are two...
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    Breaker GFCI AFCI

    Hi Everyone, I have a question regarding GFCI AFCI Breakers in my main panel. I have a Siemens residential household box with QP breakers. I wanted to replace a standard one with a GFCI AFCI Breaker. I noticed that the cable conduit that houses that circuit has a black, red, and white wire...
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    AFDDs are a massive fraud

    Derailed another thread with AFDDs, so I am starting this one. I will simply say that UK RCDs and MCBs provide arc fault protection as is. UL not only knows that, but extensively researched UK power systems in an effort to emulate the very same concept 40 years. One the simply fact (growing...
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