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  1. 6

    I have 2:30 amp relays running the door poppers for my shaved door handles. They only seem to work properly when the Vehicle is running. Is this an alternator a battery relay or perhaps a wiring problem?
  2. Y

    Changing original 32Amp contactors for solid state relays?

    Hi Guys, My underfloor heating has 3 x 32amp contactors. They make a hell of a thump when opening and closing. Bit of a hum also. I'm looking at the idea of changing them for solid state relays like this one Solid State Relay - 40A (3-32V DC Input) - COM-13015 - SparkFun Electronics -...
  3. S

    Lighting relays overheating. Solution?

    Evening all, Been to a customers unit recently due to some high level lighting that had stopped working. The cause was a relay that had overheated causing the neutral pole to fail open (they are 2 pole relays). When opening the panel I noticed the relays had signs of thermal damage. Some...
  4. D

    Anyone use the Hylec DOC contactors and overload relays?

    Type: Hylec-APL | Motor Control Gear | Contactors - & Hylec-APL | Motor Control Gear | Thermal Overload Relays - Got a project coming up where I need to remotely start about 20 pumps so looking at Hylec as...
  5. rdsn

    Start second device when first device starts working

    I'd would like to know if/how to turn on a second device (220V fan) when another device starts working automatically (air compressor). The idea is to have both always plugged to the electricity, but the fan working only when the air compressor kicks in. Could someone guide me how to do it...
  6. W

    Panel Mods + Drawings

    Hello, I do the occasional small mod in control panels to improve processes (I work in the water industry) So in doing so I leave some basic drawings, but I just wondered if the ones I`m leaving behind are actually useful to someone following me behind. Essentially I want to ask the question...
  7. P

    Problems about IDMT relay

    Today i found that there are two questions about IDMT relay which i dont know how to answer. 1. What will haggen if electrician forget to insert the "plug" in the IDMT protection relay? 2. Discrimination is important in electric circuit protection. Please tell me how to apply the plug settings...
  8. E

    Heating system wiring

    Im just in the process of installing a large heating / hot water system in a restaurant / bar and need some advice on selection of gear for wiring it. I would really like to have everything going back to a main "din rail" enclosure. I need to install relays in the system as I have 6 motorised...
  9. B

    In line relay required

    Good morning all. I'm looking for a suitable solution to this problem. I am installing a heating system in a property which is to be controlled zonally via the Honeywell evohome Problem is that the relays for the evohome can only handle 5a maximum and one of the heaters is 1400w - almost 6a...
  10. M

    Is there a danger with relays without diodes

    I came across this LINK on Wikipedia the other day, since then I’ve done some googling and found out this is a known fact that if relay hasn’t got a diode fitted, this might/will cause a spike and might damage something on the Elise S1 circuit. I copy~pasted this form google "Since an...
  11. R

    Domestic Switching for Biomass

    Hi I am currently working on a Biomass installation on a farm which will be servicing two houses and a fan blower. I need to be able to run the main pump in the boiler room when demand is called for from any of these 3 systems. 1 house is over 150m away with the other 90m in the opposite...
  12. joel89

    Contactors and Relays (anti vibration ?)

    I have a panel, on our large hammer forge which causes a hell of a lot of vibration hitting a 5tonne tube, anyway I am loosing my retain on 2 x small contactors LC1 18a which feed a servo and lubrication system and when the tube is nearly forged into a bottle neck shape it also causes a small 5a...
  13. A

    startreck the crafts relays

    captain kirk told the engineer( cant remember his name) to increace the load on the relays(full relay power in fact) is that a wize thing to do whilst in outer space AND in another time zone-->>>>CRAZY any captain shouldnt shout at the engineer especially about his relays its no wonder they...
  14. S


    Need some help with some relays I've been looking at , what function do the orange tabs have on the relays ? , are they to operate normally open and normally closed contacts on the relays ?
  15. C

    Relay advice please

    Hi, have this relay which needs replacing but cannot seem to find the right one any where in the uk i think i may have found one at maplins but it has 8 pins on the bottom infact all the ones i do come across have 8 pins as you can see mine only has 6. does anyone know of an alternative...
  16. D

    Looking for ideas for a wired gate alarm

    Hi, I'm after some ideas to make a wired gate alarm, I have tried a wireless version and it's hopeless, despite claiming a 100M range I have found it has to be so close to the house that the 'visitor' is by the door by the time the alarm goes off. My plan was to use bell wire connected to two...
  17. C

    Panel Convert 230 - 24v

    Hi all Just been asked about if I can make a replacment panel for a company. The old butchered panel is 240v control. Is there any rule of thumb or so to work out what size of transformer to use to convert it down to 24vac. I have know idea how much power contactors,relays and indicator leds...
  18. G

    Current sensing switches

    Hi Can anybody point me in the direction of a UK supplier foe these or equal? AS1 Series Current Sensing Switch | NK Technologies - San Jose, CA 95136 thanks,
  19. B

    3 way relays

    Quick question. I am doing a garden at the moment and the lighting is complicated with various sensors and pirs and photocells. they want an HOA switch to control them but i have to use LV relays. Is it possible to get a 3 way relay? As obviously i only have NC and NO on the relay.
  20. C

    Relay help please...

    I have been wiring a heating system. The main hot water tank is heated by an oil boiler, a multifuel rayburn, some solar panels, and an electric immersion. There are 4 seperate heating zones including two underfloor with network stats and a separate circuit for towel rails. This is not like any...
  21. O

    Boiler and Pump Circuit

    We are working on a very old heating system where the boiler and pump can be activated independently by the CoH control and the H.W. control. The problem is if C.H. is activated we don’t want it to back track onto the H.W. circuit, and vice versa. The only time this is acceptable is if the C.H...
  22. B

    Is there such a relay.

    Ok so the operatives at work are wining about how hard their jobs is, the usual. The scenario is at the moment they have a set of vibrators on dust silos that feed onto a conveyor belt, the current set up is an on/off switch on the control desk that switches the vibrators on via a contactor...
  23. T

    Automotive Relays

    Hi guys, hope I'm on the right site, if not appologies. My query is automotive based. I'm about to rewire my VW Beetle based trike as the main terminals are hidden away under a false panel and are nearly impossible to get to should there be a problem and I have a few questions. The builder did...
  24. F

    Recommend where to buy a G59 Relay

    I have a 100KW installation coming up next month. The DNO require an additional G59 relay to be installed, although the inverters are G59 already. I was just wondering if anyone recommends a good place to buy one. I have 5 Mastervolt CS20TL inverters that will be installed. Is it just the...
  25. F

    Explaination Of French Intermediate Switching!

    Help!! trying to complete a job, in London for a French couple. At a late stage, two floors first fixed, the client wants to use a French make of accessories, Arnould (off shoot of Legrand). Basically, they do not make an intermediate switch like ours but uses a system back at the CCU on the...
  26. shakerbess

    induction type overload relay

    hi could anybody help need to find out the following please little stuck question: show how an induction relay maybe used together with other components to protect against overloads and earth faults on the transition and distribution system any help would be great thankyou
  27. J

    solid state relays

    anyone know a good source for a 3pole solid state relay. Not sure what load it has to handle but reckon it would be around 10kw I think the control voltage would be 110v but would need to check it out
  28. D

    3 Phase Stuff..!

    going for a job interview tuesday and well i have got to do a trade test :rolleyes: stuff i should know but have not used it for a while!! as i never really needed it..! had a good heads up so far but 2x Niggly stuff which i not really had much to do with..! Star / Delta Motors...! am i...
  29. S


    Hi, could somebody give me a little tutorial on relays on the basics of how they work? Iv never really understood them too much. Thanks in advance lads. ;)
  30. J

    Relay/Contactor Advice

    Hello all I have been sent here from Tilersforum so hopefully posting in the right place! I bought some Heatmiser 12v Network Thermostats and need to use one of these to actuate my underfloor heating (240V/2KW so that is roughly 8A). I am therefore looking at 12V coil Relays or Contactors...
  31. I

    Anyone much experience with Relays?

    I'm embarrassed to say I know very little about Relays. Never really had much dealings with them. I have a job next week and from the email I got from the company I will have to do the following: 1: Install new speed drives in new enclosure with MCBs ( Either 1 or 2 Drives ) 2: Mount new...
  32. P


    Hi guys got a problem can anyone point me in the right direction i need a relay or somthing to close then open in 0.5 of a second. any idears
  33. S

    auxilliary contacts in relays and in vcb's

    what function does the auxilliary contacts in vcb and relays serve? what's the need for auxilliary relays??
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