1. E


    In the past have bought cheap led recessed fittings as per photo attached. As you can see they come with an led driver. They are v cheap and I have been pleased with most I have bought. So I decided to look at upmarket ones. V-TAC, whose gear I think is good do some but they cost at least three...
  2. R

    Two serially placed led drivers?

    I am seeing a strange design and i was hoping somebody could shed some light. I have a regular driver (42W constant current, 28-56v, 0-10v dim), but upstream (feeding to the line/neutral inputs) there is another driver that appears to be only acting as a filter. I wanted to understand before...
  3. R

    LED drivers not giving out correct voltage

    I've just bought a bunch of led drivers (12VDC), but they're giving out between 24-32VDC. I'm assuming their faulty. However, testing my old halogen drivers (12VAC), the voltage their outputting on a dimmer (fully on) is only 7VAC. My multimeter seems fine - just getting a bit confused as...
  4. Dray

    LED drivers in Celotex with no space

    Hi all. So I have read a few posts on fitting down lights into celotex or equivalent and I have the same issue but with my own property, and my question is this. If I am going to install some LED downlights into a bathroom where 2/3 rds of the ceiling has no space due to celotex...can I extend...
  5. E

    LED drivers (DALI) regulary fail

    In a new building about 400 TCI LED drivers of type 122692 were installed. This concerns DALI drivers. The vast majority of these drivers are in a dimmable setup (DALI). The problem now is that drivers regularly fail. In itself not the end of the world, but there is the programming costs every...
  6. D

    Dealing with Inrush current from ded driver

    Hi, Newbie here so please bear with me if I haven't provided all the details. I am not an electrician but my dad was and my cousin are so I know a few things. My dad has retired now but my cousin is qualified and will do the work for me when he eventually comes round. I need to have everything...
  7. O

    Car insurance for young drivers

    My son, who is just 19 has just received his insurance renewal and its £524 Not bad I think, but as he's shortly to start a full time job/ apprenticeship I told him to make sure they knew about his change of status from "student" to "apprentice" and he also needs a higher mileage too due to the...
  8. Spoon

    Learner drivers allowed on motorways after law change

    Lets see what people think of this. Learner drivers now allowed on motorways - It may be a good idea... All depends...
  9. P

    Calculating current supplied to led drivers

    Hi folks. On the site I'm working, another company is fitting out a little gym with ---- loads of led's in the ceiling. The strips are 100 mm apart and cover the area of roughly 8 metres by 8 metres. They are divided into 3 rectangular grid like formation. So here is where the numbers come...
  10. LeeH

    Full set of drivers £4.99

    No use for us tool tarts but might be useful. Set of 1000v insulated VDE screwdrivers £4.99 delivered @ ALDI -
  11. H

    MCB Drivers 20 Characters

    I have CK Modulo drivers size 1 and 2 that i use on Consumer Units but i'm wondering if anywhere does a size 3 for tails going into main switches. Or even vetter a size 3 for a torque screwdriver. Anyone able to point me in the right direction?
  12. zone77

    LED driver problems

    help needed please! i have installed a 12v constant voltage, 16W LED driver with 3x 5w LED mr16 lamps but they keep going on-off! the driver does seem warm as if overloading. what am i doing wrong??
  13. A

    Wera Kraftform Kompakt any good?

    Anyone using these? Looking for something to use up ladders in loft spaces/ceiling voids. Came off site another driver down yesterday must have fallen out my pocket in the void. Never been a fan off this type of tool as I think they'd 'round off' after a while but I use wera drivers and they are...
  14. H

    Led Drivers

    Evening chaps, when selecting drivers do we need to allow a margin over the lamp wattage ? Say a 10 w for a 6w lamp or is a 6w OK for a 6w? Cheers
  15. N

    12V LED Drivers

    I am gradually replacing filament & halogen bulbs with LED versions. Whilst some LED lamps work okay with standard 12V transformers, the transformers don't like low current devices, resulting in flickering. Since the idea is to save money and energy, I don't really want to outlay large sums of...
  16. stidge

    LED Drivers

    Hi all, Have fitted out new kitchen for customer , the kitchen company have added 7 Drivers for cabinet lighting,It looks like heathrow airport ! My 6 gang grid switch is feeding lights . there s approx. 700- 900w max on ltg cct. Its tripping MCB when introducing U/C lights. Is this because of...
  17. G

    12v mr16 Led

    Hiya Never fitted a 12v LED spot lamp yet, will I need to change out the transformer to a driver or is it self contained in the lamp ? Are they any good compared to mains gu10s. Quoting a led upgrade and can swop out bathroom fittings from 12v to 240 as the customer wants a few lamp types as...
  18. W

    Mounting LED Drivers

    I’ve got a project which has 10 LED Surface fittings whichhave separate drivers and are DALI controlled. It’s not possible to put the driversnear the fittings and they need to be mounted centrally. There is no problem withthe cable length/ sizing between the two. The architect has suggested...
  19. vini

    LED driver

    I am looking for an LED driver XY-50W 10S5P. Input - AC 240v Output - DC 26-36v There are plenty online from China, but does anyone know a UK supplier for the item above or equivalent? All the drivers here seem to be 12v
  20. driverman

    Led light- drivers

    Hi guys, wiring new house from scratch. Going to led lights in various rooms. More than likely been asked before though, what are best type of LED's to install. any one here experience using drivers? If so where would driver be sited safely/
  21. G

    first job tools

    Just wondering what will i need for my first day work?
  22. B

    led driver

    Hi folks Mr16 led lamps Do I use constant voltage driver or constant current driver, I know you can use transformer but life span is short.
  23. T

    LED driver

    Hi, I have to install few meters of led tape in an office. My question is connecting to the driver, which is supposed to be in the loft area. This is the driver: How are you connecting this kind of drivers to the mains...
  24. D

    2D and pir

    do the 2d high frequency work well with pir? I know the old magnetic ballast type didn't is the lamp affected badly by the switching and short on time? thanks
  25. gazzamikes

    MR16 LED problem!

    This may be me just having a bad day but installed 12 MR16 24V downlights, customer requested led, ordered them from toolstation as it was literally two second walk. all connected and fitted etc, big switch on and all i got was a little flash from some and nothing from others! made a test set up...
  26. M

    12V LEDs

    Hi everyone, I just joined, but I already have an irritating question. My client bought these MR16 LED lights for his kitchen - along other works I am to install them. The first one blew out immediately almost. I haven't dared put in the next yet, but I had no idea at the time what could have...
  27. C

    Klein tools????

    Over the last few years I have had to replace my Klein screw drivers a number of times, due to the tips rounding off or snapping. I talked to my crew and they have found the same issue with the newer Klein screw drivers but the older (10 years plus) are still like new. Have you guys found the...
  28. C

    Bosch GSB 18 VE-2-LI Professional

    About to buy my first drill!!! LOL... Looking around & have seen a good price on this. Is this alright to go for? Sorry! But a basic question...what's the difference between the Combi Drills, Impact Drivers, Drill Drivers? (and their associated uses?) I have looked on here & found a few...
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