1. XS Training

    New AM2 Centre in Warrington - 10% Discount Offered

    Hi All, I would like to share with you the new registered AM2 Centre which opened in Warrington in October 2019 by North West AM2 Centres Ltd. They are currently offering a 10% discount on orders booked and paid for before 23rd December 2019. The centre houses 6 learner bays with 2 fault...
  2. M

    Other Work offered

    Freelance Event electrician/General handyman wanted for 5 days in May 2020 at Ragley Hall near Redditch 27th to 1st June. Large event with trade stands etc. Must be fully insured with experience. Setting up power to trade stands and lighting. Tackling faults as required. If you can drive a...
  3. Lister1987

    Trainee Offered a 2nd hand 1730 for 475, no calibration - Worth it?

    As above, images have the unit with minor wear and tear and shows leads & case. Does state it requires calibration - would this be worth the price? I've got no intention on going out doing jobs but I figure I'll be using something at College and this gives me time to learn the unit and it's...
  4. buzzlightyear

    Commercial offered some work ,come on down the price is write

    so hear it goes ,customer ring up ,we are looking for a new spark can you pop in and have a chat . so they sit me down ,the spark left us and we require a new spark. but we have another spark. but he can only do a couple of days per week ,but he is not reliable . a contract is it ,so the...
  5. D

    Anyone been offered a 125/3ph distro or teo

    Hi guys and girls, One of my clients had a few 125/3 cee-form distros stolen from a UK festival site at the weekend. I know it's a long shot, but if anyone happens to see anything with "Pearce Hire" branding offered for sale please message me, or contact Pearce directly (based in Peterborough...
  6. M

    Electricians Mate Qualified Electricians Improvers and Electrical Mates Req North London

    As a successful shop fitting company, we are currently recruiting for qualified Electricians, Improvers and Electrician’s Mates for various projects starting around North London and surrounding areas Work is offered on a self-employed basis Must have a CSCS card or can get one quickly...
  7. E

    Housing association solar.

    Spoke to a chap today who lives in a council house and was offered free solar, (i know the installs are far from the best) and he said he did not want it as it does not work, also offered an ASHP, and did not want that either... I was shocked.. If it is a council house you do not have the...
  8. M

    Help advise me on this panel please

    My local wholesaler has got a deal on these panels Eoplly New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd Im thinking of using the 250w on an upcoming installation. Obviously they are Chinese and not very expensive, but what i was wondering is which of the data provided by the manufacturer would you be...
  9. G

    got offered 250 for mcs sign off and do full ac supply and certifie lol

    Im a qualified spark part p niceic domestic installer and niceic mcs installer today got call from aerial company that fit panels for social housing can i do part p ac side and also dc side and sign it off if they mount panels not realy keen on this but thought id listen to him anyway he will...
  10. T

    Meter Installer job

    Hi all Just been offered a job as a meter installer. Doing single phase three phase and ct meters. Offered £25 a meter and guaranteed 6 appointments a day. Just wondering if anyone has done this and if they know the going rate. Cheers
  11. D

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) jib rate rip off

    just been lucky enough to actually get an interview for a jib app elect job with 2391with PIR experience only to be offered a job covering all northwest england from cumbria to stoke on £10/ hr no overtime rate. glad i wasnt offered it as was questioning rate as appelec £14 +. i was on more ten...
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