Aico 3000 Range
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led drivers

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    In the past have bought cheap led recessed fittings as per photo attached. As you can see they come with an led driver. They are v cheap and I have been pleased with most I have bought. So I decided to look at upmarket ones. V-TAC, whose gear I think is good do some but they cost at least three...
  2. I

    Who am I and why in EF

    Hello everyone ,Attention pls:handpointright: It's a great honor to be here:handwaving: Here is Ivian from :lightbulb:lamp factory P.R.C. If you have any question of lighting installation that I'll reply ASAP try my best. Not only is me yep we have support engineer be professional. That...
  3. The apprentice


    hi guys panel lighting which has a driver in them above a foam tiled office my question is that the twin and earth feeding the driver is not earthed my some people are saying well a pendant dosent have an earth what do you guys think
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