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  1. R

    Currently looking for a Fluke Link Runner or similar.

    I’m currently looking for a Fluke Link Runner to test my Cat5e to see when fault finding if any of the cores etc are damaged. Or something similar.
  2. pirate

    How many of you use a Leatherman or similar multi-tool or EDC on a regular basis?

    Idly wondering if many use such a tool... I find mine very useful for odd tasks, and a godsend for certain others, like when you are back up the ladder and you need a knife/file/scissors/small screwdriver. Many are one-handed operation and give you just the tool you need from time to time.
  3. D

    want to buy Cablestik or similar any ideas

    Been looking for a Cablestik cable roller for ages. will buy secondhand or new and pay postage, or any recommendations of a similar awesome product. any help would be great. (even thinking of trying to make one) Thanks Darren
  4. L

    Energize a contactor/relay from multiple toggle (not momentary) switches?

    Is it possible to energize a contactor/relay from multiple toggle (not momentary) switches in a way similar to 3-way switches? If so, what components and setup would do that? The purpose is to control lighting from several sources and the reason for not using simple 3-way switches is that the...
  5. L

    Guide to make test board... similar to colleges powered by ring circuit

    Afternoon chaps, is there a guide anywhere on this forum to make a test board similar to what you would use in college? I need to re-train myself, get some practice in testing circuits. Any appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Dan

    Similar Threads shown at the bottom of the thread you're reading - is back

    Similar Threads shown at the bottom of the thread you're reading - is back. But thanks to those who contribute to the forum by way of Upgrading Their Account to a Subscribed Member it is now using the all singing all dancing enhanced searching feature, rather than just using the thread titles...
  7. Dan Carroll

    Wanted KT63

    As the title suggests. After much thought I've decided to start with a kt63. I could probably have my mind changed if there is something else. Would rather get from here, hoping you lot are going to be more honest than Ebay. Thank you Dan
  8. GBDamo

    ELECTRAK and similar power tracks.

    I've been putting some new floor boxes in on am existing electrak system. The floor boxes come pre-wired with 2x DSSOs and a data plate. There is also a 5m pre-connected steel flex conduit. The flex and assembly is wired internally with 4mm singles. The plug (taps in) is not fused so...
  9. Soulcraft Electric

    Concrete (or similar) ducting to negate 750mm dig

    I've been asked to install an additional garden lighting bollard to an entrance drive. All block paving and decorative borders so I'm keen to avoid embarking on a digging exercise and the customer isn't keen either ;-). Any suggestions for suitable alternatives? Concrete cable trough, etc. etc...
  10. weevilward

    Odd email - scam? Anyone had similar???

    just received an email that got my spider-sense tingling. The wording is odd, and there is nothing specific in the email like, where they live, or a phone number, or who recommended me. I’ve had mailshots before thanks to being listed on CPS websites and ESR, but never one like this. See what...
  11. E

    Electricians Mate Looking to work as mate or similar.

    Hello, I have 17th Edition wiring regulations, domestic installatios and pat P certification. Looking for some work as electricians mate to get experience and move foward. Im self motivated, entusiastic, hard working person. I'm fast learner and not afraid of pressure and new challenges...
  12. S

    A bit of a similar topic (Dahlander)

    4kW Dahlander motor on Göckel G2 sharpener draws too much current evenly across all of the phases at slow speed (14 Amps instead of 8.5), keeps tripping. On high speed 5 Amps only. Resistance between all of the windings is 4-6 Ohm's. Must be evenly shorted windings somewhere, or previous owner...
  13. charlie76

    H4 Cooker Circuits in household and similar premises

    Evening All. I am supplying a cooker and an electric hob from a single circuit via a single isolation switch. When calculating the demand with diversity i.e. first 10A + 30% remainder, should this be for each appliance then added together or combined? Either way I get 28.4A or 21.4A for a 6.6kW...
  14. 2

    Going self-employed as a domestic electrician.

    Hello everyone, I need some advice. I am a 61 year old apprentice served electrician. I have been " in the game for 45 years ". Mostly I have been employed by companies in the commercial and industrial side. After a recent illness and a lot of thought I've decided I don't want to work for anyone...
  15. Midwest

    Reg 421.1.201 Similar Switchgear Assemblies

    I have read a few posts with regard to Reg 421.1.201 & Similar Switchgear Assemblies, with regard to the definition of such. When 421.1.201 came into being, I was advised at the time about using certain enclosures. This advise, now seems to have changed. I've copied below my questions, and the...
  16. Midwest

    On-Site Guide (BS 7671:2008 Wiring Regulations, incorporating Amendment 3:2015)

    Boring thread. I decided to give in and purchase a copy of the above publication. Give in, in that I understand there are a couple of errors in it, rectified by errata sheets etc. I see the IET site has the ISBN as 978-1-84919-887-5. Does anyone know if this is the latest print? I understand...
  17. polo1

    MEM 63A, 30mA revs, A63HE

    Hi all, I'm looking for the above. Not keen on fleabay, can anyone assist? RCD obviously & sorry for the two pics!
  18. P

    Strange activation with pir

    HiHave fitted a stienel pir on the back of a brick pillar to control some lights on drive way. Tested during daytime by walking by and driving van by all ok. Customer rang to say doesn't work when he drives by (warm car ) but works if you walk by. I went down last night and can confirm what he...
  19. B

    Commercial Thorlux Cobalt LED alternative

    Hello all, I'm looking for LED alternatives which are similar looking to the Grey thorlux cobalt fittings which are proving to be a bit out of customers budget. After searching the net and asking at wholesalers i've found similar but i need a fitting that has a base which will accept 20mm...
  20. S

    Domestic Surface mounting threads for switch plate screws are wrung off.

    Hi everyone, As you know each surface mount box for a lighting switch has two threaded metal tabs for the screws to attach the front switch plate. On one of our boxes the threads have been wrung off and as a result the screws no longer tighten. Is there a solution to this problem, without...
  21. polo1

    Megger 1720

    Hi folks, I'm in the market for a new 1720. Best price I have seen is via the forum sponsor Test Meter, £764 ( & this includes a free r2, 30m wander lead). Leaving aside flea bay and up a gumtree, has anyone seen a better deal elsewhere. Also, what would be a reasonable sale price for a 1520 in...
  22. Midwest

    Work Polo Shirts

    Can anyone recommend a decent quality work polo shirt supplier, with printing &/or logo. Given up buying local, as the quality is poor, fades in the wash, buttons fall off & they seem to shrink! Did a forum search, which didn't have any hits, which I find hard to believe?
  23. A

    C-section steel beam fixings for 20mm conduit

    Hi all, I am after advice on the best and quickest methods to use for fixing 20mm steel conduit onto C- section steel beams? I've heard of some clamps that you can buy, similar to these: Steel Beam Clamps | Conduit Hanger Assemblies | Bulk | Minerallac Screwfix do a similar system but not for...
  24. L

    Am2 courses

    I'm about to complete my 2365 level 3 and have decided to go on to do the full nvq electrical maintenance, my problem is that I work full time as a maintenance technician with a mechanical bias so I don't get any hands experience with the install side of things so Im thinking I will really...
  25. yellowvanman

    Wireless switches

    Planning a re-wire of a very old thatched property. All lighting will be via 2A sockets (except bathrooms) and some of the walls are just wooden planks (building control are very protective about them) and it wouldn't look nice clipping cables on the surface to a switch on a surface pattress...
  26. T

    Cert software

    I have used easy cert for 5 years. But I now have macs and the software is only compatible with Windows. Anyone use amtech? Does that run on Mac?
  27. G

    Good GU10 LED Bulbs??

    Hi everyone, what gu10 bulb would you recommend to replace a 50w halogen bulb?? I've been nagged into buying one and was not sure about this one. Not too fussed about the price, as long as it doesn't blow up!! Cheers all.
  28. M

    Proteus RCD replacement

    Hello i have to change a Proteus rcd in a split load board, CEF want £50 for a replacement, i am wondering if anyone knows of any other makes that will fit? thanks.
  29. darkwood

    Tax Return scam warning !!!!!!

    Got an email saying i had a tax refund of over £900 quid and click to open a pdf...!!! If your get anything similar contact HMRC yourself before opening it is a phising / virus scam trying to get your password and other details.. The Email web address starts off in various forms but always...
  30. K

    Testing at 250v

    Hi just a quick question. I've seen a few times people say test insulation resistance 250v first to make sure there isn't any points missed in loft or where ever. This seem to me a sensible thing to do. Is it 100% safe to test all ways l-n l-e n-e. I thought it was as its not far of...
  31. I

    Generator problem

    I have been ask to fit a generator on a static caravan(metal frame is earthed) in an area which has regular power cuts. The customer has a generator but it is one which is designed for camper vans or other similar vechiles. I have fitted changeover switch and earth rod I have connected up the...
  32. R

    testing a sub main.

    Hi could someone help me please. I'm at college doing 2330 level 3. I'm currently doing inspection and testing. I need to know where I find my (r1+r2) on my sub main. Which is powering a double socket and a light. Thanks
  33. V

    does anyone knows anything about BNI or other similar business in or around London?

    hi guys.i would like to know if anyone join BNI and i want some feed back.if they are good,if they generate business,what they do?are other companyes similar with this?
  34. T

    What are my options for Rewireable circuits without Changing CU

    If your Extending or altering a circuit that is on a Rewireable fuse but you need to comply to 17th regulations, Meaning the need for RCD protection, What options do you have getting this to comply??
  35. B

    Cartridge fuse

    Cartridge fuses are they Bs 1361 and what type are they? 5a and 30 a cert asks for type as well as bs number. Thanks
  36. B

    Building Modular Pods

    Just wondering if anyone out there has any experience whatsoever of working on/building of, modular pods? If so, can you share your experiences of them please? Any advice whatsoever would be appreciated people.
  37. W


    Anyone want a website doing? I'll do you one for cost only, in exchange for a link. Out of South Yorkshire so we ain't competing.. Hosting and domain registration will cost about £40 a year, so that's all it would cost you. I'll do you a simple 1 - 3 page site (if you want something fancy you...
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