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  1. Gavin John Hyde

    Who makes or supplies these downlights?

    Customer has asked for another two downlights in his bathroom to go over his and hers basins. Has the following as per the below image. Who makes them and who sells them? Anybody fitted them or bought any recently? I am finding it hard to find a supplier. Thanks
  2. T

    Shower circuit design supplies

    Hi all Question regarding shower circuit designs. How so many times I see 6mm t&e cables supplying shower circuits on a 40amp MCB ? So for example if you were carrying out a EICR and you noticed a 6mm t&e cable on a 40amp MCB, 8.5kw/9kw shower would you put this down as a C3 or would you not...
  3. S

    Help Required please

    Hi Guys I recently came across two single phase supplies down the same four core cable, supplied by two separate breakers is there a reg to back this up?
  4. Z

    Coil relay switching 2 power supplies

    Hey, Total noob here so please be patient 😊 I have two power supplies mains 220v in a type of small cabin/house every day around 8am they cut of the good supply and leave it off for a few hours then turn it back in again. What I would love would be a contraption that switches between the...
  5. A

    UK 2armours supplies dist board

    Hi, wondering if anyone has seen this before. At a job today and the supply to the 3 phase dust board is 2x16mm armours. One has three phases in it the other armour has the neutral and earth. Bit rough I think is there any regs on this ? Any help would be great.
  6. alban moffitt

    oven supplies 4mm or 6mm???

    I am often installing two 3.5kw ovens in one kitchen which amounts to 30amps. I cant see that there are any problems with supplying them both with a single 4mm on 32mcb, (installation method c) i have normally supplied it in 6mm but just wondering really. is it just bad practice, in case they...
  7. happyhippydad

    Working on electrics with 2 supplies.

    I have little knowledge of PV. When working on circuits supplied by a domestic CU, is it fine to just have the main switch off in the CU or should you be isolating the PV as well? The stickers all over the CU's in this example all say to disconnect both supplies.
  8. M

    Using low voltage lamps and Selv power supplies in domestic livghting

    Hi, I have a ceiling rose which doesn't have an earth wire and I want to connect a light fitting which requires an earth connection. It's not possible to rewire the ceiling rose at the moment so I am considering the possibility of using a low voltage (12 - 85 volt DC) E27 led lamp connected to a...
  9. C

    Main Earth Bonding (two supplies)

    Large house with x2 power supplies/ service heads. first supply 3 phase TN-S located in a pig of a place and is furthest away from the gas and water entry points and meter positions. Second supply is a single phase TN-S located only a few meters away from the water and gas entry points to the...
  10. S

    Commercial Three Phase Power Supplies

    Hi I'm new to the forum & currently still learning the trade, would someone please be able to clear this up for me as I keep getting conflicting information, my understanding of three phase power supplies is, if you have a standard system in place say TPN supply & 3 x main cut out's, fused at...
  11. rolyberkin

    Temporary Builders Supplies

    Hi All Has anyone recently installed a temp supply for either UKPN or Western Power? Both for single property developments. I am interested in what structures are appropriate, cannot get hold of them until next week now.
  12. D

    LED strip lighting, DMX decoders, power supplies, controllers....help!

    Hi all, I'm not an electrician so I need help! I thought this would be a fairly straightforward job but there's so many options, I don't know which to choose. Basically, we have boxed around the edge of our lounge to allow for downlighters and LED strip lights to reflect off the ceiling. We...
  13. N

    Flat Submain Supplies

    Looking for some advice on the best way to supply a 60amp submain to 12 flats which are to have their own meters within each flat (maybe) and who is responsible for doing the work. The project is a large ex club not a typical Block. I imagine the new 3 phase supply will be in to a ryeland...
  14. J

    2 supplies in 1 property

    I carried some work out today in a property in a block of flats, just installing a fan in a bathroom. whilst carrying out some tests I noticed an MCB in the DB marked coil. After some investigation and discussion with the owner it sounds like (I can't be certain) This MCB feeds a contactor in...
  15. J

    Wet Riser Pump back up supplies

    Refurb on an existing building where new wet risers are going in: Where do changeover switches for back up supplies for wet riser pumps have to be installed? Can they be installed at the main switchboar with a single cable to each pump or does the changeover switch have to ne local to the pump...
  16. J

    Correct cabling for flat consumer unit supplies

    I'm after some advice please guys.. I've got a job where the builder is converting a shop and flat above into 3 separate flats. There is currently just a 100a single phase supply into the shop on the ground floor. I have requested a new three phase supply to be installed, which will be located...
  17. A

    Cabin temporary supplies

    Hi,just looking for some clarity on feed to 4 site cabins situated 170 metres from main builders supply (single phase). Looking to work out diversity for cabins with 240v plug on outside but not seeing what to class them as- 'stationary equipment'? Tried getting size of cable needed but making...
  18. D

    Catering trailer electrics

    My neighbour has built a catering trailer, which is mainly gas for the appliances that he intends to use, Bain Marie etc. He has asked me if he could have a couple of double sockets fitted to it and I said I would look into it for him. Section 717 would be applicable for the electrical...
  19. Dan

    UK Electrical Supplies

    UK Electrical Supplies - Electrical Wholesalers for Trade and Private Customers UK Electrical Supplies, the UK's number one electrical wholesalers online. We pride ourselves in being the best discount electrical wholesalers online offering a wide range of electrical products and accessories. We...
  20. Brightspark2


    Simple specification: A machine inside a small factory is to be supplied from a generator set. This will not be linked to the main supply. The generator is to supply the machine only. Im looking for regulations and advice on this. Ive looked through 515 and in particular 515.7.1, a generator...
  21. F

    Electronic Equipment and IR testing. What component causes low reading to earth?

    Insulation resistance testing with electronic equipment between L-N connected together and earth. Switch mode power supplies have EMC capacitors between L - N - E. However, when you test for IR you are using DC. Capacitors block DC. What is there in some electronic equipment that allows a...
  22. T

    Control Panel Isolation question

    :banghead:Hi all Just a question on isolation on a control panel which has contactor and overload set up for a small pump. When the main isolator is off parts of the auxilary side of the overload was found to be still live from another source. Would this be covered by BS7671 or are there...
  23. I

    PME & TNS supply in same building

    Hello all, Have been doing some work in a large building complex, the original building has a TNS supply but the large extension to the building has a seperate PME supply. At present there are no main protective bonding conductors to water/gas/oil and these services are common to both old and...
  24. J

    2 supplies into same building, earthing.

    Hi guys Im after some advice on an installation im doing some work on. The installation has 2 supplies into the same building. The supplies are side by side and both TPN, one 300A and the other 200A. They are TNCS and supplied from the same tx although im unsure if its PME or just TNCS as there...
  25. E

    Flat supplies and multi head installations, help please

    Hi, in the process of wiring 4 flats for a customer(new build). Have wired flats in past and if I needed five supplies, uk power network would install 5 supply's with cut outs, I'd normally come from these to a fused switch and then off to each flat with a suitable swa cable. Uk power networks...
  26. dnjr

    Economy 7 water heating

    Dear all This may be a stupid question so have flame proof trousers on I'm doing a refurb at the moment No gas at the property so hot water is electric Plumber is putting in a new dual immersion tank and the property has economy 7 I was going to run two supplies to the tank . One to the...
  27. N

    0.00 ohms r1+r2 on radial circuit?

    Hi all, I've tested several radial circuits and only getting 0.00 ohms on the r+r2 test (zero'd leads) 2 of the radials only supplies one socket each and are approx. 3 metres in total length. (zs 0.25 and 0.21) Another radial only supplies one socket and is appox. 5m in length. (zs 0.35) The...
  28. bigspark17

    two dno supplies

    I have a church with living quarters they used to be two seperate properties. Two dno tn-s supplied into either end of each building.! There is one boiler to do the lot, one water supply one gas supply. The boiler is supplied via one dno but main bonded via the other dno supply.! Any thoughts if...
  29. Worcester

    Solar Thermal and Heat Pump Component Suppliers

    Hi Guys, up until now we've been buying complete kits of Solar Thermal, however some of our systems are starting to get interesting (hybrids, integrated boiler controls etc), so we are now looking for suppliers of the bits that make them up. We've found that although all the usual suppliers...
  30. L

    Industrial unit-2 incoming supplies both TNCS

    Hi Just in the process of completing some remedial works on an industrial unit with two tncs supplies, one is 100a the other 200a and on opposite sides of the building! The main issue picked up from the testing was the lack of bonding to all the site services. This is where im after some...
  31. R

    Advice needed on Outdoor LED tree lighting

    Hi All, I've recently installed LED tree lighting on outside trees at a local shopping centre. There are 27 sets each with a power output of 27 watts each. They have been installed using a ip68 outdoor commando socket and plug to protect against the elements. They are fed from a type b 6 amp...
  32. J

    Cable sizing for 24V LED lighting

    I believe I have been wrongly advised by my supplier about sizing cable for a lighting installation and I was hoping that someone with more experience of DC cabling will be able to set me straight. We are looking to install some LED strips to a coffered ceiling above a swimming pool. I have...
  33. 1Justin

    Is it a Distribution Circuit?

    TN system. Customer has 16A breaker from CU which supplies FCU to a boiler, but it also supplies a IP66 external box feeding SWA to garden shed DB. Since the circuit from the 16A breaker doesn't supply ONLY the SWA to the shed DB, (it supplies also end equipment directly - ie the boiler) -...
  34. M

    communal testing

    Hi all Soon i will be testing communal installations, which will be corridors, lounge areas, kitchens etc, is done alot of testing on domestic installs but none on communal, i know i will be up against 3 phase incomer supplys, ryefield db's, emergency lighting etc, can someone give me a...
  35. B

    100ma S type Rcd (Time delayed)

    Anyone give me a rough price for the above, Never needed one for a while. Wholesaler doesnt keep it as a stock item so waiting a call..
  36. T

    Experience with the DNO?

    Hi people. My first post on this forum - many thanks in advance for the commitment to it, hopefully I may be able to contribute as well. For anyone who is interested, I was an Electrical Maintenance Engineer for 10 years at BAE Systems, doing anything and everything - then i chose a completely...
  37. R

    periodic testing and the new condition report

    good morning everyone , as some of you may know i`m a school sparkie , 24 years man n boy , full apprenticeship , jib reg , 2391 , 17th , nvq , right my question , i`ve updated my powersuite lite so i now have the new contion reports , that states its for domestic and similar premises with up to...
  38. TomTrundle

    Wholesaler in North London

    Can anyone recommend an electrical wholesaler in North London? I am based near Turnpike lane N8. Local wholesalers near me don't publish prices. Do most folks order on-line these days? Thanks Tom
  39. G

    2 x Supplies: 1 x Circuit?

    Hi, First of all this is my first post so hello to everybody. I want to start by saying I am not a plant electrician but recently have had cause to look at some drawings that are confusing me somewhat and hope someone here can shed a little light. The situation is that there is a 240VAC...
  40. D

    RCBO's on under floor bus bars

    I've been asked to spec up a job at a newish office block. Raised flooring has been installed with bus bars and tap off leads. Bus bars have been installed using 10mm swa with 63amp MCB, tap off leads have 32 amp unfused plugs on them.. There are about 12 floor boxes per bus bar and 4 bus bars...
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