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  1. T

    Emergency nightmare

    Hi I'm not stupid got 93% on 18th Regs, passed all my exams easily, have a degree in Foreign Languages, used to be a teacher (God help me, don't ask) but Emergency lights confuse the hell out of me. I can't remember the difference between NM & M, switched and unswitched. Was replacing several...
  2. L

    Switching maintained emg lights

    How do i go about wiring maintained emgs that switch on with lighting controlled by a sensor ? There will also be a test kit.
  3. S

    Non maintained EM switching

    Hi All I was replacing some faulty fluorescent lights yesterday when I cam across one with an emergency light attached to it. It was non maintained as once I had isolated power it switched on. When I cam across this light I could see it was an afterthought as the original light was wired in old...
  4. S

    Industrial Emergency Lighting

    Working on an EM lighting install in an existing warehouse premises which currently has none at all. The existing general lighting is a mix of FL and discharge lighting across 7 circuits. The EM lighting being fitted is a mix of Non maintained and maintained fittings. I have been told that...
  5. haptism

    Does a non-maintained emergency need a key switch

    Hi hope someone can help. A friend of mine (a builder) has asked me because I used to be an electrician (im not working in the trade anymore) if a non maintained emergency light in a small shop has to have a key switch (as per regulations). I realise the benefits of having a key switch but is it...
  6. س

    Need help at Emergency central battery

    please i need your help to understand how can i make maintained or non maintained emergency luminaires . i want to ask about programming of CPU in ECB. is that responsible to make maintained or non maintained emergency lighting or not ? if not tell me what is using of this programming in CPU...
  7. rossfenwick

    iGuzzini LED / EM / 3W

    Good Evening, Has anyone had any dealings with the above? We have 4 in a corridor on 1 lighting circuit. The fittings are supplied as a maintained fitting but have a recommendation to only switch occasionally. I have wired as non maintained, there double insulated fittings so just a L&N at...
  8. F

    Domestic Emergency Lighting Testing

    Hi I've been asked to carry out emergency lighting testing in some domestic rented properties. This is a pretty new area of work for me, but I have read up the relevant BS guidance notes etc and believe I have a pretty good idea of the requirements but still have a few queries that I have...
  9. C

    Help wanted with em fittings please

    Hi all, I'm working on some maintained em lights at the moment and theyrr doing my head on grr! They work fine as ems on power failure. but won't strike when power is restored. then, randomly one or two will come back on over 24hourd or so . they're tridonic combi ballasts on single 49w...
  10. I

    ELCB Voltage operated replacememnt ??

    hello have a query re the above, as i came accros one for the first time yesterday. i am aware that these devices are now obsolete and should be replaced. Now many people advise to remove and replace with a modern RCD to current standards. if you do replace with a new RCD, basically covering...
  11. S

    Emergency Lighting 110v Pigmy

    Hi All, hope someone can help me out. I am looking at a job just now regading emergency lighting but not sure how the land lies with the regs etc. Currently in is 240v 4ft fluroscents switched on / off as per normal lighting and incorporated into these are 110v(battery bank) 15w pigmy lamps...
  12. S

    emergency lighting PIR

    Hi, does anyone know what you would put in the boxes on page 2 of the EL PIR the section I am referring to is part I - categories of operation. I have seen a completed cert and these boxes seem to have X's and O's in the boxes what do these mean???
  13. O

    Light for cellar with battery backup - suggestions please

    Hi Customer wants a new light fitting in their cellar with battery back up - i.e. it runs off 230v and has a battery inside it in the event of power failure. Its not required to be on all the time. Had a look at maintained and non maintained - having a senior moment - would either of these...
  14. W

    Industrial- Lighting help needed.

    HELP NEEDED.... Myself and another Spark were given a lighting drawing for a plantroom in a new build hospital that contains six separate circuits, emergency lights included in each circuit. The switches are two way and intermediates. There is four banks of two gang switches. My question: How...
  15. G

    Switched maintained emergency lighting system

    Hi, As part of my project I have to explain how exactly does a switched maintained emergency lighting system works? Also, how what is the best method of testing such a system and how often. the emergency lighting system will be in a supermarket. Cheers
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