1. B

    Domestic RCD cutting without physically tripping. a

    Hi I’m new. I have a flat in Madrid which was re-wired in 2011. The fuse box has a single pole 25A breaker, plus a 2P 25a breaker. These feed an RCD known here as a “diferencial”. When I use the oven plus hob plus aircon the power goes off but none of the consumer unit switches physically trip...
  2. EalingBadger

    Opinions on the best diamond discs for cutting concrete

    I need to cut several tens of metres of 100mm x 100mm channels in hard (it's a C40 mix) concrete. Some of these channels will be for electrical services, some for other services (mainly MDPE water pipes) and some cuts will simply be to assist in tidying up a bit of a scruffy concrete pour. I...
  3. Stephen Tromans

    Electric combi boiler keeps cutting out.

    We have a 5 years old EHC combi boiler which switches the central heating off now and again ( no pattern that I can see ). To get it working I switch through the programme options once or twice and it starts up. It can be ok for weeks or days. Can anyone suggest what is wrong with it please...
  4. E

    LED downlight issue 1x keeps cutting out

    Can any one help? Just been to a customers house and in a loft extension there are 6x LED downlights (cob). The last downlight in the circuit seemed to be cutting out when the dimmer was at the minimum so I replaced the standard LED for a varilight dimmer so the minimum could be adjusted...
  5. Tallman

    Domestic Spur circuit cutting out then restoring - no RCD trip

    This is a new one to me.. a small spur circuit (3 double sockets) on ground floor, several small load items connected - table lamp, assorted AV kit (TV, Amp, DVD). On just these 3 sockets only, the power cuts, sometimes flicking on - off - on again. Other times it'll stay off for 1-3 minutes...
  6. G

    Cutting 5 inch ventilation ducting

    I’ve got to install flat and round 5 inch pvc ducting on quite a large scale, I’m currently cutting it with a grinder but it kicks up a lot of debris and it’s hard to get a square cut, hack saw is better but slow. I reckon I need a cordless chop saw. Anyone else got one for cutting ducting and...
  7. N

    Boiler cutting out/tripping

    Hi all, first time on here and I need some advice please. My boiler keeps tripping. After the original boiler installers came to fix it and declared the problem was due to faulty electrics, I had it rewired onto its own RCD circuit, and it was fine for a while, but has now tripped every day for...
  8. Dan

    D24000 cutting into tray

    D24000 cutting into tray advice reviews and feedback 2017 Have no pics and just remembering about it now since haven't used it in 2 weeks but the blade was cutting into my movable tray. Has this ever happened to yours. If so, what was causing this.... D24000 cutting into tray Are you a DIYer...
  9. Dan

    Cutting envelope cuts advice, reviews and feedback

    Cutting envelope cuts advice reviews and feedback 2017 After setting out the shower tray lines for envelope cuts do people use the grinder to cut the diagonals so they have a grout joint or just use the tile cutter and have a real thin grout joint... Cutting envelope cuts Are you a DIYer? find...
  10. Leesparkykent

    Nylon snap in bush

    Any one know a supplier of these? looking for 25mm and 20mm as have a few new builds that are all metal portioning...Fed up of using grommets. cheers
  11. G

    Hardend steel, what cutter?

    HI all, got 15 x downlights to install in a soffet, its got wood under it and also about 3mm steel plate above, my usual ck or starret cutter wont even touch it, ive have drilled one out with a series of holes but it was a nightmare, any hardened cutters out there that might do the job? CHeers...
  12. J

    Cutting 300mm hole in lath and plaster ceiling?

    I have to fit a condensation control fan (PIV) into the hall ceiling. The hole needs to be about 300mm and the ceiling is lath and plaster! Any tips for cutting the ceiling without damaging the surrounding lath and plaster? Cheers
  13. Startinez

    Tips for general "DIY" aspects of electrical work

    Hi all, I am training in domestic electrics and employed working in a commercial basis on D.C systems for telecommunications infrastructure. Because of this, I don't have much time to actually get experience in certain aspects relating to electrical work such as cable chasing in a domestic...
  14. R

    Bosch Metal Cutting Circular Saw.

    I have been searching for somewhere in the Uk which sells the Bosch CSM180 metal cutting circular saw, without success. The yanks have had it for a while now, but I can't find it anywhere in the UK, I would like to know, has anyone out there seen it here??? All my 'stuff' is Bosch and I would...
  15. A

    Ck Trunking cutter views

    Anyone have any view on this product , seems to have descent reviews on Amazon , any of you with experience with one ? Previously owned the red version liked it very much , just wondering if there's anything that might be better
  16. happyhippydad

    Core drill or SDS for a large hole in the wall?

    Evening all... On the few occassions I have fitted a kitchen extractor fan the builder has already cut the hole! This time I'm cutting it! I have a cordless makita SDS which although great I have ruled out as not powerful enough but I am unsure whether to get the correct tool for the job, i.e...
  17. M

    Testing question

    hi all I am currently working as a mate the contractor I'm working for which I shall not name does the following test. he only measures zs doesn't do continuity r1 r2 he says that there is a good earth return if these results are within those permitted, he takes his ze from his zs to obtain his...
  18. D

    3 layers of plasterboard stud wall

    Hi, has anyone else ever come across a stud wall that consists of 3 layers of plasterboard just stuck together. I thought it i had a nice easy job of cutting out a couple of fastfix boxes and fishing tv and Power cables into loft but as i was cutting out the boxes i realised it was a bit...
  19. i=p/u

    Trunking and pipe

    Hello starting new job on Monday, some will say a proper sparks job instead of facility maintenance. This job involves trunking and pipe which I little experience in installing.. I've told the guy this and he said long as you don't ask what's a running coupler etc. so feel fine. But anytime I...
  20. wildgoose

    Floorboard Cutting - what a chore!

    Been working in a big old house, where I needed to lift multiple floorboards for access. Pipes, cables were often touching the underside of the floorboards, so needed to cut with care. Using the Bosch POF cutter to cut between them but it's hard going and the blades are rubbish so not lasting...