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  1. Cupa

    Domestic Wiring up an induction hob - wanted to sense check if what I'm doing is correct

    Hi guys, I have a new induction hob which I'd like to wire in. I have already wired in the oven and grill into the kitchen using a length of 4mm 3 core heat resistant flex and that is working fine. Back of the hob shows the following diagram: Based on the above schematic, I plan to wire in...
  2. Bobby34

    First Job estimate price check

    I am in the process of doing my first quote and wanted to see what people thought in regards to my price as this is my first one since becoming registered so it would be great to see if I am in and around the right lines or whether I am way off the mark. The job is as follows: -Fitting three...
  3. J

    1 head, 2x properties- check meter

    Afternoon Looked at a rewire/ rear extension job today They are turning the one property into 2- the ground floor side annex will consist of 1x dining/kitchen area and bedroom with en-suite (gas heated) So electrical load will not be a issue They do not want a new head and meter for the 2nd...
  4. D

    Lighting Circuit Diagram Check

    Hi, I want to know if this wiring diagram makes sense. The circles are lights and the switches are indicated. I want the 4 lights on the left to be controlled by switch 1 and the 6 lights on the right to be controlled by switch 2. The power is indicated and will go to a light first. I am reusing...
  5. G

    Sanity check regarding electric underfloor heating.

    Been asked to look at an electric UF heating system. As yet it is laid but no connected and no supply is present. There are two mats at 1600w so total 3200w, 14A. My intention is to run a feed off a 20A RCBO via a 20 DP isolator to the thermostat. Run in 2.5 T&E, clipped direct total <10m...
  6. C

    Fire Alarm annual check

    Hi, I have a customer who is wanting an annual fire alarm inspection on a small commercial premises. Is there a specific certificate/form I can use that I could get online?
  7. Baddegg

    Diversity calls check please........

    15.2kw range cooker has already been installed and a 10mm t&e run back to the Cu via this switch,(havnt seen cable route yet but I’m told on the phone it’s all in trunking and doesn’t pass through any insulation but will check this)apparently the previous spark that won’t connect it to the Cu...
  8. S

    0.75mm2 flex for fixed equipment - reality check.

    Hi Folks I've never thought twice about using 0.75mm2 flex for connecting fixed equipment (e.g. extractor fan in window) to a fused connection unit with 3A fuse where this is sufficient for the load of the equipment. But table 52.3 of BS7671 states minimum csa for copper cable in lighting...
  9. telectrix

    calculation check before i rip the flat to bits.

    hi folks, got a CU change to do. flat rewired circa '70's. wylex 3036 fuses. my concern is earthing conductors. at present they are 6.0mm. TN-S. Pefc is 700A. not sure of main fuse size, so have taken worst scenario at 100A. referring to tables, @ 700A the disconnect time for a 100A BS1361 is...
  10. Pete999

    Reality check xzxzxzxzxzxzxzxzxzx

    'As you know, or maybe not in some cases, I'm retired, 72 had some medical problems, can't physically do what I think I should be able to do, getting old I think it's called, anyway, had a call from a friend I have known since the later stages of my School life, his wife of some 50 years had...
  11. SWD

    Off for a few days to Swanage for some R+R on the nudist beach check out last years photos

    Not sure why they came out blurred............. ;o)))))
  12. K

    NVQ Level 3 Check List???

    Hi, does anyone know of a decent list of things I should work on in preparation of starting my NVQ Level 3 sometime in the future? I've been fairly lucky finding regular work as a mate but I feel like I need to start focusing my time at work more on learning rather than just working (don't read...
  13. Spoon

    My experience with Check A Trade

    Hello people. This post is relating to my earlier POST. So just to reiterate, please can you post your experiences with Check A Trade. Please keep this thread informative and try not to go off at a tangent too much. ;) If anyone from Check A Trade would like to join in that that would be...
  14. UKMeterman

    One way to check if a HV cable is live

    Could I please have a review of PPE and technique shown here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sd-HAbPp0fg
  15. M

    Looking for electrical check and possible new consumer unit - Airdrie

    Moving into a new (to me) property, looking for someone to give install once over from safety perspective. Longer term maybe looking to replace consumer unit with one with RCBOs (current has MCBs not sure if any RCD). Would prefer a small firm to large one. Would be looking to get check done...
  16. Kjb Electrical

    Is Check a trade worth it?

    hi all, ive recently started a business so trying to spend my pennies wisely, I can understand checkatrade from a legitimacy point of view but im interested in how much work you can expect to generate from them as an advertisement platform?
  17. Pete999

    13Amp plug check card Electrical Safety First

    Anyone want one of these FOC only got one spare, first come first served PM your address and I'll pop onee in the post,( Only 1 left ) UK plug pin gauge - https://www.pat-testing-training.net/articles/plug-pin-gauge.php
  18. F

    Domestic DIY Check: Adding a socket to the attic - spurring decisions!

    Hello. I am installing a CCTV system for my mum. It's a basic IP camera setup, with up to 4 cameras and a recorder. I plan to have the NVR in the side attic out of the way, so I need a power socket in there. The last few days I've been doing a bit of research about it. Trying to identify...
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