1. M

    Ahoy there! As a former submariner I'm used to working in confined spaces but has anyone successfully fitted 10mm cable, 45A switch, 1gang backbox!

    Switch will be in stud wall; cable currently running horizontally....looks like I may need to pull some slack through to run cables through top and bottom of backbox...or strip back sheath and bring through back of plastic box using a 25mm grommet. The 45A switch wiil be in a kitchen for an...
  2. OnlQQker

    4 x 2.5mm = 10mm (Just Thinking Out Loud)

    So there I am trying to get to sleep at 2am this morning when a thought popped into my head. (I'm one exciting person to be with :tearsofjoy:) Not that I am thinking of doing it, ever done it or seen it done, I will still ask the question as otherwise I will be up again all night trying to work...
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