1. H

    Can anyone explain why this would occur

    Good evening all I'm training to become and electrician and last week I came across an issue when we were attending to some outside lights. Basically the scenario was there was two outside lights:one was a small upright bulkhead fitting with an inbuilt photocell and pir this brought itself and...
  2. D

    Ikea Cooker and Hob Explain please.

    Hi, So i have turned up to a job and this information is all i have on how to fit a cooker and a hob. Am i right in saying these to can be connected to a 6mm wire with a 45a switch for the hob and a 16a switch for the cooker? Thanks
  3. sham

    Can somebody explain this.

    I copied this pick from another thread, nobody can work out why this is done. So I thought I give it a go here.
  4. S

    Can anyone explain this - strange wiring?

    Please can someone help to explain this IMG 20180717 204316 - https://ibb.co/i9RBKJ There seems to be 3 lots of live/neutral/earth. I saw this when I removed the old chandelier. Problem is, it seems that the three neutrals were not connected to anything and of the three lives, 2 were...
  5. W

    part p can someone explain

    So im hearing all different versions from people. some people are saying that you need to pass a part p exam and become a part p electrician. Ive also heard that thers no such thing that its only a paragraph in the building regs and that anyone can pay a building control for a higher fee or if...
  6. J

    EAL level 3 engineering maintenance electrical

    Hi all, I've just started the course and am in the process of trying to answer the knowledge questions. However am struggling with some of the answers. Has anybody completed these and are able to help. Maybe have there old questions ( god loves a tryer). Or do you know any decent books or...
  7. W

    Light switch assistance please

    Hi guys, it's my first ever post and i'm probably posting in the wrong place Iv'e just started level 2 at College and i was just wondering if anyone could explain how to wire Light Switches and ceiling roses. When do you use Twin Brown or three core for example ?? Could you explain the Loop...
  8. dez0178

    Can anyone explain the best way to fault find on a ring main.

    Hi, Can anyone help please. I am doing an assignment for college level 3. I am trying too understand how to find a fault on a ring main circuit. I have read about splitting the ring, finding which end has the fault test again until the fault is found. But could anyone explain step by step on how...
  9. bigbaddave


    Been to do EICR for a letting agent tonight which i do a few for, turns up and the owner has had the painters in.. Well I explain the test and code 1's are serious faults like live cables Etc.. You mean like this as she pulls the kitchen draw out.. The kitchen ring main cut to power a light in...
  10. H

    TV Aerial Setup Advice?

    Hey, I'm looking for some help and advice on our aerial setup across the house as we've got some problems as of today. As far as I can tell our setup looks like this: htt p://i.imgur.c om/5ev7tzB.gif (remove the two spaces to see the image, sorry mods but it's the easiest way to explain.)...
  11. S

    Commercial 3 phase

    Hello! I have joined up on here to hopefully get some useful advice. I'll start off with a small introduction; I am opening a restaurant, it is an empty premises, completely bare unit... but the electrics are a mess (in my eyes!). There is a list of niggly things to look at i.e. light switch...
  12. S

    Customer Guidance

    Hello all, Can anyone recommend any literature to give to domestic customers to help explain the problems that can be encountered when upgrading consumer units/fuseboards? I'd like to give something to my customers in black and white in advance if they are not interested in paying for a...
  13. E

    Split Circuits

    Hi, I need seem advice. This may be quite simple but I would appreciate it if somebody can explain it to me. The electricians onsite only mumble when I ask them, to lazy to explain it to me. We are installing lighting circuits in a hotel along the corridors. The are uppers and downers the length...
  14. S

    2 Radials into a 32A B type breaker and other wonders !!!

    Hi all, Hope you guys are all enjoying the nice weather and not working inside some dark small cupboard like I was today !!!! Anyway, here is the scenario. Neighbour comes over this morning and says her fuse for downstairs has tripped and cannot be re-set. I go and take a quick look and test and...
  15. K

    help testing

    hi guys testing houses and the board has all rcbos, whats the best way to do insulation test without damaging lights, sensitive equipment?? guidance book says link l&n togetherand test between this and earth? but dont understand how this doesnt damage equipment? also the pfcc and pscc, i know on...
  16. M

    moaning customer help

    hi i have had a bad one today i have done a rcd test on a brand new circuit today and the customer has now said that i have nackered there sky+ i cant see that myself but please any advise welcome
  17. S

    R1 & R2 Testing Help

    Just started testing at college and not sure of the following in regards to the R1 + R2 testing: 1. Why are the readings in a ring the same or similar? Compared to radial? 2. Why do you cross connect line and cpc in a ring to carry out the R1 + R2? Thanks Steve
  18. M

    First inspection tomorrow and found broken cpc - advice please!

    Hello! I'm new to this so please be gentle... I have my first ever ELECSA inspection tomorrow. To prove that I know vaguely what I'm doing, I've replaced our old CU with a shiny new split load one. After dealing with wires that were too short, replacing lots of choc blocks that shouldn't be...
  19. S

    fluke 1652 tester

    hi, im just practicing a bit of testing for next year at college. i have a fluke 1652b and managed all the dead tests. however i have no instructions and having a few problems trying to perform live tests. Can anyone explain how to perform a ze and pscc and pefc. cheers