1. timhoward

    10 sq mm T+E distribution circuit supplying CU

    Can someone sanity check my thinking please.... An 80 amp PME service head, tails to meter, 25 sq mm tails into an enclosed fused isolator with 60 amp fuse in it. 16 sq mm from cut out into a MET. Gas and Water bonding connected to the MET. 16 sq mm main earth from MET to the fused isolator...
  2. D

    Sub main supplying new build

    Good morning all, long time reader first time post so looking for some help I’m qualified as an electrician but haven’t worked as a sparky for 15 years or so. I’m just starting a self build and going to do as much as I can but over thinking that the first hurdle New main in to the house was...
  3. L

    Shared neutral supplying subpanel

    Newbie to this forum here. I have a question that I need to resolve fairly soon. I have 10/3 from a dual pole 30A breaker using one side of the breaker from the main panel that is direct burial wire going to a junction box outside the house. I need to supply a sub panel to a building. Can I use...
  4. U

    Best way of supplying summer house

    Hi guys I am taking on a job of supplying/wiring a summer house which is in the process of being built. Consumer unit has no spare ways so my only option really is splitting the tails in the meter cupboard into a fused isolator to supply the SWA. However as far as I’m aware I am not allowed...
  5. W

    Best way of supplying underfloor heating

    At a rewire today, client has decided he wants underfloor heating all through his house. This is what will be heating his house. Downstairs it’s 4 small bedrooms and a small hallway, upstairs he has a dining room and a very large living room. Never done underfloor heating before, I was going to...
  6. HappyHippyDad

    Calculating volt drop on 24v, supplying LED lights.

    I'm getting a little confused about volt drop and 24v. I want to fit an LED strip light. 8m of lights 7w/m. It would be easier to have the 24v driver approx 10m from the beginning of the strip of the LED strip. I'm not sure where to start to know if this will work without any effect on the...
  7. Mark42

    Does a 3 Phase socket supplying a Portacabin's 30mA-protected DB still need its own RCD protection?

    This month I'm building a remote lab for specialist chemistry work, in a self-contained 'Portacabin' type building. The cabin will have a new, Hager 3 phase board, with an 30mA RCCD main switch. It's only a single small room so I'm not bothered about the possibility of the whole installation...
  8. T

    UK Supplying a garage

    My brother is having new electric garage doors installed and the guy doing it has said he needs two normal 13A domestic sockets installed to plug the control boxes into. My brother has asked me to do this for him but as I have not done anything domestic since college I'm unsure of the regs...
  9. T

    Zs from board supplying another board

    I have a ccu with a Ze of 0.09 and it's supplying another ccu which that board supplies multiple other CCUs I was wondering how I would work out my zs and ze on the other boards?
  10. P

    2 service heads supplying in same room ?!

    Hi, So I Carried out an EICR at a business park. which was originally 2 buildings with 2 separate metered supplies, now the buildings are joined together. It’s gets interesting as some of the rooms are now fed from 2 different DBS from different service heads! I’m aware this is very wrong, it...
  11. T

    Supplying a converted Bus

    First time poster. I’m hoping to get a bit of insight for a business I’m starting up. I’m converting a double decker bus (Volvo B7TL) into a shop. I’m interested in how much power I would need to light and heat the thing, and the best way of getting an external power supply. The bus was...
  12. N

    old shady pyro/micc cable supplying meter

    doing an EICR, got a very thin looking micc cable at the incomer of the meter. It old flats, the fuse for the flat is outside the property (in the close) in a metal enclosure, attatched to the riser. Its proabably between 2 and 4mm in csa. Is this not a job for supplier? Has anybody came across...
  13. N

    Overhead tns

    Hi guys, Went to see a property today. Just wanted to clarify the supply type with you. I believe it's overhead tns but others have told customer it's overhead tt. Could you share your thoughts? There are 3 incoming cables that come from above the house and run down into the suppliers...
  14. S

    Time to call it a day

    I have been a sparks for 30 odd years ,I did my 3 years at college for my 2361 1&2 I have my 16th and my employer does not trust my work now because I'm not 17th soon to be 18th . I was off work and they called in another sparks . He sorted the problem out and said my work was dangerous. I had a...
  15. buzzlightyear

    16mm twin &earth sub mains separate earth

    been to look at a job , customer needs sub mains and meter moving to the under stairs from main cut out from hallway a new 100 amp cu . 16mm twin earth do I need separate cpc for that according to table 54.7 16 mm cpc any thoughts on this .
  16. FatAlan

    How easy / costly to move one of these?

    Looking at a plot of land with one of these stuck in the middle. How easy / costly would it be to get it re postioned?
  17. kropaske

    Supplying outbuilding, bonding and earthing

    Hi Guys, Just join this great forum so lets get straight to the point... Soon we will be working on property (TNS) with 1 outbuilding on the back of the garden which have kitchen, bathroom and 1 extra room. Also there is gas central heating with combi boiler. At the moment they feed this...
  18. Mark42

    One three-phase breaker, supplying multiple single-phase loads. OK or not?

    I’m fitting a single-phase car lift in my own workshop. New three phase sub-main panel 10m from the lift, 16A TP MCB (with TP 30mA RCD upstream) feeding car lift control panel the in middle of the concrete floor, via existing underground (non-ducted) 4c SWA. Is it OK to mount the following on...
  19. Hellmooth

    Cable type for supplying 3 phase board

    Hi, I need to supply a new 3 phase DB from mains, the board will be supplying a couple of transformers which will be used for some machinery, it is in an office/unit style environment, was looking for some ideas with regards to how to run the cables, haven't done calcs yet but would be looking...
  20. A

    Connection supplying 3 fridges

    Hi Electricians! i need help for safer connections this 3 fridges power supply. The 3 fridges power are 150W, 250W, 300W. To be installed in the commercial kitchen. There is an suspended (about 100mm from the floor level) connection box under one of the fridge. i am planning to put 6amp...
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