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  1. T

    Zs from board supplying another board

    I have a ccu with a Ze of 0.09 and it's supplying another ccu which that board supplies multiple other CCUs I was wondering how I would work out my zs and ze on the other boards?
  2. P

    2 service heads supplying in same room ?!

    Hi, So I Carried out an EICR at a business park. which was originally 2 buildings with 2 separate metered supplies, now the buildings are joined together. It’s gets interesting as some of the rooms are now fed from 2 different DBS from different service heads! I’m aware this is very wrong, it...
  3. T

    Supplying a converted Bus

    First time poster. I’m hoping to get a bit of insight for a business I’m starting up. I’m converting a double decker bus (Volvo B7TL) into a shop. I’m interested in how much power I would need to light and heat the thing, and the best way of getting an external power supply. The bus was...
  4. N

    old shady pyro/micc cable supplying meter

    doing an EICR, got a very thin looking micc cable at the incomer of the meter. It old flats, the fuse for the flat is outside the property (in the close) in a metal enclosure, attatched to the riser. Its proabably between 2 and 4mm in csa. Is this not a job for supplier? Has anybody came across...
  5. N

    Overhead tns

    Hi guys, Went to see a property today. Just wanted to clarify the supply type with you. I believe it's overhead tns but others have told customer it's overhead tt. Could you share your thoughts? There are 3 incoming cables that come from above the house and run down into the suppliers...
  6. S

    Time to call it a day

    I have been a sparks for 30 odd years ,I did my 3 years at college for my 2361 1&2 I have my 16th and my employer does not trust my work now because I'm not 17th soon to be 18th . I was off work and they called in another sparks . He sorted the problem out and said my work was dangerous. I had a...
  7. buzzlightyear

    16mm twin &earth sub mains separate earth

    been to look at a job , customer needs sub mains and meter moving to the under stairs from main cut out from hallway a new 100 amp cu . 16mm twin earth do I need separate cpc for that according to table 54.7 16 mm cpc any thoughts on this .
  8. FatAlan

    How easy / costly to move one of these?

    Looking at a plot of land with one of these stuck in the middle. How easy / costly would it be to get it re postioned?
  9. uksparks

    Phone Call Today

    Me: Hello, how can I help? Them: I need you to replace my board Me: ok, so you want a new consumer unit, no problem. Them: I have the board, I just need you to fit it. Me: o....k, I would not usually fit a board for someone supplied by the customer unless a specific type that I usually fit...
  10. J

    Cooker switch DIY

    Have come across a 10mm t&e supplied from 45a 60898 installed a/c. This runs into back of cooker switch back box- terminated into 45a connector blocks- then they have down sized to 6mm and supplied the supply side of the cooker switch -but the supply side has been doubled up with another 6mm...
  11. D

    Multiple Oven Installation

    Hi all, Been to look at some work my brotherinlaw wants doing in his new kitchen re-fit. He is yet to supply me with all the specifications, so I can't do all the calculations as yet, but basically he wants to have an induction hob, two seperate single ovens, a steam oven, and built in...
  12. H

    Commercial RCCB's RCBO's

    In a commercial premises, I was called to recently, the power had tripped off. It turned out it was a SON lamp which was causing the problem. This tripped the 30mA RCBO for the lights and also the main 30mA RCCB below DB 3, which in turn meant other essential circuits i.e. chilled food cabinets...
  13. S

    solar cowboys report or not

    100A Square D QOE Isolator on dist board with 25mm tails from service head (100A), then a 16mm sharing the incoming side of the isolator to a 2nd DB. The dummy then sticks a 6mm2 in along with them to a 63A RCCB for solar DB......... NICEIC reg. company apparently. Guess he couldnt fit...
  14. F

    Advice please on a CU swap with an unusual Radial socket cct

    TN-C-S DOMESTIC. I have been asked to replace an old domestic CU with a new CU. I have performed the IR tests and all comply, all socket outlets are on a Radial configuration with 20A protection & 30mA RCD with 2.5mm squared T&E. The circuit comprises of 4 single and 1 double Socket and Central...
  15. M

    socket in 1.5

    can u use 1.5mm cable feeding a single socket from the DB on a 16a breaker?
  16. R

    RCD or NOT???

    I have to run a 70mm SWA sub circuit over a distance of 70metres in a 4in duct under ground. The cable will run from the main incoming electricity boards supply (busbar after meter). I know I will need an isolator at the front but do I need an RCD also, like a 100mA time delay??? Current being...
  17. W

    Minor works certificate

    Hi, first post so hope i get it right. Just got qualifications after 35 years in printing and looking to do some straightforward non notifiable work, a friend wants some ceiling downlighters changed in hall and landing. I am planning to use a minor works certificate. going to check earth...
  18. K

    parallel cables

    can any help me, i need to install 200amp three phase supply at 135m long, i wish to run two smaller cable insted of one large size cable, so can any one tell how to calculate for parallel cables supply.:confused:
  19. B

    sub mains

    hey guys im a bit confused about testing submains, never had to do any untill now. 2way board in the garage fed off a 32a mcb in house the zs for the garage circuit will become the zdb? do i still measure pfc pss at the submains? napit assesment soon double checking everything cheers
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