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solar panels

  1. David Prosser

    Home solar panels are they worth it ?

    I've had a small amount of spare time the last couple of evenings so had a quick look at whats available in the way of PV panels for the home. From the limited information I can get without numerous companies contacting me to sell me solar panels it looks like they aren't really worth the bother...
  2. S

    Solar Panels Installer not informed DNO of installation

    Hi, My installer (who no longer exist) didn't bother to inform DNO of the installation. I have got in touch with the DNOband they say they require me to contact another installer and get them to do 'commissioning confirmation and a suitable schematic diagram' for me to register the system...
  3. K

    Effects of Scratches on Solar Panels?

    I'm seeking professional, third party advice. We recently had a system of LG NeON R 370 solar panels professionally installed on our home roof- 16 panels, so just under 6kW for the whole system. Unfortunately, the installers did not do a good job. To get the panels up to the roof, they placed...
  4. ziggie12

    Solar Panels vs Interter

    I want to purchase a 50kw 3 phase grid tied inverter(attached) for my bakery however out of the required 50kw panels required my roof top can only take about 30kw(97 x 330w panels) worth of panels. How will this affect the output performance of my inverter? Will it still work?
  5. A

    adding extra solar panels to motorhome

    hello guys this is my first post, i hope I am posting this one on the right section. aamseee I am looking for some advise. i have bought a Motorhome which has a solar panel (100w) and a leisure battery 110ah i am thinking of upgrade the solar panel by adding 1 or 2 two 100 Watts panels, my...
  6. Lou

    Solar Installer Cambridge Solar - East England Solar Installers

    Cambridge Solar are award winning, MCS approved, Solar PV installers and renewable energy specialists with more than 10 years experience in the UK renewable energy industry. We carry out solar PV installations (pv solar panels), but also other renewable energy technologies such as solar thermal...
  7. Lou

    Solar Installer South East Solar - Solar Panel Installers in South East

    South East Solar & Storage is a local firm based in Eastbourne. All our staff come from an electrical engineering background and we pride ourselves on offering an informative and relaxed survey visit. We are able to offer you highly competitive pricing on the best products fitted by highly...
  8. Lou

    Solar Installer NW Solar | Solar Panels in North West

    We are a local firm with over 10 year’s experience in Solar PV. Specialists in Residential & Commercial, we have thousands of existing installations in the North West & Cumbria. Won’t be beaten on price. No upfront cost, No deposit. Pay monthly with the savings from your bill. Thousands of...

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