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  1. S

    Do I need an inline fuse between my alternator and battery isolator?

    I purchased a 95 amp battery isolator and my alternator pushes 95 amps but I'm assuming that it may spike above that occasionally. Should I put a fuse between the two? I am only aware of 100 amp maxi fuses would that save the isolator for damage or do I need to purchase a battery isolator rated...
  2. Q

    Domestic Inline (crimp/splice) connectors for 240V

    Hi - I'm fixing up a vintage stove and need to splice a few of the wires to the oven elements. Are there inline (splice) connectors that are recommended for 240V? I've used "IDEAL 2 Port Push-In Wire Connectors" (not able to post the link) where I have room, but a couple of areas are pretty...
  3. M

    10 amp inline connectors

    I have a range cooker with 1 oven that is electric and runs on a 13amp plug instead of the usual hard wired cooker connection. The original instructions (now mislaid) said that it should be plugged into a 13amp outlet, not an extension. I cannot move the cooker to see the plate to verify the...
  4. Top Cat

    Smallest inline flex connector.

    Have a job to extend the flex on 2 table lamps. It needs to be black and as small as possible as it will be on show. The table lamps are double insulated so only need it to take 2 cores but 3 core flex connectors would be ok as well. doesn't matter if fixed or plugin. I can find white but can't...
  5. S

    Inline switch for electric fire

    I want to install an inline switch in the cable of a 2000 w electric fire. Any recommendations?
  6. Gavin John Hyde

    Vortice Lineo inline fans

    Got a customer with 2 Vortice Lineo fans. they are currently on seperate switches. both run separately from the lights. one in a en-suite the other the family bathroom. I have access above via the loft. Customer wants them to run when the light is on then run for x minutes afterwards via the...
  7. R

    using inline dimmer with pwm driver

    Hi everyone , i am trying to use inline dimmer to dim several 1w high power leds , connected in parallel .i purchased this dimmer (see below, the smaller one) , but it didn't work , the store support told me it's not for pwm, which is what i need.(i swear it worked fine when i did the same...
  8. D

    Inline switch on pendant light instead of wall switch?

    My lovely wife has requested I fit these as bedside lamps: Circular Pendant Light - Sounds simple enough.. But the walls are solid and the room recently decorated, so chasing cables to install a new light switch on either side isn't really an...
  9. J

    X3 isolator switches blown for zip inline water heater

    Hi, Got sent to a job today at student halls of residence. They have had 3 45 amp isolator switches blow in the last month for the zip inline water heater. As shown in pictures, the water heater is being fed by a B40MCB and then in to a 45 amp isolation point above the door, then to the heater...
  10. S

    Inline fan switched from two locations

    Good evening all, Has anyone ever installed a fan like this before? The issue I don't know the best way to overcome is that if I wire each bathrooms SL to the fan it will back feed and turn the lights on for both bathrooms. The best I've come up with is 2x contactors - one SL to each input -...
  11. G

    Just an idea for making a waterproof low voltage inline joint

    You know how your tube of silicon sealer has gone solid just when you most need it!? Do you think that one could use this problem to make a permanent water tight joint, eg using twisted conductors secured in the usual connectors and placed in a suitable small plastic tubelike container and then...
  12. D

    Domestic Vax pressure washer inline fuse

    Good morning all, I have a 2500W Vax pressure washer, almost 3 years old, but only light summer use, could be described 'as new'. Pressure washing the decking the other day, Mrs wanted to cut the hedge so I let her use the long decent quality outdoor extension, I used a short indoor extension...
  13. E

    Smallest possible cable for a 4w LED load.

    Hi All, This is a bit niche but i've been asked to refurb an antique lamp to dimmable led and i'm after a very tiny cable that will take 230v but only run a single 4W LED. There are 5 of these on the lamp that come back to a connector then off in 0.75 flex. Also after an inline dimmer for the...
  14. F

    Inline dimmers (mains) for LED?

    Hi, I'm considering including an inline dimmer switch for a tabletop 'mood' lamp (mains connected) I'm currently prototyping. The lampshade is made of paper glued to a clear flame retardant PVC which is also the structure of the lamp (like an origami). I'd like to use low energy 4-6W dimmable...
  15. linuxthefish

    Domestic Inline switch on laptop charger?

    I've picked up a 6 amp inline switch today, the type that is used on lamps. MLA 1250 - 6 Amp Inline Double Pole Lamp Switch - Pack of 20: DIY & Tools Can I use this switch on a laptop charger plugged into an awkward socket to switch it off when the laptop is not being used? It...
  16. D

    I need an inline thermostat, but am stuck!

    I have trawled the net far and wide, but still drawn a blank. I wish to control some heat trace via simple inline thermostat. So the arrangement will be: mains lead, connects to thermostat which in turn conncets to heat trace. Can I find a thermostat? Can I heck. Tried the majo electrical...
  17. D

    Combined shower light/extractor fan

    Hi all, Wondered if any of you have fitted one of these before that go directly above the shower ? Are there any special precautions you need to follow other than the usual RCD protection e.t.c Also the customer is adament they do not want the isolator switch fitted on the wall outside the...
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