1. O

    Quinetic In-line Receivers stopped working - help please

    Hi - I recently installed 6 single gang Quinetic in-Line receiver switches (QURS1W) and paired them successfully with multiple Quinetic wireless switches - I have unpaired 2 of the switches and they are no longer working - the in-line switches themselves have stopped switching the circuit and I...
  2. D

    Wago 221 Inline Lever Connectors 32A for use in socket replacement

    Hi all. I'm going to replace some sockets during a routine redecoration of our lounge including replacing some singles with doubles with USB charge points. From past experience of doing similar in other rooms a long time ago (certainly before the advent of WAGO connectors), I recall that it was...
  3. C

    Inline fan recommendation

    I am planning to have my ground floor cloakroom refurbished. Its a very small space around 1metre square and only has a WC in it. There is currently an inline fan fitted which is located in the ceiling void which has been lowered and is made of pine cladding. The ceiling will be replaced as...
  4. pe2dave

    Looking for a reliable inline light switch?

    I've had 3, mostly Amazon specials. All started arcing after a few months. For a 60W bedside lamp. Google hasn't brought up much other than the Amazon standard. Any suggestions please.
  5. Simon-0116

    1 x inline fan and 2 seperate toilet

    Customer has a toilet block with 1 inline fan currently doing 1 toilet only. Set up as follows Pir turns lights on and last light turns fan on. Perm live to fan. Now they want 2nd toilet on same fan...
  6. C

    can manrose MF100T inline fan be installed over xpelair C4TSR axial fan

    Hi i am looking for some advise regarding a bathroom extractor fan currently fitted to my new bathroom refurbishment. Problem i have is a reputable bathroom company has recently refurbished my bathroom and fitted a Xpelair C4TSR fan which does not extract enough moisture out of the bathroom...
  7. N

    Anyone know where I can locate an inline surge suppressor 230 v 30A

    Anyone know where I can locate one of these, inline surge suppressor 230v 30A
  8. D

    UK Can I DIY replace axial extractor fan with inline one

    Hi, first time posting DIY-er so apologies if this is the wrong forum. I need to replace my ceiling axial bathroom extractor fan with an inline fan in the loft - taking off the old fan and ducting (smells bad due to condensation), putting a new grill in the bathroom, and some new ducting and...
  9. dodger421

    Inline Surge Protection?

    I've been asked about providing inline surge protection for the UPS supplies in numerous network cabinets around our factory and I'm hoping someone more experienced in this might have some suggestions. There are about 15 cabinets dotted around the factory containing various switches and routers...
  10. J

    Door entry with two means of access

    We are using a Bell BL106-4 on the main door. Code entry to open the door, buzzers for each flat. Simple. Only now we want to add access control to a metal gate at the end of a path a mete 10m away. Am I best off adding another Bell BL106-4 at the gate and wiring in-line or is there a smarter...
  11. S

    Do I need an inline fuse between my alternator and battery isolator?

    I purchased a 95 amp battery isolator and my alternator pushes 95 amps but I'm assuming that it may spike above that occasionally. Should I put a fuse between the two? I am only aware of 100 amp maxi fuses would that save the isolator for damage or do I need to purchase a battery isolator rated...
  12. Q

    Inline (crimp/splice) connectors for 240V

    Hi - I'm fixing up a vintage stove and need to splice a few of the wires to the oven elements. Are there inline (splice) connectors that are recommended for 240V? I've used "IDEAL 2 Port Push-In Wire Connectors" (not able to post the link) where I have room, but a couple of areas are pretty...
  13. M

    10 amp inline connectors

    I have a range cooker with 1 oven that is electric and runs on a 13amp plug instead of the usual hard wired cooker connection. The original instructions (now mislaid) said that it should be plugged into a 13amp outlet, not an extension. I cannot move the cooker to see the plate to verify the...
  14. Top Cat

    Smallest inline flex connector.

    Have a job to extend the flex on 2 table lamps. It needs to be black and as small as possible as it will be on show. The table lamps are double insulated so only need it to take 2 cores but 3 core flex connectors would be ok as well. doesn't matter if fixed or plugin. I can find white but can't...
  15. S

    Inline switch for electric fire

    I want to install an inline switch in the cable of a 2000 w electric fire. Any recommendations?
  16. Gavin John Hyde

    Vortice Lineo inline fans

    Got a customer with 2 Vortice Lineo fans. they are currently on seperate switches. both run separately from the lights. one in a en-suite the other the family bathroom. I have access above via the loft. Customer wants them to run when the light is on then run for x minutes afterwards via the...
  17. R

    using inline dimmer with pwm driver

    Hi everyone , i am trying to use inline dimmer to dim several 1w high power leds , connected in parallel .i purchased this dimmer (see below, the smaller one) , but it didn't work , the store support told me it's not for pwm, which is what i need.(i swear it worked fine when i did the same...
  18. D

    Inline switch on pendant light instead of wall switch?

    My lovely wife has requested I fit these as bedside lamps: Circular Pendant Light - Sounds simple enough.. But the walls are solid and the room recently decorated, so chasing cables to install a new light switch on either side isn't really an...
  19. J

    X3 isolator switches blown for zip inline water heater

    Hi, Got sent to a job today at student halls of residence. They have had 3 45 amp isolator switches blow in the last month for the zip inline water heater. As shown in pictures, the water heater is being fed by a B40MCB and then in to a 45 amp isolation point above the door, then to the heater...
  20. C

    Xpelair XIM X 100 inline extractor fan

    hi, I'm in need of a little help, I have bought an inline extractor fan, the booklet shows I can fit a 3 pin plug to it or hard wire with a switch, I want to use a plug but I am not sure if I have wired it on correct as it has no power, I was wondering if anyone could advise, the diagram shows...


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