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  1. AlmondSauce

    Bulkheads on wooden fence post

    Hi all, after some guidance about whether it's a) legal and/or b) frowned upon to install 240V bulkheads fixed to a wooden fence post? I've heard conflicting advice over the years, with some saying no problem as long as it's secured to the post, not the panel, and others saying that since a...
  2. Arkenbang

    Are there any TT LV wooden pole monkey power distribution sparks on this forum ?

    If there is, maybe you can help me identify what these new boxes are that have recently appeared on all the overhead LV distribution poles/lines located in Devon.I have never seen them before on any overhead power distribution systems. Cheers.
  3. S

    Thoughts on wooden wall lights

    Hi I’ve got these nice wooden wall lights as a present, and I’ve installed them in the living room, where there are wall light points, but no wall lights previously installed. I think they look great, only problem is I’m not sure they are electrically and fire safe. They have 2 GU10 holders...
  4. P

    Wooden shed heat detector

    Hi, I have been asked advice on installing a smoke detector inside a small wooden shed at the bottom of a garden, which is currently used for spray tanning. I have said that a smoke detector will be of no use as the mist from the machine will constantly sound the alarm. I thought I could fit an...
  5. gazdkw82

    Wooden (laminate) underlay options

    Looking for some advice. We have chosen the laminate flooring we want to put down in our living room. However, the difficult bit is choosing the underlay. We have a void under our living room floor so we get quite a draft. Our next door neighbour has suggest the foil back underlay and tape it...
  6. captaincaveman

    Water pipes & wooden structure showing voltage

    Hi. Penny for a thought anyone. I'm still in holiday mode from yesterday... Just been to a house after a plumber refused to touch the boiler (not before getting his £200 call out charge) saying there was an electrical fault and showing the customer his voltage pen light up on the water pipes &...
  7. E

    Pylon advice please - wooden pylon voltage advice

    Can anyone tell me what type of pylon especially the voltage a wooden pole is near a house we are buying please? I can't find an answer online. Photos attached hopefully, thanks in advance
  8. K

    Please help. Sockets on wooden skirting.

    Hi. I'm a currently selling my home, a Victorian Terrace house from the early 1900's. The buyers have just had a survey completed which has highlighted a plug socket mounted on wooden skirting as a fire hazard. We have been living here since 2013 and have had no issues, this was installed...
  9. charlie76

    Domestic Asbestos light switch accessory boxes

    I've come across what I think are asbestos accessory boxes. 1938 wire VR. Just popped light switch off and came across this. What do you think?
  10. D

    Domestic EICR coding

    Hi guys, Just want some advice on codings for an EICR I am doing at communal area in block of flats.all the flats including landlord electric meters and communal consumer unit on wooden board in basement.wooden board is rotten due to dump.which code shall i use?
  11. dlt27


    Hi all, I have done a few EICR's before however could do with a bit of advice on what codes you more experienced guys would give these observations; 1 Old 3036 DB made up of wooden base/back. (C3?) 2 Underszed main bond. (C3?) 3 Cooker switch mounted 18" above cooker (C3?) 4 Mutiple cct's in MCB...
  12. C

    Age of installation?

    I've just done an eicr on a house with a Wylex rewireable fuse 3036 cu. how old would that make it? The wiring was all red and black t+e. Just need to put a number on the report. I'm thinking 10-15 years?
  13. Doomed

    Conduit on wooden fence

    I know that conduit on wooden fence is bad practise, but where does it atually say this, and is it just bad practise or a no no? (25mm conduit feeding a garden shed, saddles approx 1 foot above ground level)
  14. I

    What to fix a garden socket to.

    I have to install a socket in a garden but do not have a permanent structure to fix it to can anyone give me any ideas, thanks.
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