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  1. J

    Wanted Code of Practice for In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment 4th Edition (4th Edt) (Electrical Regulations)

    Hi all I am taking the Niceic Pat course on Monday 3rd August, unless it's cancelled due to the current pandemic I am awaiting an answer. As it may be postponed I'm loathe to buy new copy of the the 4th edition with the 5th edition being released shortly. Does anyone have a copy they no...
  2. Les Macaulay

    Joint in switch box

    For a lighting circuit, Do you consider it bad practice to have joint in neutral at a switch box instead of separate joint box or 3-plate ceiling rose?
  3. Lister1987

    Wanted Old/Used/Faulty BG RCBOs for wiring practice rig

    As title; am after old/used/naff BG RCBOs to throw one or two in my wiring rig and as they wont be used IRL I can't really justify the £10-20 price tag new ones attract so figured I'd be cheeky and ask. On a side note; do many sparks reuse old/removed kit if its still in workings order...
  4. C

    AM2 practice

    Hi All I'm looking for some advice regarding the AM2. I'm hoping to carry out the NVQ 2356 in electrical maintenance as I have been working in the industry for around 10 years and currently hold L2 & L3 2365 although I have limited experience in install as I work in maintenance at the airport...
  5. R

    Wanted Alarm Panels for Practice Rig

    I am looking for some old Alarm Panels to make a practice rig, if anyone has any going spare? We use mainly Galaxy and Scantronic in work, but it would mean buying new systems as they tend to bin the old systems from customers houses as they are beyond repair. It will also come in handy for...
  6. Cableguy337

    Best place to get materials to practice at home?

    Hi I have recently decided to change careers and want to get some practice wiring and terminating at home, I currently wish to practice terminating SWA cables, I was wondering is there anywhere or anyone I am able to get just like 1M of cable or any scraps? Can't justify buying a reel at this...
  7. Pip

    UK Good Practice?

    So I have a client who has just had "garden room" / large shed installed. Supplier has pre wired the building but left sockets, lighting and consumer unit to be fitted "By an electrician because we're not" An extra on the building is some plug and play led down lights in the soffit. These items...
  8. MarkRibbands

    Bonding metallic back boxes. Best practice?

    Something about the way this box is bonded feels wrong. I prefer the box to remain bonded even with the accessory removed. Is this method compliant? What do others think? (Ignore missing grommet) (Taylor Wimpey new build)
  9. W

    Codes domestic eicr best practice

    Hi just looking for any tips and knowledge. When carrying out a domestic eicr I’ve noticed a pattern such as often No metal board No rcd protection Not to ip 4x or 2 x I’m still picking up on things to put and don’t want to get into a habit of jut the same ones. Any other recommendations in...
  10. O

    Electrical Safety Council - Best Practice Guides

    For the use of lots of people on here who aren't aware of these: Best Practice Guides | Electrical Safety First - Look in particular at No 1 as it covers lots of useful information such as regarding changing...
  11. D

    Disconnecting circuit in CU - best practice?

    Hi all, I'm in the process of renovating the bathroom. There is an electric shower I have removed and won't replace. The cable is not practical to remove. To make this redundant circuit safe, what is the best way to cap off in the CU? I plan to label it too, both in the CU and at the other end...
  12. V=IR

    Advice on Domestic Qualifications to practice

    Hi there, I have completed c&g 2365 Level 2 and currently doing 2365 Level 3 at college. I would like to stick with Domestic electrician and upgrade to commercial later on down the line. After I finish level 3 what would be the next steps I'd need to take to become a qualified domestic...
  13. NDG Elecs

    Free PME upgrades. A common practice now??

    Enquired with NEDL about two possible TT upgrades to PME. I found the screenshot below on their website. It used to cost around 160 quid for the intake to be changed but now it's apparently free. Are other DNOs doing this? Has there been some legislative change?
  14. D

    18th edition practice papers

    Here should be some practice papers:
  15. J

    Domestic When did neutral at the light switch become standard practice?

    Hello all, I am in the process of buying a house built in 2002 and I am trying to find out when it became standard practice to run neutral to light switches. The reason being I may look at having smart switched installed and having this already in place would make the job so much simpler. Thanks
  16. Loki

    Looking for 2382-18 practice questions

    Hi everyone, As the title says im looking for practice questions for the 2382-18 exam. Done Sparkyninja videos & questions & looked at ----------- but am a bit dubious at ----------- especially as i came accross a question about testing the rcd. i choose 6 monthly and it said i was wrong and...
  17. W

    Two single gang sockets mounted on the same back box. Is this common practice and why?

    Hi there I'm new to the forum, Just wondering if someone could please take a look at the pic attached (hopefully) and tell me in what circumstances it is best practice to wire two 1-gang sockets side by side like this with a set of T&E going to each. I'm not an electrician but was in the...
  18. M

    good practice or should it be compulsory

    the fitting of a small emergency light above or near consumer units especially where it is located in areas such as small dark cupboards or under a stair case ? this is both for ind and dom cases, im not talking about a massive fitting just enough to illuminate area if needed. any thoughts on...
  19. H

    Condition report practice

    Hi guys, As a way of learning/getting my head around the regs I do mock condition reports if I see something I don't think is quite right but some of these things I wouldn't know what to code (If anything) If anyone can give me their thoughts it'd be much appreciated! - At a friends house:RCD...
  20. B

    pre Jan 2016 boards

    Hi there I've been asked to start to carry out a number of Landlord certs, which I have started. I was just wondering what you guys were saying about non metal boards, if there is already a full RCD board installed pre Jan 2016. Are you doing unsatisfactory? or just putting them down as a...
  21. S

    EICR codes

    Thoughts on the following; no main bond to gas mains (C1), spur spurred of a spur on a ring (C2) & numerous inaccessible sockets for kitchen appliances under worktop with no switched spurs above worktop for isolating sockets (C3). Been a while since I've done an EICR! Thanks in advance.
  22. westward10

    Good Practice.

    On this forum this week someone stated it was good practice to fit cpcs from front plates to back boxes. Not getting into a debate over this cos we all know, or should know when this is or isn't required. I have never done this unless it is a requirement, so for someone to state that fitting a...
  23. H

    Useful Guides

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section - tried to find a download place but couldn't (and may have already been posted). Was looking for guidance on coding for reports and stumbled on this link with some useful guides: Best Practice Guides | Electrical Safety First Like I say, people probably...
  24. M

    EICR and CU change

    Hi guys. I have 2 questions to confirm my thinking. 1. If I perform an EICR on an installation, which was Installed whilst a previous edition of the regs were in place, does it mean that I can give a satisfactory condition providing all test results and observations are correct for that...
  25. S

    L & N at the switch

    So i heard a fellow sparky saying taking L&N to the light switch is not allowed and is classed as bad practice! Is this true I've found it a good way to keep things tidy when wiring lots of spots etc. Thoughts?
  26. R

    Electircal control design books

    I'm looking for a good book/s on basic motor control design for DOL starters overloads etc, good panel design practice what to include and best practice in design as per interlock methods basic principles etc. Anyone know of some good literature or websites
  27. L

    JTL aptitude/assessment Test

    Hi all, Completely new here this being my first post. I have recently been offered a electrical apprenticeship with a local firm. This is under the condition i pass a JTL aptitude/assessment test. Does anyone on here have any advice they can give on what to study, what the test will entail...
  28. J

    Test and inspection notes

    Hi all, just wondering if there are any websites out there that provide notes on testing and inspecting. im going to sit my 2394/2395 soon hopefully but have lost my college notes with a lot of valuable info on. are there any websites out there or do you recommend any books or other pieces...
  29. A

    Cooker. supplieed via a switch direct.

    Hi all 6mm Cable runs from Fuseboard into a 45amp DP swith for the cooker. (Cooker load is 7kw) Can the cable run directly from the switch into the cooker or does it have to go from the switch to a cooker connection unit and then a cable from the ccu to the cooker? I cannot see anything in the...
  30. P

    Board change with no cpc on lighting

    Hi all Been asked to quote for a board change. Had a quick look round the place and discovered lighting circuit has no earth. Where do I stand on this? Current board is 3036s and will be replacing with rcbos as wiring is quite old. Will also be bonding the gas and water from 4mm to 10mm.
  31. L

    Use of cpc as a live conductor - EICR Coding

    Fella's I'm just writing up an EICR from last month, one of the findings was a lighting circuit on the non RCD side of the board where the cpc was used as a strapper in 2 way light switching, Ive marked it as C2 for two reasons, one being that there is no longer a cpc in the cable and also that...
  32. M

    eicr -query over classification codes

    1. What classification code would you give on a front end rcd. 2. two ring circuits connected to a single mcb. In dispute with a customer and awaiting payment Thanks
  33. Dan23584

    Nuts for RCDs!

    Has anyone else experienced other sparks going nuts for RCD's and thinking they are required for pretty much everything? I recently did the installation at my local CEF branch and had another spark telling me I should have fitted a dual RCD board! I reminded him that the install was in trunking...
  34. D

    Looking for practice work, will work free, Lincolnshire or 100m around peterborough!

    Looking for practice work, will work free, Lincolnshire or 100m around peterborough! PLEASE help someone! I have started C&G 2357 level 3. to successfully get the diploma I need practical work. I am 25yrs old, have own car, hand-on person! please some one!
  35. G

    circuits wired in flex?

    hi all, had a bit of a discussion with a guy at work today, carrying out a periodic and there was a circuit wired in flex at the DB, i seem to think this is a code 2 but cannot find anything in the regs to back this up? is it ok for circuits to be wired in flex?
  36. E

    Making off in main switch

    Hi guys, Have to make off some 95mm lugs onto an old Bill main switch, which has 160A fuses. There are 4 terminals with an M10 dome head bolt with a square shank for the 3 phases and neutral, and there are currently 2 lugs on each bolt, 1 feeding a main dis board and 1 feeding a new switch fuse...
  37. N

    Pics in ESC best practice guide

    Well what can i say chaps ESC have used some of my pics in the latest Best Practice guide No4
  38. P

    calibration of testing equipement

    Is it really nescessary to calibrat testing equipement every year. When it is done to multimeters and the like readings before calibration and after are the same so what is the point?:devilish:
  39. H

    extract fan on ceiling above the shower tray

    Not an inline fan. Is this good pratice in your opinion? Its outwith zone 1 and rcd protection. Thanks in advance.
  40. K

    Best Practice Guides

    just thought i would share the BPG's i have :D
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