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  1. W

    Moving equipotential bonding, Minor works>

    Hi, I was having an disagreement with a work mate, a client has been told that their bonding (gas) is in the wrong place, (it is). This is the only job we have to do there and obviously after moving it and carrying out the required continuity tests, would you issue a minor works certificate...
  2. M

    Equipotential Bonding

    Can somebody please advise? We recently had our gas meter moved to a box outside our house after the service was found to be leaking. The company that did it have sent somebody round to do the bonding from the new gas outlet pipework to our fuse board but the route he's said he has to take I...
  3. KeenPensioner

    Equipotential Bonding Explanation

    OK......I know I'll get slaughtered for asking this question because I'm not an electrician but I'm working my way through Level 2 Diploma in Electrical Installations for no other reason than I like to learn. I've searched the web till my head hurts and watched YouTube videos by John Ward...
  4. D

    Location of Main Equipotential Bonding

    Evening All, Gone to look at a rewire of a flat. Communal cupboard is a 3 phase supply, with 3 cut outs for each of the flats one of which is split for the landlords CCU. TN-S system, each flat has an old KMF switch which in turn feeds a 16mm twin and earth cable, approx 1970's build. Main...
  5. L

    Supplementary bonding

    Hello all, Perhaps a few of you could help my understanding of the following query. The situation I am about to describe is purely hypothetical to help my understanding of the issue. Let's assume within a domestic bathroom, I have a combination of exposed conductive parts and suspect...
  6. V

    installing new circuit, advice on equipotential bonding in the house

    if you install a new circuit in a farm shed, does the equipotential bonding need to be in place right back at the supply in the house (onto oil and water), or as its a seperate building does the full electrical installation certificate mean the equip zone within that shed only required??
  7. D

    Anyone read this book "An Illustrated Explanation of Earthed Equipotential Bonding"

    http://www.amazon.co.uk/Illustrated-Explanation-Earthed-Equipotential-Bonding/dp/1449041612/ref=sr_1_sc_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1363822682&sr=1-3-spell Apparently its terrible. Check out the reviews they are pretty funny........im quite tempted to buy it just to see what they are on about lol
  8. I

    do you still need to contact DNO when exporting TNCS earth

    hi dont want to open the usual debate re tncs earth, looking for where i can find out the answer as to weather the DNO still needs to give permission for there earth to be exported any one help ?
  9. La Poste

    TT Earthing question// Volt drop

    Greetings. I have a question, this has been puzzling me for a while. If a put an earth rod in the ground and use it as my main earthing method and measure the resistance I find it to be 160 Ohms. Ok, Assume there are no RCD's and a link is made between the phase/line and earth at the...
  10. S

    PME systems and sub mains?

    Was working on an installation a few weeks ago (PME domestic) which had a sub to a garage which in turn had another sub which supplied a c/u in a shed about 20 meters down the garden. Got talking to mate of mine on Saturday who said that both the subs should be protected by an an individual...
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