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  1. JimJJnr

    UK Equipotential bonding of the gas meter and water stopcock when installing solar PV system

    Hi forum members, I hope someone can assist with my enquiry. I have been advised that to comply with BS7671 Reg 132.16 my solar and battery installation will require equipotential bonding at my gas meter and water stopcock, but for the life of me I can't understand why if the appropriate...
  2. E

    Australia Equipotential Bond Current showing on Clamp meter earthing

    Hi has anybody come across current up to 3 amps showing on water bond? 0 volts, no amps on main earth just water bond? I put a clamp Meyer to check...
  3. J

    Equipotential zone

    Can someone help me with my understanding of this. EPZ zone within an installation should all rise to the same potential when an earth fault occurs so any where outside the zone would be zero if it’s the ground outside. So in theory shock should not be possible within the EPZ? Am I correct with...
  4. Vortigern

    Equipotential bonding of spa in garden, yea or nay?

    Been asked to look at outdoor socket for spa. A brief perusal of M.I. recommends the installation of equipotential bonding in 2.5mm² solid copper. Now apart from the idea of non flexible cable, what purpose may it truly serve. It is supplied with a cable that has a 10ma trip in it. However we...
  5. W

    Moving equipotential bonding, Minor works>

    Hi, I was having an disagreement with a work mate, a client has been told that their bonding (gas) is in the wrong place, (it is). This is the only job we have to do there and obviously after moving it and carrying out the required continuity tests, would you issue a minor works certificate...
  6. M

    Equipotential Bonding

    Can somebody please advise? We recently had our gas meter moved to a box outside our house after the service was found to be leaking. The company that did it have sent somebody round to do the bonding from the new gas outlet pipework to our fuse board but the route he's said he has to take I...
  7. KeenPensioner

    Equipotential Bonding Explanation

    OK......I know I'll get slaughtered for asking this question because I'm not an electrician but I'm working my way through Level 2 Diploma in Electrical Installations for no other reason than I like to learn. I've searched the web till my head hurts and watched YouTube videos by John Ward...
  8. D

    Location of Main Equipotential Bonding

    Evening All, Gone to look at a rewire of a flat. Communal cupboard is a 3 phase supply, with 3 cut outs for each of the flats one of which is split for the landlords CCU. TN-S system, each flat has an old KMF switch which in turn feeds a 16mm twin and earth cable, approx 1970's build. Main...
  9. L

    Supplementary bonding

    Hello all, Perhaps a few of you could help my understanding of the following query. The situation I am about to describe is purely hypothetical to help my understanding of the issue. Let's assume within a domestic bathroom, I have a combination of exposed conductive parts and suspect...
  10. charlie76

    Domestic No Equipotential Bonding to Water

    Been to a job today to replace a faulty immersion thermostat. The existing spur supplying it was broken and about 30 years old so I replaced that and installed a DP water heater switch. Also the HR flex to the immersion was cracking through age / heat fatigue so replaced that. Seems the supply...
  11. Sintra

    Supplementary Equipotential Bonding Requirements

    Sintra submitted a new resource: Supplementary Equipotential Bonding - Supplementary Equipotential Bonding Read more about this resource...
  12. A

    No main equipotential bonds

    There are no main equipotential bonds to water or gas. What risk does this pose in layman terms?
  13. HappyHippyDad

    Extending the equipotential Zone of PME installation.

    I was going to just add on to Voltz's thread but it seemed to come to a natural end but I had some questions. 1. A few experienced members say that you should not extend the (equipotential zone) EPZ of a PME system. Am I right in thinking that this is because of the possible potential between...
  14. D

    Equipotential bonding to incoming gas and water

    Recently carried out an eicr on a property. whilst looking around the property i couldnt see any earth connection to the incoming water or gas. But carrying out a continuity test with my r2 lead it proved there was continuity to the incoming gas pipe and incoming water from an outing going 10mm...
  15. D

    Main equipotential bonding. Domestic

    What are the regs when all circuits are protected by rcd?
  16. B

    Equipotential & supplementary bonding

    Hi, My folks are just about to embark on installing a new kitchen and whilst i was round there last week i noticed that the main incoming water mains (lead pipe > copper) is not earth bonded back to the consumer unit. My Dad reckons it once was but had some work done 20 years or so ago where...
  17. S

    Domestic Main Equipotential bonding

    Please if anybody can help where in the BS7671 does it state who is responsible for ME bonding on a new Instalation (barn convertion to ho;iday flats)
  18. S

    Equipotential Bonding

    Hi, Can someone explain the science behind the need for 10mm earth cables to gas, water etc? Or is this simply a justifiable rip off for big companies as the size required has gone up slowly over years - the main reason so many DIYers have a go! A 100a fuse feeds a consumer unit through 25mm...
  19. J

    Supplementary equipotential bonding

    Could I have some clarification on this issue , the tight customer does not want a new CU , so the only option is supp bonding the bathroom , from what I've read is link the hot and cold copper pipes and the rad and that's it . Bs7671 does not require a link from the supp bond to a cpc on...
  20. V

    installing new circuit, advice on equipotential bonding in the house

    if you install a new circuit in a farm shed, does the equipotential bonding need to be in place right back at the supply in the house (onto oil and water), or as its a seperate building does the full electrical installation certificate mean the equip zone within that shed only required??
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