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  1. A

    Immersion heater not heating

    Hi. Newbie hear. Having problems with immersion heater not heating. Put new St/St tank in loft to replace old square one with lift up lid. Immersion heater worked fine on old one with short heater on 13A fused switch. New one kept blowing fuse so changed to 20A double pole switch. So far so...
  2. pirate

    Immersion heater controller

    Good afternoon everyone, and I hope you are keeping well? A simple question really. I have to replace the timer for my immersion heater. There's not as much choice out there as I expected, but i am tempted to get one of these: I really just need...
  3. ETradesmen

    Scratching my head over immersion heater!

    Good evening all, I have a query regarding an immersion tank. I received a call from a new client asking do I fix immersion tanks to which I told her it’s probably best to get a plumber out as he can eliminate the problem and change the element if required which would save her money. I won’t...
  4. happyhippydad

    No power to immersion

    Morning all. I have just been to a house where there is no power to the 13A FCU feeding the immersion. I believe I have found the corresponding MCB in the CU although it is difficult to be sure as there is only continuity on the CPC, it is labelled water heater. There is no continuity from...
  5. B

    Smart immersion switch

    I have a client who has requested a smart immersion switch as she works away in the week and wants to heat the hot water for her return. Can anyone recommend one?
  6. bigspark17

    Immersion tank remote temp probe

    Hi i would like some kind of standalone cylinder stat that can send the tank tempreture to a display, ideally wirelessly. Situation, immersion tank in attic space, immersion switch/boost in hallway. Mixer shower & bath in bathroom run off tank, customer never knows if water is hot enough For...
  7. The apprentice

    immersion in attic

    hi there we have an immersion in the attic space of a commercial building would you put fire detection within that area
  8. R

    Broken Immersion heater Element or electrical wiring problem?

    Hi there, DIY'er here I have an immersion heater that is not heating up water during the night on the cheap rate. The booster switch "top element" still works fine, but I can't work out if the bottom element is broken or there is something wrong with the supply of electricity to the element...
  9. P

    Shared immersion heater circuit?

    Hello, everyone I want to install a second unvented hot water cylinder. The existing (indirect) dhw cylinder has a backup immersion heater on a dedicated circuit with a timer. The immersion is timed to come on overnight, but usually does nothing as the boiler keeps the water hot enough so the...
  10. linuxthefish

    UK Mechanical plug in timer with electric water cylinder on economy 7?

    I came across a small electric hot water heater under the sink with a moulded plug in my friend's rented flat. He's on economy 7, and wishes to use a mechanical plug in timer to ensure the water is only heated on night rate. The flat is rented so changing the socket to an FCU is out of the...
  11. S

    PV Immersion heater question

    Hi I have fitted a PV Immersion heater to heat a single element in my tank when there is daylight. The installation seemed very simple and it appeared to generate some energy when I first fired it up, but a very small amount, since, it has not switched on the heater. The control box is...
  12. B

    immersion heater

    hello all! really confused here. I have an immersion heater top element gravity feed. The fuse box continued tripping after changing. the spur 1 of 2 is feed by a 3amp fuse dedicated to the boiler. the second spur around 9 inches away was also feed by a 3amp fuse which continued to blow...
  13. A

    Fitting an APT timer to Dual Immersion heater

    Hi there, I'm looking for some advice regarding the above, I have a very basic type 'on/off sink/bath' switch on my copper cylinder immersion heater, I want to ad a very basic timer as mentioned above i.e. the mechanical dial types that have push/pull pins etc. the instructions that come with...
  14. A

    Domestic Fitting an 'APT Timer' to a dual Immersion Heater

    Hi there, I'm looking for some advice regarding the above, I have a very basic type 'on/off sink/bath' switch on my copper cylinder immersion heater, I want to ad a very basic timer as mentioned above i.e. the mechanical dial types that have push/pull pins etc. the instructions that come with...
  15. J

    9kW 3ph Immersion Type Heater run in Single Phase

    Hi, I received a 9kW 3ph heater from a friend from india, i was hoping to use this in steam production for a distillation project i am working at. I rewired it and made the 3 heating element in parallel connection. Now my problem is the 6 gauge wires i am using are always heating up, also some...
  16. S

    Immersion Heater Wire Changing Colour

    Hi, I need some advice please. Last year I bought some grey H05BN4-F cable for my immersion heater. It is 24"/61cm from my wall switch to the timer and 29"/74cm to a toolless Junction Box rated 24A. This connects to the immersion heater wire, I can't change this wire. The heater and wire look...
  17. D

    Bizarre fault today immersion timer

    got a phone call from my brother at about 1.30pm to say his immersion timer had caught fire and completely melted. I thought he was exaggerating so popped round to take a look. And yep it had completely melted into a big ball of moulded black sticky plastic...:eek: This timer was fitted when he...
  18. J

    New house - shower and immersion on same switch?

    hi all, Thanks in advance for having a look at this problem. Long story short, we have just moved into a new house. Unfortunately it’s transpired that the shower pump is also connected to the switch for the immersion heater. I'm not a morning person at the best of times, but having to get up...
  19. P

    Double immersion hot water tank.

    Dear all, Has anyone come accross a double immersion hot water tank. How did you supply it 2x16A circuits. Maybe a 32A circuit split into 2 with 2x 20A double pole switches. I have only come across singles before, so im trying to find the best solution as i only have 1 spare way at present.
  20. C

    Immersion Heater FCU

    Was called to a job by a reasonably local plumber this morning who was re instating a new 3kW immersion heater in a house. Since the immersion was ripped out 10 years ago the house has been rewired and no circuit remains for the immersion as there was not one in at the time of the rewire. Never...
  21. L

    Immersion wiring and amp sizes

    set up for immersion goes like this for me.... Option 1) 16amp breaker > 2.5mm t&e to 20amp DP isolator > flex from this to immersion. But how is this set up..... Option 2). 16amp breaker > 2.5mm t&e to 13amp fcu > flex from this to immersion Are both fine?
  22. pirate

    Recommendations please for a good quality immersion heater timer

    Hello all. As the title says, I am looking for a good quality, robust switch/timer to control a 3kw immersion heater. At present it is simply plugged into a socket in the loft, but needs to be controlled from the kitchen below with a decent timer, preferably one that will fit onto a single...
  23. GBDamo

    odd one seen today, three FCUs each for a 3KW immersion on one 6mm radial

    As title, Megaflo hot water cylinder has three 3KW immersion elements. Each fed from an FCU in 2.5mm 3093Y flex. On the surface all looked good. Initial testing showed no earth continuity on two of the elements. Closer inspection showed all FCU covers were loose. Further inspection showed...
  24. wsoppitt

    Immersion heater element replacement.

    Evening guys and girls, just a quick question. When asked to look at a faulty immersion heater , do you suggest a plumber ( likely to be faulty element) or do you take a look, test then advise that they need a plumber when it is a faulty element and charge a call out for testing or do you take...
  25. R

    Problem with solar immersion controller and battery system.

    Hello professionals out there! This is my first question on this forum. I am not a professional and have no electrical qualifications. I have a PV and battery system. The battery was installed in 2016 and is still under guarantee. It is a Samsung 3.6 KW in the A10 series. Samsung have now...
  26. S

    Electric Immersion Heaters

    Hi everyone I have just moved into a new house that is all electric. The previous owner had started transitioning from Economy 8 to a new system by removing some of the storage headers and replacing them with electric radiators. Currently they have a Economy 8 meter (from SSE) and an Economy 7...
  27. V

    3 phase immersion heaters in star (no N) or delta

    Hi all Been to a micro brewery today . They have 2 water boilers with 3 phase immersion heaters in them (ie 3 x elements) Originally they were wired to run single phase will all the lives and neutrals linked out and a 32A single phase supply connected to them. Now they are wired in a star...
  28. happysteve

    What's this, and where can I get one (immersion heater nut/machine screw thing)

    Off a Backer immersion heater element. Unlike others I've seen, rather than having a long threaded rod with a nut on the end to hold the cover in place, the threaded rod does not extend beyond the cover, and relies on this sort of female machine screw thing to hold it in place. Which is missing...
  29. S

    Hot Water cylinder and 2x immersion heaters

    Apprentice electrician (coming towards the end of my 1st year) here and looking for some help and understanding. I have moved into my flat and I have both a normal CU running 24/7 and an off peak CU. The flat has no gas and all electric. I have a hot water cylinder which has 2 immersion...
  30. X

    Electrician immersion heater not working in Barking

    My boiler isn't heating up water overnight like it should. I have horstmann economy 7 quartz. The timer light doesn't turn on. Boost is working but it takes a long time to heat up the water. Is it my thermostat that needs replacing?
  31. Gavin John Hyde

    When a stubborn immersion element wont budge!

    I have had to admit defeat today on a dodgy immersion element, tested it and found its cause of rcd tripping, so try to get the element out... easier said than done, I tried usual box spanner, taps with hammer, plenty of wd40, still not come loose... its been in since 2002 according to the...
  32. M

    Off peak immersion working during the day?

    Hi guys could I get some advice? I went to a customers house to change a thermostat in a thermal store (Gledhill pulsacoil 3) and the spur was labelled "off peak water heater". I isolated supply and replaced stat. However it appears to have a live supply all the time? I used a clamp meter and...
  33. S

    Immersion tripping after new bathroom

    Hi. We have an immersion heater tank on economy 7. We have had no issues with this since moving in 3 years ago. We have just had our bathroom renovated including an electric towel heater wired in. From the very next day our night time immersion switch keeps tripping. Our decorator tells us there...
  34. J

    Understanding economy 7

    Economy 7 horstmann quartz timeclocks for water heaters with dual elements, from my understanding they would require two separate supplies to work on a off peak supply and regular supply, although after looking inside one today and looking at diagrams only 1 supply is used. How is this possible?
  35. D

    Domestic Immersion tank, element fault, hot lives, heating 13A fuse

    Hi, I have a fault somewhere on my immersion heater circuit, the 13A fused spur switch is getting hot & there is visible insulation damage to the live conductors only, the fuse in the spur is where the heats being generated, I disconnected everything & tested the resistance of the element...
  36. rolyberkin

    Solar PV Immersion diverter

    Hi Can anyone give me a recommendation of a decent solar PV immersion diverter, and do they stack up cost against installation, I have had a couple of enquiries from customers this weekend about them (must have been a feature on local news?)? Also are there any suppliers who do trade...
  37. P

    Immersion heater tripping mcb when timer switches off

    Hi. I’m new to this but was woundering if anyone has had this problem. My immersion heater keep tripping the mcb when the timer switches it off. The mcb won’t reset unless the timer is set to on which works fine but as soon as the timer is up it trips the mcb again. The timer I have is a...
  38. G

    Immersion tank with two immersion?

    Hi all, on a job and have three flats with immersion tanks in a separate boiler room. Immersion will be doing the hot water for the flats, I did run a 6.0mm to each of them as they are 15mtra away lucky I did as there are two immersion on each tank, just wondering the best way to wire it, I...
  39. T

    Burnt out fuse on immersion water heater

    Have a fault where the ecomony 7 (or whatever it's called) overnight water heater element keeps causing heat damage to the fuse in the local fused switch. The element seems to be 15A rated so the first time I was called out I told the landlord it was too high for the 13A fused switch and needed...
  40. J

    3kW Immersion Heater

    This is completely separate to my other thread. I have an 11" 3kW titanium immersion heater that I use to heat a small tank of water. I've been using it for a long time. With the tank that I have I can heat up 10L of water to 70C. It works, but recently, I've heard popping noises and I've taken...
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