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  1. H

    Bathroom extractor fan isolation switch issues

    Hi I need some advice should I try to fix this isolation switch for the extractor fan or buy a new one. The switch part of the product has come off. It seems it was previously attached into the plate using some resin of some sort. Over time it became loose and has come off. I can manually insert...
  2. M

    UK different glands on same isolation

    hi all, just out of curiosity can you tell me why these have different glands. 1st is a junction box for an outside light and 2 nd is an isolation for an aircon kind regards darren
  3. G

    Shaver sockets and (unnecessary (?) isolation switches)

    Hi all, just a simple one, when fitting shaver sockets, (on lighting circuit) do you connect them via a switched fused spur, and if so why? (assuming mi's dont ask for one)
  4. G

    Safe isolation AM2

    Hi all, Recently carried out my AM2 exam but failed on safe isolation (single circuits) & fault finding. The weird thing is I only failed one out of 3 on the safe isolation so not sure what I done differently. I’ve got my Resit booked and just wanted to ensure that I’d be doing it the correct...
  5. Megawatt

    Will isolation transformer absorb in rush current and not the generator

    I have a 10,000 watt surge and 7000 watt running capacity on a 240/120 vac generator. Now this is a theory I have electric heat with 10,000 watt heating elements. When the heating elements kick on it bogs down the generator to the point I have to kill the heat. The question is if I bought a 15...
  6. S

    100a Isolation Switch Cost

    Hello Everyone Despite buying electricians gloves, other ppe, 25mm tails and the switch itself I'd still rather it be done by someone a/ qualified and b/ has done it many times before. Only worse case would I consider c/ .... Anyway, I guess there are some variables so maybe hard to get an...
  7. O

    DNO providing DP isolation.

    Just sounding things out as to what DNOs are charging for providing DP isolation switches where all that is in situ is the main supply fuse and the meter. Customer was quoted £30 by their leccy provider to have a DP isolater fitted. The following day an email reached them from their provider to...
  8. T

    Correct Lock Off Device for 4 Pole Main Switch

    Hi all & thanks in advance for any feedback. Could anyone tell me the correct Lock off device used to safely isolate a 4 pole main switch? I'm not 100% sure if the isolation device with the prongs is the correct device to be used or if another lock off device is necessary. Pics attached...
  9. D

    Isolation lock off device

    Can anyone recommend an lock off device that works well on an 60947-3 main switch. Most of them that I have seen come as a kit with lots of tatt thrown in that I do not need such as the padlocks, labels and cable ties etc, and are seriously overpriced?
  10. C

    Isolation and switching

    I have a question regarding isolation and switching arrangements. I want to work out what would work best within the regulations regarding splitting a new 200a TPN PME supply to serve flats above and a shop below. my initial thinking new 200a PME supply - Trunking above feeding a new ryefield...
  11. E

    Commercial 3phase cut out for Isolation

    Hi Guys, Have a situation with a Wylex 60A single phase switch fuse isolator that is overheating & conductor insulation is burnt. It is supplied by 25mm tails from a henley block. There are also more henley block connections across all phases which I don't like at all. Anyway, for safe...
  12. J

    EICR isolation & switching

    Can anyone clarify why isolation and switching are excluded from the inspection schedule on EICR model forms, but included in 'guidance for inspectors'?
  13. G

    Isolation Fault

    On submitting FIT meter readings to the electric supplier, notification was received that there was a discrepancy between the most recent readings and those previously submitted. On checking, it was found that there was a big discrepancy between the FIT meter fitted by the solar contractor (now...
  14. A

    Kitchen appliance sockets and safe zones - right or wrong?

    Hi all, I think I'm posting this in the right place - apologies if not. I'm wondering if I could ask for a bit of help here. I'm renovating a house for myself to live in, and I've spoken to an electrician this week to have it fully rewired. There appears to be a problem though with my planned...
  15. TonyJohnson

    Isolation transformer and insulation monitoring device in horse box/bar

    The regs state 717.413 a Isolation transformer and insulation monitoring device should be used. Are there any guidance notes on type or makes i should be looking for. I see you can get 230V primary 230V secondary boxes but i'm also not sure on which to get in terms of load.. I'm inspecting this...
  16. Electron

    Isolation Switches for New Consumer Unit

    I ask customers to get their electricity supplier to fit an isolation switch so that I can safely isolate the supply while I fit a new consumer unit. This must be a common request but my customers usually recieive a response as if no one has ever before asked for one. This is part of an email...
  17. Karl Atkins

    Isolation switch for rewire/new CU

    Are we required to install an isolation switch between the meter and CU when completing a full rewire and/or CU upgrade, I think it's best practise, mate's/colleagues think unnecessary, customers don't like paying for it! Opinions please
  18. B

    Shower isolation swiching

    Could any of you kind people clarify wether an isolator is required for an electric shower installation. The manufacturers drawing shows one and quotes b.s. 7671 but I can't find anything in the rest As a matter of fact I All ways fit one for safety reasons Thank you in advanced
  19. Ian1981

    Isolation for 3 phase domestic installations

    4 pole isolation for domestic 3 phase installation. Is it a requirement? Regulation 537.1.4 requires a linked switch or circuit breaker to isolate both live conductors of a single phase supply for ordinary persons of a household or similar installation.
  20. T

    Safe isolation of supply's for trade test

    Hi all. I'm currently a 4th year apprentice waiting to undertake his trade test this week. The part I am sitting is safe isolation and I was looking for some advice regarding the test. I have attached below the information I have been given. I was just wondering if somebody could confirm for me...
  21. C

    Main isolation by local REC

    How come us electricians have to put in metal Db’s,they come along & put in a plastic isolater,for us to connect to.
  22. Jymbob

    Isolation of lighting circuits?

    Me again, with another question which I fear will become more common as Smart Home technology becomes more popular. Lighting isolation: is it a requirement to have a switch which breaks the live circuit close to the light? Background: I've got some smart bulbs which I can turn 'on' and 'off'...
  23. J

    Am2 safe isolation advice

    Hi everyone. I am currently doing my am2. Did they safe isolation today. Not sure if I messed it up. For some reason I took the protective neutral cover off from the board then performed the 10 step isolation. I asked permission to isolate, labelled with warning signs and put key in pocket...
  24. U

    Flat communal stair lighting breaker box key

    Hi all, Does anyone know where I can find a key that would fit a lock like that shown in the attached image? This sort of 2 prong lock is on an electrical cabinet in our communal stair and houses the circuit breakers for the lights. I want to cut the relevant circuit so I can change the...
  25. S

    Trapped Key Isolation Failure

    Hi all. Can someone point me in the right direction for the current regulations on control panel isolation for machinery (industrial) if possible please? An issue arose with a machine trapped key system failing, allowing an individual to remove the key, but the machine staying live and...
  26. M

    Jet fan isolation...

    Hi guys just a quick one which has been playing on my mind. I worked for a smoke extract and ventilation contractors and have just recently left. Before my departure I was given information by way of the apprentice that the project manager wasn't putting in 3 phase isolators and just using the...
  27. S

    Bathroom extractor isolation switch/PIR

    Small job for a landlord friend of mine having problems with tenants turning off the bathroom isolation switch and causing damp to the property, Can I replace the fan isolator with a pir so if their would like to isolate the supply their would have to do it from the consumer unit any advise...
  28. Keith@SparksFly

    Is an Isolation Switch Required

    I just wanted to check with more experienced guys on the requirement for an isolation switch. I have been asked to replace a CCU and I had a quick look at the job before doing all the pre testing that is needed. There is no Isolation Switch or Henley Block, just the 16mm old colour tails coming...
  29. Pete999

    Pete's Videos How to make a pigs ear of safe isolation

    Trouble sleeping anyone? watch this and your troubles will be over, ok.
  30. V

    Are wevall installing the wrong equipment?

    It came to light recently that electrium (own wylex,crabtree,volex,etc,etc,) and MK are supplying cooker switches,shower pull switches,dp switches etc built to a bsen number that's unsuitable for isolation according to the big green book! I spent ages on the phone and emailing trying to get an...
  31. M

    Isolation for a bathroom fan

    Hello I work as a maintenance man in a hotel that has recently been fitted with Greenwood Unity CV2GIP bathroom fans. These fans run constantly, full speed when the light is on and trickle speed when the light is off. No isolation switch has been fitted for these fans other than turning off the...
  32. Jake Wesley

    C&G 2365 Level 3/Safe isolation and testing

    Hello everyone. I am due to take my practical exam for Level 3 on Monday but am totally unprepared. I seriously struggle to remember the safe isolation and testing procedures so literally ANY advice would be perfect right now. Thanks! Jake
  33. C

    Code 2 or 3

    Hello guys I have an old 1960s flat i have carried out and EICR on, I have come across one issue i am unsure of: the consumer unit is located within the flat with the meter adjacent, the only point of isolation is the Ryefeild panel outside in the communal cupboard. Would the defect being no...
  34. P

    Utility Room Sockets

    Hi Guys Client wants 3 wall mounted under-the-unit sockets for washing m/c, dishwasher and tumble drier. There is a lightly used ring cct available above the units. He doesn't want 3 isolation switches above the units due to having a stainless steel splash back and there's no access below. Is...
  35. F

    Working on live DC

    Hey guys, My boss wants me terminating new supplies in a -48v d.c Distribution board. Easy enough but the board cannot be turned off due to critical load. Now my question is this. Is it safe and or legal to work on live -48v d.c. and what would the consequences and dangers of possible short or...
  36. A

    Kitchen Fan isolator?

    Hello all I am currently re wiring a flat which has a damp problem in the kitchen at the rear. I will be installing a 6" extractor fan with a pull cord on it to help reduce the damp. The fan will be supplied from the lighting circuit. I am aware that you need a 3 pole isolator when it comes...
  37. F

    Shaver sockets and isolating them

    With the ease of EICR's and the like, and for customers to isolate those "buzzing" shaver sockets, isn't it time we started fitting them on isolator switches, either existing fan isolators or fused Spurs? Can't believe some electricians still hang them on the live lighting circuit without any...
  38. polo1

    EICR, opinions please...

    ....on a property rewired approx three years ago with no local isolation for the electric oven (using the cooker circuit) - Code 2 or 3? Regards.
  39. haptism

    Max distance of fcu from appliance

    Hi, is there a max distance an fcu can be from an appliance ? Im looking to fit a wall heater on a dedicated circuit; I know the fcu needs to be near to the heater for isolation and maintenance ? I cannot find anything to define "near", in Reg 537.3.2 at least. Anyone know ?
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