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    Adding socket

    Hello Sparkies I want to add another socket in the through lounge. I currently have two sockets (one in each room) and want to add a third but not sure how to. Lifting the floor boards revealed a 3 way junction box from CU to two sockets. Is it ok to wire from an existing socket to the new...
  2. Click Dual USB Sockets

    Click Dual USB Sockets

    Charge two devices simultaneously without fear of fluctuations within the power supply interfering! The load isn't split across both ports on our USB sockets, so you are guaranteed optimum charge every time! To find out more on this product visit:
  3. Click USB-C Sockets

    Click USB-C Sockets

    Supporting both Type A and Type C USB ports. Type C USB is reversible and can be plugged in either upwards or downwards. More information -
  4. Scolmore

    The Ring is dead, long live the Radial!⚡

    The Ring is dead, long live the Radial!⚡ When wiring socket outlets do you: 1. Use ring final circuits 2. Use radial circuits