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  1. A

    TIS 851 self proving voltage tester any good?

    I was looking at the Kewtech KT1780 voltage tester in toolstation, when I see the TIS 851 that is self proving and wondered if anyone used one and they are any good.
  2. S

    Proving unit on assesment?

    Hi guys just wondered how strict assessors are on the use of proving units. I'd rather save the £60 but if need be will purchase one. Anyone recently had assesment with stroma who didn't use one?? Thanks
  3. Pete999

    Non contact voltage pen proving unit

    Gmail - https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?pc=en-ha-emea-uk-bk&shva=1#inbox/16199fa33d7fb411?projector=1&messagePartId=0.1 Anyone seen it yet
  4. S

    Which proving unit to buy and why

    All, Good morning to you. Just looking to see what proving unit to buy; do I go for big bulky Kewtech or pocket sized fluke PRV240. Any suggestions etc, greatly received.
  5. Pete999

    Is this a voltstick?

    TESTED: Stroma Socket & See - Professional Electrician Anyone seen, used or heard of the tester and proving unit advertised in the PE Magazine? Not seen it yet
  6. davegeezzer

    testing seaward live line testers - 2377 ??

    Hi guys I work on the railway maintaining the ticket offices and platform equipment, ive been approached to test DC live line testers...
  7. G

    Calibrating voltage indicators

    Im getting everything setup for my part p assessment and am wondering if i need to get the voltage indicator calibrated, its the dilog combivolt 2. Ta.
  8. S

    Voltage tester, am i thinking about this too much?

    Hi all, possibly a stupid question, but input from professionals would be appreciated. Im looking to buy my first voltage tester, (probably fluke) and have been looking at a few. I understand there are ones with a self test function, or without then you buy a proving unit with it. My thought...
  9. W

    Which Voltage Indictor

    I've been using a Martindale neon indicator for about 10 years and it needed replacing. Purchased the Fluke T100 only to find it trips 30mA RCD's. My bad. What would be a good replacement for the Martindale or should I just by another one. I do find the the retractable probes sleeves a bit of...
  10. Miketwinny

    Martindale Voltage Indicator VI13700G

    Do Martindale VI13700 Voltage Indicators and proving units need calibrating.
  11. L

    Domestic Faulty proving unit?

    My Megger MPU690 Proving unit didn't appear to be working, so I replaced the batteries. When I installed the final new battery, the unit made a fizzing sound, all of the voltage lights lit up and then it just died. After this, I tried testing my voltage indicator using the proving unit and...
  12. J

    Voltage Indicators to GS38

    I am looking for a GS38 approved Voltage Indicator so far I fancy the Fluke T140 although it is a bit expensive any views/ideas on this subject?
  13. L

    Voltage Tester

    Can anyone reccomend me a Voltage Tester that is good value for money. I was looking at this Fluke T5-1000. Buy online or call or this Martindale VIPD Voltage Safety Kit - VI13700/2 and PD440 Proving unit but that wont be until I get paid at the end of next month. cheers for any advise
  14. M

    Safe isolation and part p assessment

    Hi all, got my part p assessment coming up in a few weeks (bricking it!) Please can anyone confirm if and what safe isolation devices I will need? I'm aware some say they must have unique keys but some for sale are code type locks and are not classed as being only accessible to the person who...
  15. S

    Proving Unit for assessment

    Ay up each...I have my Elecsa assessment coming up and my proving unit has gone astray...do I need to replace it to pass my assessment...? Cheers
  16. N

    For Sale [South]: Job lot

    I have around 40 double pole 100a isolators, various used mcb's, earth straps, earth blockes, single and double 100a blocks, lots of new insulated screwdrivers, 2 brandnew ck tool bags, irwin saw, cable croppers, test lamps with proving units x 2, martindales, socket and see impedance and...
  17. DaveyD

    Voltage Indicators :: Opinions

    Hello Can I please have your opinions on reasonable voltage indicators and proving units. Only padding about on domestic work. But need the proving unit for my assesment. T.I.A. Kindest Regards David
  18. E

    Voltage Testers & Proving Units

    Hi guys, I know this has been covered quite a few times but as I think it is possibly the most essential tool an electrician should have in his bag, I would like to start a thread on what you guys use/feedback and also pro's & con's. After using Fluke models for quite some years mainly the T3...
  19. R

    Approved voltage indicator

    I currently have something similar to this Toolstation > Digital Catalogue but have a feeling it might not be approved:D, particularly as the exposed legs are 15mm long on mine :( So, any recommendations on what to buy? What makes them 'approved'? And why are they so expensive? £50 to...
  20. brucelee

    best voltage tester

    hi everyone, hope you all had a good xmas the reason for my thread is i am looking to buy a new voltage tester and have been looking about the fluke ones look good t120,t140 also looked at the ones with the combined current test as well cant remember model anyone give us...
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