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multifunction tester

  1. oracle

    Multifunction tester for £40 new?

    Is there no end to the supply of poor alternatives to proper testing with proper test kit ? Kewtech Loopcheck107 Mains Socket Loop RCD and Polarity tester. With an adapter (supplied separately) lighting points can also be tested?
  2. stuarth

    Martindale ES4500 multifunction tester

    Selling my Martindale multifunction tester. New in February 2018 all leads and manual included, this is the software version. Not sure where the CD is but you can download the software from Martindale. Calibration cert is good until 15/01/2019 Happy to post out at cost. £550 pm me if interested.
  3. G

    multifunction tester calibration kidderminster

    Does anyone know where I can get a multifunction tester calibrated near Kidderminster, Worcestershire?
  4. joel89

    Cheap Multifunction Tester

    hi all I am after a cheap multifunction tester with calibration certificate, Im an industrail spark for a compant & I do only the occasional industrial/commercial install So I want it to self certify work. (Dont come with are you NIC/Elecsa registered) Cheers
  5. S

    multifunction tester

    Hi guys I'm going to start working for my self soon as a electrician. Been helping a electrician for a while but decided to work for my self. I'e been offered two different testers a kewtech kt65 and a fluke 1651b witch one would you recommend I take, they both need calibration. Any advice...
  6. charlie76

    Fluke 1662 multifunction tester for sale

    Fluke 1662 MFT for sale. Immaculate, unused. All leads, software, manuals present. Fused and infused leads. Remote test probe. Google the 1662 to have a read up and that's what's on offer here. I'll take £550 but no offers as it's a brand spanker. Postage extra, probably £10 to £15 to uk...
  7. Alex W

    Multifunction Tester

    Hey, this might seem like a silly question but I am only a trainee so please bear with me. I've been looking at purchasing a multifunction tester, more specifically a megger 1741. The thought hit me, would if be worth waiting until after the release of the 18th edition? Im a little worried that...
  8. S

    New multifunction tester

    hi guys I'm looking at buying a new multifunction tester ideally the megger 1720 but don't really want to spend the cost for brand new so looking at maybe a second hand one off eBay. I have seen one for £330 with a years calibration not sure if that's reasonable or not,have any of you had good...
  9. Matthewd29

    Multifunction tester/ earth leakage tester

    Hi guys I have been looking at buying an earth leakage tester as it seems to be a useful piece of kit to have in my collection if anyone could recommend any which would be good quality? I am also using a borrowed mft as sadly mine kicked the bucket and I'm torn between megger and fluke if anyone...
  10. S

    wanted multifunction tester

    looking for a multifunction tester as think mines had it's day. let me know what you've got and price. Thanks
  11. DavidSpark

    First MFT - thoughts on Di LOG 9083p?

    Good evening! I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with the Di Log 9083p 17th edition MFT. I am looking to get my first MFT and this seems to be coming up as a nice cheapish "starter" one compared to the more expensive Fluke and Megger ones available second hand. They are popping...
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