1. dnjr

    Fluke 1663 multifunction tester error code 4

    Dear all Testing Zs on fluke 1663 returned an error code 4 I thought this was an earth fault but another spark said it’s a voltage on the line. Anyone have the correct answer ? Cheers
  2. jonnyb

    Which Multifunction? (backup)

    Hi Chaps, Recommendations please Any recommendations I'll follow up by having a look on youtube etc (Everythings on youtube now!) Looking for a backup/second multifunction tester. Requirements are: Any brand Reliable Must test most (preferably all) RCDs but type A a must obviously. Prefer...
  3. E

    Multifunction testers

    Alright guys, looking to get some new testers, I only really work domestic, what do you use and why do you like it? Chhers in advance for your replies
  4. S

    Multifunction Tester

    I need to buy a multifunction tester for testing 3 phase installations. Looking at Fluke 1662 Multifunction Installation Tester or Megger 1741 Multifunction Installation Tester. Has anyone used these and which one would you reccomend?
  5. oracle

    Multifunction tester for £40 new?

    Is there no end to the supply of poor alternatives to proper testing with proper test kit ? Kewtech Loopcheck107 Mains Socket Loop RCD and Polarity tester. With an adapter (supplied separately) lighting points can also be tested?
  6. stuarth

    Martindale ES4500 multifunction tester

    Selling my Martindale multifunction tester. New in February 2018 all leads and manual included, this is the software version. Not sure where the CD is but you can download the software from Martindale. Calibration cert is good until 15/01/2019 Happy to post out at cost. £550 pm me if interested.
  7. G

    multifunction tester calibration kidderminster

    Does anyone know where I can get a multifunction tester calibrated near Kidderminster, Worcestershire?
  8. joel89

    Cheap Multifunction Tester

    hi all I am after a cheap multifunction tester with calibration certificate, Im an industrail spark for a compant & I do only the occasional industrial/commercial install So I want it to self certify work. (Dont come with are you NIC/Elecsa registered) Cheers
  9. S

    multifunction tester

    Hi guys I'm going to start working for my self soon as a electrician. Been helping a electrician for a while but decided to work for my self. I'e been offered two different testers a kewtech kt65 and a fluke 1651b witch one would you recommend I take, they both need calibration. Any advice...
  10. charlie76

    Fluke 1662 multifunction tester for sale

    Fluke 1662 MFT for sale. Immaculate, unused. All leads, software, manuals present. Fused and infused leads. Remote test probe. Google the 1662 to have a read up and that's what's on offer here. I'll take £550 but no offers as it's a brand spanker. Postage extra, probably £10 to £15 to uk...
  11. Alex W

    Multifunction Tester

    Hey, this might seem like a silly question but I am only a trainee so please bear with me. I've been looking at purchasing a multifunction tester, more specifically a megger 1741. The thought hit me, would if be worth waiting until after the release of the 18th edition? Im a little worried that...
  12. S

    New multifunction tester

    hi guys I'm looking at buying a new multifunction tester ideally the megger 1720 but don't really want to spend the cost for brand new so looking at maybe a second hand one off eBay. I have seen one for £330 with a years calibration not sure if that's reasonable or not,have any of you had good...
  13. Matthewd29

    Multifunction tester/ earth leakage tester

    Hi guys I have been looking at buying an earth leakage tester as it seems to be a useful piece of kit to have in my collection if anyone could recommend any which would be good quality? I am also using a borrowed mft as sadly mine kicked the bucket and I'm torn between megger and fluke if anyone...
  14. S

    wanted multifunction tester

    looking for a multifunction tester as think mines had it's day. let me know what you've got and price. Thanks
  15. P

    Installation test meter

    I have been looking on eBay at the various meters for sale, have a general preference for fluke. Can anybody recommend a good all round model for general testing. Thanks
  16. I

    Best multifunction tester

    Looking to invest in a multifunction tester. What are your thoughts as to which are best, best value for money e.t.c also on buying testers on ebay. thanks
  17. S

    Fluke 1651b, hardly used

    Comes with all leads as when new. Excellent condition, mainly used for 2394/5 practice. £250. Viewing in Bristol welcome or can post.
  18. joel89

    Testing ze at the origin

    Hi all I'm an industrial sparky on maintenance doing my eal initial verification exam tomorrow was just wondering when doing ZE at the origin, do you do Neutral L1,L2,L3 and then Earth L1,L2,L3 and N+E ? Or is there between phases too? And is this the same for The PFC?
  19. Rockingit

    Fluke 1654B

    Considering getting one - anyone got any feedback? Fluke 1654B Multifunction Installation Tester
  20. A

    Buying fluke mft advice please

    Evening All, I'm looking at buying a fluke multifunction tester between 250-350. Could ant one suggest the best sort of model around for that price? mainly work in domestic settings cheers guys.
  21. L

    Fluke Tester

    Hi Guys Ive managed to save some money for a Tester and wondered if I could have some advise. In the past I have used the Megger multi tester in college and one of the fluke varietys on the job and much prefer the fluke. This is going to be my first tester and I would like it to be a fluke...
  22. P

    megger or kewtech??

    Looking to buy a multifunction tester, which one?? Kewtech kt63 or megger 1550????
  23. telectrix

    Megger MFT

    spotted this. looks a bargain with new cal. cert. supplied to buyer . MEGGER CM400 MULTIFUNCTION INSTALLATION TESTER - LOOP RCD INS CONT | eBay
  24. M

    Mft wanted!!!!!!

    Hi guys just starting up looking to get a mft not too picky about the manufacture as long as it does all the checks required. Looking to spend about £200 to £300?
  25. B

    Megger 1720

    Hi looking at buying a megger 1720 don't want to hand my money over to any old website, has anyone got any trusted sites they buy from at a decent price as I've seen them at a range of prices. Thanks in advance BMB...
  26. M

    megger 1700 series

    just wondering if anyone has tried out or has one of the new megger multifunction testers because im thinking of getting one? Megger MFT1730 OnSite Multifunction Tester - Megger MFT 1730 Electrical Wiring Tester with On Site Software - 17th Edition Test Equipment - Multifunction Testers - Megger...
  27. DaveyD

    Megger MFR1552/E ? What's with the E ?

    Hi Looking at this on fleabay Megger MFT1552/E Multifunction Terter on eBay (end time 04-Mar-11 18:49:50 GMT) Any megger men know what the /E is after the model number? TIA Kind Regards David Looks like its not UK? If so is that a problem?
  28. P

    one for the Megger men and women

    new megger nice looking piece of kit
  29. G

    Is Robin now Fluke?

    Went to the robin site Welcome to Robin Electronics looking for specs on the KTS 1610 that i can pick up fairly cheap, seems to direct you to a fluke site promoting their testers. Strange - or have I been drinking too much? :D
  30. G

    Megger CM500

    Afternoon all. If anyone knows of or comes across one of these little fella's, drop us a line. Cheers.
  31. W

    Metrel mi1300 eurotest for sale

    I have for sale my metrel multifunction tester it has only been used a few times and have had it callibrated by quaser tronics till january next year.comes with 3 wire test leads and croc clips and plug tester also have manual.selling due to been made redundant will post but would prefer...
  32. danzor

    fluke 1652

    anyone know the cheapest place to buy from? thx
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