1. L

    Opinions on Martindale ET4500 tester

    Hi guys I’m starting out on my own, whilst still in employment (I do shift work, so working around that). I’ve been looking at dozens of multifunction testers and the Martindale ET4500 really stands out to me, it’s got great features and at a good price. There’s not many reviews on it though...
  2. D

    New Martindale Proving Unit with CalCheck

    Received a mailshot from Martindale this morning introducing their new proving units with calibration checking function. Like some others, I've previously not bothered with a proving unit as use an incomer or other known live source to prove, however this relatively inexpensive device is tempting...
  3. stuarth

    Martindale ES4500 multifunction tester

    Selling my Martindale multifunction tester. New in February 2018 all leads and manual included, this is the software version. Not sure where the CD is but you can download the software from Martindale. Calibration cert is good until 15/01/2019 Happy to post out at cost. £550 pm me if interested.
  4. sparkdog

    Martindale ET4000 MFT any good?

    Anyone got a Martindale ET4000? I was thinking of getting one but looks like it only does 3 wire loop testing although it has some useful features. If anyone has one I'd be interested to know how good or bad it is. Thanks.
  5. Keith@SparksFly

    Martindale ET4500

    Hi Guys I am just about to buy a MFT and I have run across the Martindale ET4500. It is about £350 cheaper than the comparable Megger or Fluke. I was wondering if anyone has an opinion as to whether it is worth getting the more expensive or if the Martindale does the job. Thanks
  6. D

    Important safety notice - Martindale EZ150 and EZ650 socket testers

    Safety I've only just found this Martindale Electric has identified a potential failure mode of the yellow EZ150 / EZ650 advanced socket testers which could create a hazardous situation. As a precautionary measure Martindale Electric is voluntarily recalling all EZ150 / EZ650 socket...
  7. C

    Testing IEC leads

    Hi everyone I have a question regarding an old tester I have purchased. The tester is a Seaward 500H, quite an old tester I know. My question is how do I test IEC leads and extention leads? It doesn't have a IEC socket so I guess I have to create an adapter? Any help or advice...
  8. telectrix

    Fuse Finder. Any Recommends?

    Want one that works on live circuits, and not just sockets, without having to take out a 2nd mortgage. LOL. anyone got a decent one they could recommend? cheers, Tel.
  9. F

    Best BASIC voltage tester?

    Evening all, Was wondering if anyone has had any good experiences with voltage testers more on the "basic" side, by means, im a first, coming second year apprentice now and im looking a new one without all the fancy clamp meters etc attatched as i dont really need it just yet, i just want a...
  10. G

    DECENT socket tester

    had a metrel and a kewtech kewtech now doesnt work atall completley dead metrel neons work but no audio , pretty new aswell :( any good makes out ?
  11. Toby Kuhnert

    Martindale Socket Testers?

    Hi guys, I'm looking to get a socket tester and have just been on they're website looking at the different ones. Have any of you got a martindale tester that you could recommend or any other brands that you could rate? Thanks in advance Toby K
  12. Dean Williams

    circuit siren locator

    Hi folks is there anything on the british market like this? i do eicr's on a regular basis and invariably i'm on my own. next week im starting a huge job testing the county council offices, at night, which will take 6 months!! not a single circuit in the entire building is...
  13. M

    Martindale Voltage Indicator VI13700G

    Do Martindale VI13700 Voltage Indicators and proving units need calibrating.
  14. G

    Fuse Finder.

    Evening chaps, Can anyone confirm wether or not this unit is actually any good i.e, does it actually do what it says on the tin??? Martindale FD600 Professional Fuse Finder Kit I have some investigation works to carry out in a very sensitive environment and need to be 100% sure before I knock...
  15. J

    Voltage Indicators to GS38

    I am looking for a GS38 approved Voltage Indicator so far I fancy the Fluke T140 although it is a bit expensive any views/ideas on this subject?
  16. R

    R2 Kewcheck and fluke 165x testers

    Can anyone tell me whether an R2 kewcheck will work with the fluke 1651/2/3/ multifuntion testers.
  17. S

    Hello clever people. I want to know about 'volt sticks'

    'ello. 'volt sticks'. what do you think about them?
  18. G

    Testing IT equipment

    Is it now the case that all modern IT equipment and power supplies etc can be safely insulation tested at 500v? I have come across conflicting information and although I've done it I'd hate to think I may have caused a subsequent fault. I have a Seaward dvd which says not to do it, only the...
  19. R

    Approved voltage indicator

    I currently have something similar to this Toolstation > Digital Catalogue but have a feeling it might not be approved:D, particularly as the exposed legs are 15mm long on mine :( So, any recommendations on what to buy? What makes them 'approved'? And why are they so expensive? £50 to...
  20. T

    For Sale: Macrotest 5035 Part P Tester

    This is the same unit as the Martindale Veritest 2230 Martindale Electric - 17th Edition Testers - Multifunction Tester - Veritest 2230 Macrotest 5035 Part P tester by HT Italia,The Macrotest 5035 Tester It cost me £500 + but will sell for reasonable offers. The new Macrotest 5035 Part P...
  21. P

    Fuse Finders

    Martindale V Socket & See Fuse Finders??? Apart from price,which one has the Edge?Or are they both good usable pieces of kit?
  22. J

    good GS38 approved voltage tester

    Hi, Could you provide links to and recomment to me a good GS38 approved voltage tester? Do y'all use a proving unit too?
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