1. P

    Has my installation been wired correctly?

    I had solar pv panels installed on an annexe to our main house with the idea that it could feed the main house. The consumer unit to the annexe (house 2) connects underground to a meter in house 1 where house 1 has its own meter and its own consumer unit. I have no electrical skills but have...
  2. D

    Has this consumer unit been installed correctly?

    Hello, Had a sparky install a new consumer unit, has it been done correctly. Bare in mind the chap cut corners on other bits of work he was contracted to do.
  3. littlespark

    Does a TP&N RCB work if not connected correctly?

    I'm not being stupid here. Not correctly, as in, not as the labels on the device says So, the situation is, I have a TP&N distribution board with a regular 125A 4 pole mainswitch. The terminals serve in order- N, L1, L2, L3 with the neutral on the left. This installation is to have a 300mA RCD...
  4. D

    Emergency light won't switch off - correctly wired new lights.

    Hi, here's a good one - replaced 15 E-lights recently, (tube type replaced with Newlec led type), and noticed one of the old outside Thorn 2D E-lights was on when driving past a few days later. The Thorn lights are all up to spec and function as they should. Went to investigate and it seems that...
  5. spud1

    testing sports field floodlighting

    Hi, I have had a client (Football Club) ask if I can test and certificate their sports field floodlighting lux levels for the regs of the league they are in. Does anyone know whether formal training and qualification is required for this or can anyone with a lux meter and the appropriate...
  6. NDG Elecs

    RFC testing shenanigans

    Hello Chap/ettes, Testing a RFC today. End-End values spot on: 0.19/0.21/0.34. All IR tests good bar N1-CPC2 which was 0.0 mega ohms. N2-CPC2 was >299 mega ohms. Why, if I am getting 0.21 and 0.34 on the end-end am I not getting 0.0 m ohms on both neutrals? Is it to do with the resolution of...
  7. S

    Industrial AHU Faults

    I'm having a problem on an AHU that will not hit btemperature the actuators to htg coil are fully open and hot water is passing through but i am not getting my set point met by 8 degrees C, can anyone give me some advice please
  8. H

    problem of circuit protection

    Hello, after shutdown of power supply ,at the next time of start, my water pump it is breakdown. I think my circuit protection is not approperiate, because it is the second breakdown !! please,how to protect my installation correctly. thank you
  9. M

    advise please re spur on a shower

    hi i was doing a job today and noticed that a plumber had done some work and he had spured off from the supply cable to the shower from the switch. In my apprentice days i was told that this should not be done and if i remember correctly it says in the regs any advise to what to tell the client...
  10. S

    Help !!! Main switch tripping

    Hi Everyone, Sorry if I am being stupid with this ( its late and i'm very tired) Still learning and have had a call from a customer that their main switch (not mcbs) keeps tripping everytime they plug in a hoover, heavy duty drill, microwave, kettle into the socket circuit (all the house...
  11. Spoon

    Mains enclosure on hand rail

    Hi all. Please can you advise me if there are any regulations about bolting a mains powered enclosure onto hand railings? The supply to the enclosure is single phase 10A
  12. A

    underfloor heating mats

    hi I have an underfloor heating mat in my kitchen the thermo and sensor are all ok but mat is not heating up correctly.It reads 30degrees on the thermo but floor is probably only 10degrees. Originally when bought about 3 months ago all was fine. I have been told that a specialist would have...
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