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  1. 1Justin

    slim 6mm SWA Y joint for bollards?

    Terminating 2 x 6mm swa into 1.5mm H07 flex inside lighting pillars. Many of them.. Max probably 85mm dia. Wiska 308 too big, Wago capsule too big, Galv trouser boxes too small. Nothing seems to be suitable. Am thinking of making my own with 82 dia solvent weld tube. - Know of any commercial...
  2. M

    Antique Electrical Sockets, Switches, Joint boxes fuses boxes

    Good afternoon As my username implies I'm a mad collecter I collect vintage electric items such as Sockets, Switches, joint boxes and fuseboxes, especially from the 1930s and 1940s Please could any electrician help me Instead of throwing them into a skip, please could you throw them in my...
  3. B

    Street light joint problems?

    Hi looking for some advice Guy at work has been jointing existing street light feeds to be fed from another position, now he’s connected at the street lights the same within the joint he’s used brown as line, black as earth, grey as neutral now he’s been back to test they all work but none have...
  4. T

    Is a taped joint really that bad?

    I know that connector block taped looks ---- compared to in a JB but is it really that bad? the reaction to seeing one is always oooft!! terrible. If the taped joint is indoors and in a place where it would just sit there like Tutankhamun never to be disturbed ,then what extra protection would a...
  5. C

    Swa torpedo joint oh my

    Just wondering any of you guys had trouble with some of the ridiculously small joints they give you. celepack, 16mm 4c,70 mm 4c,Swa underground kits. Struggled today on the 70mm,fitted a bigger one for 120 +,
  6. B

    Joint box in loft or back to switch

    Anyone got any pictures of jobs they’ve done using a joint box in loft instead of taking all cables back to your switch position? Eg Spots, Fan, Mirror as our next job has all wall paper on walls so may be a better option just curious to see what it’s like.
  7. Midwest

    Domestic Outdoor IP68 Joint Boxes

    I'm installing some outdoor lighting (in my garden). Run some swa to Wiska boxes. I intend to go from there with some TRS flex close to each light. The lights I've have are sealed, with 1.5m of flex, so I will have to extend the flexes. Was going to use some small Wiska boxes etc to do this, but...
  8. rolyberkin

    Joint between 16mm &1.5mm!

    A donut of a builder has helpfully run a piece of swa two core 16mm to a small feature fountain fitted with 1.5mm flex, suggestions on best way to join, couldn’t get the 16mm in a wago!
  9. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Right old Cowboy joint

  10. P

    Patio lighting accessible joint

    I am have just finished my 3rd year at college and currently waiting to do my AM2. I am currently waiting to do a job and even tho trying to convince the customer away from the patio lights as they can be a pain to maintain due to water damage she is keen to have them. My question is the...
  11. happyhippydad

    How to make this joint waterproof?

    Evening all.. I have 3 pillar lights that are situated along a customers driveway, perhaps 25m long. They are on the grass with a small amount of concrete underneath. They are full of crap and muck where the ants get in and make there nests. There is not enough room under this light to get an...
  12. G

    Just an idea for making a waterproof low voltage inline joint

    You know how your tube of silicon sealer has gone solid just when you most need it!? Do you think that one could use this problem to make a permanent water tight joint, eg using twisted conductors secured in the usual connectors and placed in a suitable small plastic tubelike container and then...
  13. M

    Resin joint kits

    Moving a busbar 20 meter ,going to run some new feeds and joint a 50mm 4 core , got the kit done the connection s and the instructions say connection must be energised as soon as the resin poured (why is that )
  14. Soulsurfer

    Collingwood ground lights

    Anyone ever put in any of their lights such as the GL016's they look like they're wired in series through the joint boxes but just trying to work out if any old adaptable IP rated boxes could be used rather than buying collingwood own made JB2's or JB4's at a higher cost. Customer had some...
  15. B

    bury cable joints in masonry wall?

    are we allowed to? what do the regs say in regards to this? maintenance free joint (so crimp or even a wago?) and would the joint then have to be in an ip box? or can we just slap half a roll of tape round it? all of this before the plaster bonding is applied?
  16. Pete999

    MF and Crimps

    Just a quick question, I should be aware of the answer, but I'm not sure. Are inline crimps classed as Maintenance free joints?
  17. I

    Un-sound electrical connection of live conductors

    Guys can you explain what may result of un-sound electrical connection of live conductors? Your advices will help me alot, thanks✌✌
  18. A

    New Electrical Install Question

    Hello, I have an electrician installing a new light and ring circuit for a loft conversation. He has joined the cables using block connectors which are in turn covered with electrical tape. Some of the earth cables are exposed. Could someone please tel me if this meets UK regulations. Kind...
  19. charlie76

    Crimping 10mm2 Cable

    I need to extend a supply to and oven and the customer has had all the kitchen tiled recently so I didnt really want to suggest chopping it all out and running in new. I feel a little bit uncomfortable about crimping it but i don't see much other option. Looking at using through crimp lugs and...
  20. T

    HDMI Leads

    Does anybody deal with hdmi leads? Got a customers who wants to loose there through a wall so he can plug his tv in without seeing any leads. Of course its all decorated and only have a small hole to use, does anyone know how to cut off hdmi leads and redo them? Or buy a reel of cable and make...
  21. Pete999

    Steel Conduit

    I was wondering last night, or should I say wandering, when I were a Lad working with steel and Galv conduit, I distinctly recall the Electricians I was working with always gad me filing the ends of couplers, locknuts etc and also removing the pain from entries into steel enclosures, I know in...
  22. M

    Getting into a resin filled joint

    Hi all, Couldn't find existing thread on this. Need to get into a large resin filled joint on a 120mm 4 core SWA and wanted to know if there was a solution to dissolve it or is it a case of hammer and chisel like the old days. It is a cold cured, two part resin Kit from CTC. Any help...
  23. N

    Street lighting fault

    I'm going round in circles with this fault. We have 12 street lighting lamp posts at our factory, 150W son lamps in each. They were on a 20A MCB and yesterday started tripping. They are basically wired from a 20A MCB (2.5mm), through a relay, out of the relay in 6mm armoured and then outside...
  24. B

    Commercial Caravan suppły RCBO

    Hi I haven't posted for a while but I'm having some issues with a caravan park I have recently carried out some work on and washoping somebody may be able to shed some light on the issue. The problem is burnt out neutrals on out going side of RCBO, we have replaced 137 caravan suppły points...
  25. F

    Unable to access any (but can see) of the round type screw terminal joint boxes EICR

    Unable to access any(but can see most) of the round type screw terminal joint boxes. Hello, I carried out anEICR last week, and the entire house is filled with SELV recessed downlighting. All of the (78fittings) have been skimmed around/over at some point, and the(dangeling) round type...
  26. driverman

    wiring downstairs light circuits

    As some of you know, I'm doing a first fix for family member. I now know that in a modern house its best to do loop method of wiring from switch to switch due to modern day down lighters and light fittings only accepting one cable. I did have a thought though (bear with me) as there are 3 x...
  27. N

    Domestic Extending Telephone Cable

    Hi all, Looking at extending a telephone cable but the joint will be outside due to the long run up the side of house. Is it best to just use one of the IDC junction boxes? Does it need to be IP rated? Thanks
  28. sparks1234

    Galv conduit

    Not something we normally get involved in installing, but, we have a long straight run of galv conduit to install (approx) 60 mtrs. Would this require any sort of expansion joint?
  29. J

    extend cooker circuit or rewire new one

    Client want cooker moved as they are getting new kitchen installed the problem I have is cooker circuit runs up through ceiling where I can't access because the ceiling is staying that tongue and groove stuff or whatever it's called my only option is crimp and extend down through under floor...
  30. A

    Gas Engineers

    Can anyone tell me what regulations domestic Gas Engineers work to?
  31. C

    2x Additonal sockets in a bedroom

    More than 1 way to skin this cat & so wondered what you all thought?... The customer is having fitted wardrobes & they need to move the position of 2x sockets to become accessible. It is a top floor flat with access above. Thoughts are: 1/ Chase out (unnecessarily) the existing drops & reloop...
  32. E

    honeywell s plan programmer & glow worm boiler argghhhhhh

    Can some one advise me on a problem im having with this heating system. Ive wired the programmer exactly how the instrustions said. it exactly like this diagram S-Plan the thing i dont understand is the boiler has a seperate output which is L-N-E to the pump Then L-N-E & R(switched...
  33. K

    Probably broken every rule in the book

    I’ve probably broken every rule in the book with this. Was asked if I could do a cable joint between a 6mm T+E and a 2c 6mm SWA. It had to be as unobtrusive as possible as I was on a front wall of a graded building. The T+E ran for 6” below the rendering corbel so the joint would be on the...
  34. B

    Solar Cable Through Roof?

    Hi Sorry if dumb question, but I'm looking into PV and was wondering how the DC cable gets from roof to consumer unit. Does it go through hole in tiles and is there a method of sealing, or does it go along roof tiles and in under eaves? If so, how is it attached to stop it flailing about in...
  35. M


    Imagine playing with the wean n theres an almighty BANG!!!!! rushed to the front door to see what it was (sounded like fireworks landing in my garden when i looked out n heard sizzling n POPIN coming from a joint on DNO pole I called Scottishpower emergency number while neighbour called firy...
  36. A

    Joining alarm cable behind plaster

    I have an new bay window and now the existing magnetic connectors for the alarm are too short to reach the window. The alarm wire needs extending but where the joint would be is going to be plastered over. Is there any acceptable way of joining the cables behind plaster without having to...
  37. B

    JB with no access for inspection

    Hi all - first post............... Just passed the 17th the other day, and want to confirm if my undersatnding is correct. If I have a cable (1.5mm T&E) which was inadvertently cut and required joining, but I did not want to create an inspection hatch in the roof, and couldn't run a new cable...
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