1. M

    Rewiring a 2 bed house to be rented out - SPD required?

    As per the title, if you were rewiring a small house to be rented out would you, or should you fit an SPD? Doing one soon and been screwed down on price a bit further than we would like ideally. However we have a quiet few weeks until a couple of bigger jobs start and it's local and empty...
  2. G

    Domestic REWIRING Small 3 bed house.

    My grandson is confused by conflicting information given by contractors quoting to rewire his house, which is a small 3 bed semi. The incoming mains and meter are located at the front of the property (external meter cupboard). The consumer unit is located in the kitchen at the rear of the...
  3. Mojo

    Trainee Hello! Decorator takes on (all the safe bits of) rewiring his garage

    Hello, I don’t usually introduce myself in forums, but just fancied it here. I’m not a trainee (though I’m considering it), I’m a 45 year old decorator who has a garage without power, so in conjunction with an electrician friend, I’m studying and researching how to wire it. NOT connecting to...
  4. I

    Rewiring fridge to bypass thermostat (for external control)

    Hi, I'm attempting to adapt a fridge into a homebrew fermentation chamber with a digital thermometer controlling the compressor via an arduino and relays. Initially, all I need to do is take out the thermostat and rewire so that the compressor always runs when the power is on, ideally with the...
  5. S

    Re-wire preference - under floorboards or removed ceiling

    Hi! I'm new to the forum - thanks for having me. I have a question for a domestic rewire - I just bought my first property and want to know the prefered method for a rewire and if it really matters or is a personal preference. I'm going to rip down the thin chipboard ceiling and have it...
  6. F

    Rewiring 40-50 year old wiring

    Hi all, As the title, just after a couple of pointers. Basically I've just bought a house, the existing wiring is the old colours but the CPC has a dark green sleeve, on top of that there is only 3 circuits for the house, a power a lighting and a 16a radial feed to the kitchen? I've had a face...
  7. Rincewindwiz

    Rewiring Ceiling Light

    OK so I screwed up! Went to replace my daughters ceiling fitment (old one yellow and paint spattered) expecting to detach the lamp, remove the old cable, attach the new cable and screw the rose into the existing ceiling fitment. Good plan which failed miserably when the new rose failed to screw...
  8. RichSimm

    Replacing US plug with UK one

    Hi, I've bought several table lamps that each power a 7w E12 bulb. They have US plugs and were sold to me with very dubious looking US>UK adapters. (I ordered online from Thailand and was promised UK fittings. I know, I know...) The connections are poor and the bulbs often go when switched on...
  9. butchtaylor909

    Rewiring to a garage

    Hi everyone, I have been asked to look at someones Garage for them as they want to be able to have more "stuff" in there. currently it is powered by a 2.5 t&e run from the house CU straight to a 2g pattress. But they want a separate CU in the garage. my initial idea was to henley block and...
  10. J

    House Rewiring Compliance

    Hi I have recently purchased a 1970s semi detached house and had a full rewire and new central heating system installed by separate companies. There were a few things I was concerned with and am hoping to check with some qualified electricians before I bring it up with the electrician - I have...
  11. R

    When do you decide.... It needs rewiring.

    The last 3 jobs I quoted all had previous quotes and all were told they needed rewires and they didn't.. Except 1 of them that needed lighting rewired due to no earth's and the customer wanted metal fascias. The others needed a day hunting jbs to rectify low IR and several other issues. The...
  12. A

    Quick question about rewiring a plug

    Hi I'm in the uk. My dog has chewed the plug off our tv upstairs during the night. The earth pin is plastic. When I'm rewiring a new plug into it, am I okay to use a plug that had a metal earth pin but obviously don't attach anything to it? Thanks..
  13. E

    Rewiring Vintage Lamps

    Hi all, As you may know I've recently joined the forum and have an avid interest in all things vintage - in particular the restoration of vintage items. More recently i have taken an interest in electrical items. I'm looking to re-wire two vintage spot/desk lamps that date from the 1960s/70s...
  14. T

    Self Employed Work Available in Tower Hamlets

    Domestic Kitchen Rewiring for Better Homes. If you have experience in 'better homes' it helps, Includes rewiring kitchens, changing CCU's and minor works in bathrooms. Work is situated in Tower Hamlets E2, London. I'm aware this isn't a site for job hunting and i apologize if breaking any site...
  15. D

    Use an old cable for lighting circuit?

    Hi We are rewiring a house, and know that we'll need a Part P inspection after the work is complete. I wonder if we can use the exisitng feed for the upstairs lights (it runs nicely in the walls to the loft space through a long conduit run, so won't be trivial to replace. The cable is 1960s...