1. W

    Veritas R8 keypad unresponsive after power cut

    Hi, could somebody please give me some advice? I have a Texecom Veritas R8 alarm. I recently turned off the power for some DIY work, and the external alarm rang until the power turned back on. I’m aware that this is an issue with the battery, however the alarm usually works fine when power is...
  2. B

    Honeywell Accenta G4 Mini with LED Keypad

    Hi, could do with some help please. I installed a Accenta G4 Mini alarm system with x3 LED keypads about 4 years ago which has been working fine. About 2 months ago the garage keypad speaker stopped working however the keypad still worked fine for setting/unsettling. About 1 week ago another...
  3. bigspark17

    Access keypad system

    I have been asked to install a keypad access system in a commercial property, this will be a simple one door install. The property does have a fire alarm does this system need to be interfaced to the fire alarm...
  4. P

    Aritech CS450 "Trouble" light on keypad

    I have a Aritech CS450 which has been working fine for a number of years. All of a sudden the "Trouble" light came on the keypad. I checked the logs and it showed "Fuses", so I checked the fuses - all ok did a walk test - all ok Tried an engineer reset - no different - light still on The...
  5. A

    G4 compact panel keypad fault

    Hello, sisters alarm had gone off and when I arrived to the led keypad the buttons were lit up but not the indicator lights. Swapped keypad for crystal lcd screen and there is a display but no reaction to attempting to reset the system. Took panel lid off and ALARM IS NOW GOING OFF. Any ideas?
  6. T

    Honeywell G4 Accenta Remote Keypad

    Hi all, just powered up a G4 Accenta and I'm having trouble with the remote keypad. The red and green indicator led's are lighting up,but thats it. Nothing on the lcd display,no backlighting and no response to putting default code (0123) in. This is a brand new system,straight out the box. I've...
  7. T

    Honeywell Accenta G4 Remote Keypad problem

    Hi all, just powered up a G4 Accenta and I'm having trouble with the remote keypad. The red and green indicator led's are lighting up,but thats it. Nothing on the lcd display,no backlighting and no response to putting default code (0123) in. This is a brand new system,straight out the box. I've...
  8. E

    Galaxy Alarm Tamper Keypad

    Hi there. I have a honewell galaxy alarm. I am in engineer mode but when I enter the engineer code and press esc, it says checking for tampers. It then says Tamper Keypad 0 and I cannot get rid of this. It then returns to engineer mode again. It’s so frustrating!!! please, can anyone help...
  9. R

    Texecom Veritas 8 Stand alone keypad button replacement

    Hi, If anybody has already replaced the keypad buttons on a Texicom Veritas8 stand alone alarm, please would you tell me how to get the old buttons away from their housing. (See photo) I have the engineers code. Thanks in advance.
  10. E

    Intruder alarm with proximity keypad

    Hi was wondering if any of the intruder guys could recommend a good alarm system with a proximity tag key pad, I have been looking at the gaurdtec/risco system but cant find a good retailer if someone could recommend another brand or a good online retailer for the gaurdtec it would be a lot of...
  11. L

    having trouble keypad configuring.

    hi guys,,just fitted a veritas r8 alarm,with keypad,,all works fine,,i have just added another keypad,,with power off,,turned power back on,but the keypad just doesnt work,,it is lit up but the buttons make no sound,,both keypads have different addresses having done so on the dipswitches,any...
  12. T

    Vanderbilt codelock v42 Door keypad

    Hi, I've been asked if i could disconnect the above and then reconnect it as the pillar it is mounted on is being replaced. Would anyone be able to tell me what is involved as it isn't something I am familiar with? Is it a case of just disconnecting the unit and then reconnecting or is there...
  13. W

    External Bell Box Not Sounding

    Hi All I moved into a new property last year which was fitted with an accenta g3 house alarm however the previous owner damaged the panel and it was on tamper lockout. I went online and made a few enquiries before purchasing the accenta g4 panel and lcd keypad. I took photos of the old panel...
  14. multimick

    accenta alarm

    Hi guys accenta g4 alarm with 2 remote keypads, one in the house and one in the garage .During the deluge last week the keypad in garage got soaked and blew fuse in alarm panel (the one on the left which protects the keypads ) so changed the fuse (1amp) and the keypad but still it blows...
  15. J

    Alarm Kit help?

    As an electrician, personally I've never had to install an intruder alarm. I've recently purchased my first home and am in the process of installing one. Kit: Scantronic I-ON16 Wireless Alarm (Audible Kit) Basically, (Control Panel (Radio Transmitter), Bellbox, 3 Room Sensor's, Keypad, Door...
  16. K

    HONEYWELL ACCENTA MINI 8SP399A Remote keypad problem

    My first post so I hope I get this right! i have just fitted a Honeywell Accenta mini gen4 with lcd remote keypad for my dad. All seemed to go fine until I tested the system. The initial power up was as the manual suggests and the LCD keypad read "system unset". I then entered P and the...
  17. O

    Scantronic ion-16 alarm system shut down, can't get running again.

    Initially disconnected 4wires on keypad with power switched off at fused spur reconnected wires back in order system failed to reboot blank keypad all fuses checked hav had an electrician look at it but 2 no avail possibly keypad not sure.any help or advice much appreciated thx
  18. driverman

    Fitting remote keypads for burglar alarms

    Afternoon all, I'm first fixing an alarm system............not brought the alarm yet. My question is, can I wire from the alarm panel 2 x remote keypads either separately or via the first keypad then onto the second keypad using 6 core cable. Many years ago i used to Abercus alarms which were...
  19. L

    Honeywell Galaxy S2 Full Set

    Hello I was at a clients yesterday to sort a Galaxy S2 as they had just moved in and had no idea how to use it and change codes ect... anyway, whilst showing them how to use it they was not that happy about the loud double beep that is produced from the internal speaker when it has set...
  20. N

    Veritas additional circuits an remote key pad

    I’m looking for some advice on VERITAS 8 alarm panels. I want to add 3 additional zones and remote key pad in my garage, but only have a standard key pad (no display) which looking at the instructions/manual could be a very long winded way of programming the new zones regarding parts sets etc...
  21. G

    Veritas R8 Alarm Problem

    Hi, Please can someone give me some advice. I have a Veritas R8 Alarm. The alarm was originally fitted by an alarm company. Over the 5 years since the alarm was fitted certain numbers on the remote keypad became faulty (I assume with general use) recently the Part Set on the keypad stopped...
  22. P

    Veritas 8 alarm system locked up

    Hi I have a Veritas 8 alarm system with an additional Veritas R8 keypad. The system appears to be locked with the following symptoms. Main box shows tamper light – red, unset light – green and power light green. When the alarm is set, here, then the exit buzzer continues forever, and thus no...
  23. D

    help with alarms system

    Hi all i know this isnt in the alarms thread but i cant get access to it :-/ Im looking to install an additional remote keypad for a mate in his garage ( so he can set it from the house ) . its a : accenta 8ep 396 optima compact g3 . Now where can i find a panel that will go with it ? or...
  24. keniff

    texacom alarms

    hi guys i recently fitted one of the texacom alarms to a customers property. i liked the system and the wiring was simple enough. im looking to install one in my house but i would like a keypad with rf keyphobs. i already have a texacom bell box i was given to me the other day, anyone know what...
  25. A

    Veritas 8 alarm

    Hi, first time post here. I am having a problem with the above alarm. When I do a full set before I leave my home the alarm works normally, upon returning to my home I have to go through my conservatory first of all which has a magnetic sensor on the door, this starts the time delay on my alarm...
  26. J

    Ademco Alarm - unknown codes replace with acceta G4

    Hi, I have just buying a house that has a Ademco alarm. The box is under the stairs (plastic square box with Ademco moulded in) below is a separate keypad, with keys on the right, and leds on the left (zone1, zone2 etc up to 8) I suspect that the alarm is not working (although the panel is...
  27. keniff

    Alarm keypad

    Hi guys I don't get involved in alarms at all but I need to change the keypad on my house alarm, basically a few of the buttons ain't working and is becoming a pain, any advice on where to start, do you have to put it in a service mode or anything? And where is the code actually stored?
  28. W

    Alarm problem!! Veritas 8 tried everything please help!!!!!!!!!

    Hey all, I've installed an alarm at home, 3 pirs, 2 door contacts, a remote keypad and a bell box to a veritas 8 main panel, set it all up and it seems to work fine, there are no faults coming up all wiring has been checked several times and all options checked checked and checked again but...
  29. H

    Intruder alarms

    Hi guys looking to install a new intruder alarm in my house, i want 5 detectors / sensors and to key pads ( 1 by the front door and 1 at the top of the stairs), but don't really know much about alarm systems. Just wondered if wireless or normal alrarms are best and what are good brands of...
  30. Z

    Alarm Keypads

    Hi Guys, got a call earlier today asking if i could install a texcom veritas key pad onto an existing Sterling 10 alarm system,as the existing keypad digits been giving problems (God knows where he has got the veritas keypad from)...i said yeah no im thinking..can i? :confused:
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