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  1. happyhippydad

    Just finished a rewire...... exhausted!

    Just spent 2 weeks rewiring a 3 bed house, I made it £500 cheaper to encourage the owners to move out which they did, thank goodness.... lived in rewires are a nightmare. I finished the first fix a few days ago and the plasterer filled in all the chases as I was certain all was fine :D. I then...
  2. L

    I have finished my L2 & 3 2365, now in need of practical experience?

    Attempting to become an electrician as a change of career. I have now completed 2365 lvl2 and lvl3 installation and inspection. I'm in need of some practical experience and maybe a job opportunity. Based in Birmingham, UK. Any advice?
  3. Marc Lajevardi

    Trainee About 3 years ago I finished college doing my level 3 NVQ electrical...

    I didn't fail any exams or anything but when I've looked over my certs I can't see my 17th edition. Does anyone know if I would have got this in with the 2 years I done at college or is it seperate? I've tried calling the college numerous times but it just keeps ringing out. If anyone can give...
  4. R

    Finished my Level 2 2365 Course

    So I have finished my Level 2 2365 course today and I am starting the Level 3 in February. I’ve throughly enjoyed my course. I came out with a Distinction. I am still looking for employment as a mate and just need all my certificates to send off for my ECS Card.
  5. C

    Just finished my first day's training!

    Hello all, just wanted to say hello. Started my first day's training today after jacking in my recruitment job. I've always wanted to be a sparky and I guess it's never too late! I have a lot of work to do... I would be grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction of additional...
  6. Dave OCD

    Finished a rewire today.

    I'd forgotten how much hard work rewiring can be although this was strictly speaking a partial one, just the original house which had a single very dodgy rubber twin for all the lighting and a slightly larger and equally dodgy rubber twin [with a separate bare stranded tinned copper earth !]...
  7. S


    Hi all, just wondering if anyone has a contact / number to arrange to do an Am2 somehow? Got my level 2/ 3 but never finished portfolio on nvq due to my company going bust so had to sort college out myself, I've got 5 years experience being qualified just never needed my gold card because of...
  8. A

    Anyone working on the new forth bridge?

    hey guys, just wondering if anyone is on the new forth bridge? just looking for some info about it, thanks
  9. Dan

    Sidebar banners

    I'm changing the sidebar banners, working my way up from the bottom for some reason, I've only just realised that lol Think they look better and more professional like that than the old smaller ones with text under them?
  10. B

    notifying building control late?

    If you have missed a certificate that you were supposed to have submitted online with NIC and so it is now over the 30 days by quiet a bit will you get any kind of come back on it if you just submit it now? or should you re test and submit within date range? thanks
  11. D

    Accuracy on EICR

    Completed an EICR earlier this month and started on the paper work today. I always try to be as accurate as possible to ensure all details are correct but here is my dilemma. The board was a huge three phase monster. I started it late about 11PM due to clients request but did not finish...
  12. D

    inputting data into IET test sheets on a PC

    Hey guys, Does anyone have or know of Excel and not PDF versions or something similar of the model BS7671 forms - specifically the EICR forms? I'm testing the communal areas in blocks of flats. Virtually all the data is identical bar the test results. Hand writing all the info is incredibly...


    evenin all....or is it mornin all Anyway...just finished C/U change at my mothers house......just finished the last now its all gets assessed on monday afternoon.....
  14. S

    call your mp's this is dangerous pushing fellas in high winds

    this is mad ive see guys on roofs which should be up there ( hats of to their courage ) I pulled ours down this morning its just not worth it what would a few days cost not the price of a life !
  15. S

    New Build Testing...

    Is there a time limit this has to be done in? Basically I did a bit of work for someone who was building a new house but not all of it, it was finished by a relation of his, unfortunately I didn't know at the time he's a bad payer! He's now been living in this house for 6 months and whenever I...
  16. B

    RE: XS Training

    Has anyone done their NVQ 2356 with XS Training??? Any reviews/opinions on what they are like???
  17. T

    kitchen sockets

    Hi everyone, im fitting sockets in a kitchen, the kitchen is a shell there are no units worktops or anything in there, i cant remember is it 1.2m the height to put sockets so they will be at correct height when the worktop and units are in. Thanks everyone.
  18. K

    City and Guilds 2330 part 1, 2 & 3

    I have been sending letters out for an apprenticeship for an electrician to about 15-20 companies and i have had no luck so far with only 2 replies saying "no vacancies". Im 18. At my local college there is a 2330 course but its part time and its 3 years long. In the course description it...
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