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  1. J

    How does one HALF CUT solar module affect the other modules in the string when it is partially shaded?

    Hello everyone, I have a fairly technical question. I wonder what will happen to the efficiency of the PV system when we shade the bottom of one solar module (HCC) connected in series? Will the performance of the entire string decrease by half because only the top works in this module? Isn't it...
  2. P


    Dear Friends, I hope i will find some solution with you. I have installed a system with Goodwe inverter GW10k-ET, hybrid it has 9.3 kwp modules and 6.4 High voltage BYD battery box. This is the situation: We turn on the whole system, everything works perfectly, now we want to simulate a...
  3. D

    SQA Electrical HNC Modules

    Does anybody know where i could do the following sqa modules by distace learning. 1) DG3N34 Electronic Testing Skills 2) FY9T34 Analogue Electronic Principles 3) DG3C34 Combinational Logic 4) DG3G34 Electrical Networks and Resonance 5) DG2W35 Active Electronic Circuits 6) DG5834 Engineering...
  4. A

    Name that brand! Grid switch modules.

    Good evening, I have a client who needs a broken switch module changing on a grid switch controlling his kitchen appliances. Could someone tell me the brand from the picture below please. Don’t want to make two trips there if I can avoid it. I’ve had a look online but can’t find anything that...
  5. Gavin John Hyde

    grid fcu modules .................

    Need to put a FCU in to feed outside lights. Ideally customer wants me to use a redundant 2 gang backbox that used to have aerials, phone etc in before he had it all moved about. Currently just a blank plate; Still has old grid plate in cupboard. Would prefer to have the fcu inside as he doesn't...
  6. P

    Quickwire Modules Flex

    Hi Guys I Have been looking at the Quickwire modules as a replacement to Click flows . Do they have a plug and socket arrangement to connect a light fitting via a flex?
  7. Dan

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  8. happyhippydad

    Click, Hagar or MK?

    I'm a bit fed up with crabtree (specifically their 2g sockets) which has been my choice of white accessory . I have just had a few where the screws are rounding off in the socket (just on the line conductor but that is probably coincidence) and this doesn't fill me with confidence about the...
  9. A

    Multi-Gang Intermediate Switches

    I need to convert a landing light so that it can be switched from four locations (from the current two), so I'll need some intermediate switches. However, the new locations already have switches for other lights so that means that multi-gang switches will ideally be needed. I will definitely...
  10. infinity

    LG 300w panels

    I've been let down by Segen, need 13 LG Panels anyone have any ideas who else stock these? The jobs Tuesday :s
  11. S

    Solar PV sale items

    We are clearing out a few items from our warehouse and have them at prices to clear. I won't post prices here but we have a spreadsheet of all items to send if anyone is interested. Mods - if this post breaks rules apologies and feel free to delete. Items include: Schuco mounting system -...
  12. infinity

    benQ reviews?

    I have a customer interested in these 330w modules and he wants to see reviews but I can't see any anywhere, can anyone point me in the right direction?
  13. G

    Sharp close their Wrexham PV factory

    bbc Sorry to see the jobs go, but frankly the panels were never really up to scratch. It does make me wonder a bit what it is about the UK that means that we seem to be incapable of producing consistently high quality solar PV panels at a significant volume. Sharp should really have been...
  14. jason121

    330 watt panel

    Looking for 330watt panel, does any exist, thanks.
  15. G

    These Photos : What types / scale of installations am I seeing here

    Hi, Please take a look at these images.. Could any of you experienced PV Installers out there give me any idea on the scale (capacity) of the roof installs shown? (I'm a certified Sparks - my business profile states my intention to do more to be eco-friendly.. I'd like to know more about how...
  16. timo1

    Electronic cricket scoreboard

    Hi, after a bit of advice. I'm thinking of a winter project and would like to make an electronic cricket scoreboard for a team I play for. I'd like to keep it relatively simple, I was thinking of a system where you press a button and it adds a number. I'd Probaly need 8 separate tiles each one...
  17. H

    Led gu10 bulbs

    Hi guys, Anybody used a 7 watt led bulb? Any comments on the light quality? I've tried a 6 watt Aurora bulb which was sold to me as a 50 watt equivalent. It isn't awful, but it is definitely not equivalent to 50 watts. Also, if anyone is involved in r+d on led bulbs are you expecting to...
  18. O

    motor, contactor or overload fault?

    guys, got a motor tripping an overload. Too much current is been pulled however how can I be sure its the motor and not the contactor or overload that is causing the problems. Have checked resistance across terminals and compared with a similar circuit and tbh they are the same but I need to be...
  19. D

    chinese panels

    seven us modules makers , lead by solarworld germany which is the number one manufacturer in north america have had support this week from president obama re chinese price dumping of state owned & bank supported module manufacturers recently evergreen & solyndra went bust with the lose on 1000s...
  20. F

    Panels in stock for 12 December surge

    Dear all Electricians Forum members, The next week is likely to see a surge in demand for the installation of PV on residential houses to benefit from the tariffs before the 12th of December cut off point. We are a European manufacturer of solar PV who have modules in stock from 220-245...
  21. C

    HJ Solar modules, anyone here used them before?

    Hi All, I'm new to the group and this is my first post, so please be gentle. I'm thinking of buying HJ Solar modules and I wonder if anybody here has used them before and can vouch for their quality? They are known as Zhejiang Hengji PV-Tech Energy Co Ltd. on the MCS website. I am thinking...
  22. J

    Dimmer module replacement with round spindle?

    Does anyone know of any makes that still produce the round spindle dimmer modules instead of the D shaped ones? Cheers! :)
  23. B

    black frame panels suggestions

    hi all, got a customer, landlord really who has various slate roof propertie,s wants to put panels on them but will only claim fit, therefore cheap and cheerful suggestions please and suppliers if poss,, its in your hands thanks
  24. JD6400

    ET Solar Modules / Solar Edge Inverters , does anyone know where to get them from ?

    Pretty much what the post says , if anyone can help i would be very grateful .
  25. E

    MCS Thin film

    Does anyone know of any MCS accredited flexible thin film products? I'm quoting for a 150kW PV system on a factory with a curved roof. It would be the most simple solution. They seem to be mainly used in America. Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  26. P

    MCS Notifications

    To follow on from a rant a few weeks ago, does anybody else get the hump at having to pay £15 to search through a drop down menu of every single MCS registered PV product to find the panels they've just installed? Or am I doing it wrong! Took me 10 mins on Wednesday to find one, its just taken...
  27. Markc

    Stolen Panels

    Hi All, One of my suppliers emailed this through today regarding theft of panels from one of their manufactures outside the UK, I thought I'd give it more of a spread by posting here as well. They wrote: I want to inform you about the following topic: Around 2 weeks ago 216 KPV PE...
  28. L

    40A grid switch ?

    Hi , We're currently refurbishing a large house and the customer wants to control all of the kitchen appliances from one central area e.g. w/machine, d/washer etc. The one that is proving difficult to source is a 40A grid switch for the double oven. Anyone come across such a thing, the cust...
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