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Looking to install an EV Charger for my father in law I am Olev approved and have installed a couple in the past however I am employed for a company where I’m just a site based electrician (no 2391) I don’t do any commissioning as such or electrical test certificates although I do plenty of testing is there anyway for me to install this charger and certify it as I will be notifying the Dno prior to my install and building control upon completion
OLEV approval would only be through the relevant company. But yes, you could install it without any benefit from OLEV grants if you want. The chargepoint (NOT charger) would, of course, need to be notified to the DNO.
OLEV is now OZEV, in case you weren't aware.
Installing EV equipment is not as straightforward as many might think. There is a Code of Practice dedicated to the subject.
If installing a new circuit, unless registered with a competent persons scheme, it is a requirement to notify building control before commencing work.
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