1. P

    12S 7 pin trailer plug

    Hello everyone I’m new to the forum and I am trying to wire up a new 12s 7 pin plug that’s on my Ifor Williams trailer Tipping trailer. The original plug was damaged and when I open up the plug only 1 of the 4 wires were connected to it, the other 3 were loose. I traced the wires back on to the...
  2. Dartlec

    Aged MK plug with switch

    One for the more 'experienced' out there... When was this available? To 1363 apparently at the time, but without the sleeved pins.. Otherwise still working perfectly, so clearly a design that worked - and would be quite handy in some circumstances today. I recall maybe 10 years...
  3. N

    Plug and play downlights

    Anyone know of any GU10 fire rated downlights that have the quick release type plug connectors.? I’ve found integrated and halogen ones but no GU10 ?
  4. N

    plug sockets in bathroom

    hi there - Im about to book an electrical safety certificate for a property that will be let out and I notice I have plug sockets in the bathroom (they have always been handy for electric toothbrushes and hair dryers etc but they are within a metre of the sink and within 3 metres of the bath /...
  5. U

    Luminaire plug or two splices?

    I am replacing out-of-production CSL LED recessed ceiling lights with Elco EL39727. The CSL light assemblies will be removed leaving the empty NC housing in place and the CSL drivers will be cut out AT THE DRIVER END NOT THE POWER SPLICE END leaving leaving two 16 gauge stranded power wires...
  6. Daz2007

    3kw appliance moulded plug top

    Hi we have a client who insists on using 3kw induction hobs on their projects. These hobs are used 8-10hours per day and come with a moulded plug top. Safe to say the socket outlets keep melting/burning out. First thought was to remove the plug top and wire via a 16amp commando and appropriate...
  7. mg19899

    Ireland Replace EU molded plug with UK plug

    Hi, I am a homeowner and looking for DIY advise. I bought a outdoor patio heater and it came with a EU plug as shown in picture. It works fine with a UK converter but the problem I have is it won't fit with the connector on in the waterproof outdoor extension cable I bought. So, I am looking...
  8. M

    Advice Regarding Connecting 16amp plug to 32 amp

    Hi, I am an amateur with little knowledge of electrics, so please bear with me. I recently bought a petrol generator Pacini 6.5KVA Petrol 13HP Generator, Electric start - The purpose of the generator is to power basic...
  9. J

    QUIZ: What type of plug this is?

    Hello! I have a mysterious cable coming out my wall which I believe is the lost puzzle piece to why there's a jacuzzi in our bathroom which has never worked. It's a two-pin power plug which I've never seen, and I'd be looking to get the male counterpart to it which would then plug into UK...
  10. B

    Bedroom to Spa Tub room conversion - existing plug sockets.

    My father, who lives a long way away and who is very independently minded, is having a small downstairs bedroom converted to take a built in spa hot tub. From what I can gather talking to him about this, the spa people will replace the two, double gang sockets with Maintenance Free junction...
  11. K

    Radiator socket > plug socket

    Hi, We have electric radiators in our house. We have taken one of the radiators away, and we were hoping we could turn it into a socket now. Would this be ok? There is no thermostat on them. Thanks, Kirsten
  12. A

    Perilex wall plug and multi switch configuration issues

    I am having a serious issue with my mechanical ventilation system. I have replaced the old one and bought a new one from the same brand and with the connection (dammm Perilex!). I thought that the device will work right away but not... thats where the problem started. I have tried almost all...
  13. Robert777

    Dyson Pure Hot and Cool Fan US plug

    Hi does anyone know what type of transformer I need for a US bought fan to run continuously without issues. V120 60Hz and 12.5A. I believe power in UK is 230V and 50Hz. I calculated that the power of the machine is 1500W. What type of converter and of how many W should I need to operate this...
  14. S

    Can I just plug it in? Hue outdoor lights

    Hi all, I've picked up a pair of these: Hue White and Colour Ambiance Nyro Outdoor pedestal | Philips Hue - Hue Nyro, Pedestal lights. The instructions state that they want to be mains wired into...
  15. J

    Replacing a 13A plug fuse with solid brass

    I read once, never seen one for sale, that there is a solid brass replacement for the standard 13A fuse in a 13A plug. This is to eliminate the fusing in the plug, which is handy when having a heavy appliance plugged in behind itself, like under worktops which are isolated and fused by an FCU...
  16. A

    Plug on a security light

    Afternoon all! I’m wanting to buy a standard outdoor security light with a sensor for a garage wall… there’s a couple of sockets in the garage so I’m just wondering what would be needed to make the light able to be plugged in? From what I can gather; a 0.75mm flex cable about 3 meters long, 3 or...
  17. R

    Power connection of unknown source connected to outdoor light. Can i disconnect the existing light. connect up RCD plug and then connect a switch

    Power connection of unknown source (prob socket spur) connected to outdoor light. Can i disconnect the existing light. Connect up RCD plug and then connect a switch to control a new outdoor light like pic
  18. G

    What plug for 3ph compressor

    Hi all iv bought a Clarke xe18/200 3phase compressor it’s 4 hp and 50hz it was hard wired so didn’t come with a plug or flex what amp 5 pin plug do I need and what size flex attached is the details of the amp age , can you help Many thanks
  19. G

    Turn Pendant Light into On/Off Plug

    So I have an old pendent light. There was a 14/3 line and 2- 14/2 lines connected to a single light fixture. I re-wired it the same way back into a J-Box and then connected it to another 14/2 line ( so instead of it connecting to the pendant light it's connected to a new 14/2 line). That 14/2...
  20. Z

    UK Melted Plug and Socket cause

    Hi all, Washing machine plug and socket melted around Neutral pin. Whilst removing socket faceplate, noticed one brown wire was not in the terminal. May have come out of the terminal when pulling the socket forward or may have been out all the time. Is this lose or disconnected live cable the...
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