1. P

    Plug in 2kw heater in shed Will it go kaboom??!

    I use my shed for pottery and it’s currently wired to have 2 sockets and a light switch (fused down from one of the sockets). Currently I draw less than 300 watts of power. As it’s getting cold I’d like to plug in a heater out there but my husband says it’s not a good idea as my shed isn’t...
  2. T

    Is it safe to plug in a washing machine and a refrigerator into the same outlet?

    I am getting a new front-load Maytag washer. I have a regular old refrigerator. Can I plug them into the same double outlet? What should the breaker amp be? It is currently 15A.
  3. D

    where can I get an a/c plug with restraint?

    So I want to arrange for a 120v a/c plug to be firmly affixed to the wall, such that it won't slip out of the outlet. Cheater plugs have these metal tabs that you can screw into the outlet, but I don't want a cheater! I want a 3-prong grounded plug with such a metal tab that I can firmly affix...
  4. J

    What is the name of the plug I need?

    Hi all, I lost the 3 pin plug for some LED fairy lights when we moved house and I’m having a hard time trying to find a replacement that the lights can fit into. I can’t upload a picture but I found something similar here...
  5. D

    want to know inside of plug cable to convert it to UK plug

    i have two molded rounded plug(type D) for Fan and Refrigerator but plug cable is not rounded that i cut before and replace with UK plug. those two plug cables are flat 3core type. i have no experience with those type of cables I can not cut them without knowing what is inside and...
  6. B

    Flashing plug when power on?

    I have a sump pump in a hot tub pit for when it rains. However I’d like to know if there is a plug that tells me when the pump is on. I.e flashing led. Because I’ve had a couple burn out when they’ve stayed on when the pits empty. I’ve bought a different sump pump now but a flashing indicator...
  7. J

    Difference between FSU and 3 pin plug, both with 5 amp fuse for LED downlights?

    Is there an obvious reason why I can't just fit a plug onto my LED soffit downlights, fitted with a 5amp fuse and plug it into a socket rather than install a 5amp fsu? I'm fine with the plug being permanently plugged in as the socket gets no use anyhow. TIA
  8. C

    Fit plug to hardwired gas hob

    We currently have a dual cooker and are switching to gas hob and single electric oven. Electrical cable connects to the back of the unit and isolator switch on wall The gas hob (neff T26CS49S0) is hardwired. Can we switch this to plug safely or what is the best approach for this Thank you
  9. Ell704

    can Wires run through a spur

    Can I run 2.5mm and 1.5mm in the same chase going down to a 3amp spur with the 2.5mm just passing through the spur to get to the sockets.
  10. M

    2.5mm wire into 1.5mm plug

    I’m welding and have a cable blue 2.5mm 3 core 10metwrs to reach my shed the plug and socket I got to wire on them biggest hardware has says 13amp but then says 1.0-1.5mm wire rated online said I can stil do it but it’s a squeeze is that acceptable ? I use 2.5 for it stops volt drops while...
  11. S

    Is it safe to wire separate plugs to two devices previously wired to the same plug?

    I have an old hifi system that has a record player stacked on top of an amplifier. Weirdly, both are wired to the same plug. I don't know whether they came like this or whether somebody did it post purchase for some reason (I inherited it from my grandma). I want to pass the record player on so...
  12. M

    Pct heater to plug ?

    Heya I have a pct heating element for an egg incubator it’s 220v 80 w atm it’s wired to the old circuit but mid incubation all the digi display started flickering and now I can’t read the numbers I baught an external plug in thermostatic controller for lizards you plug a uk plug into and it...
  13. R

    Rust on Electrical Plug Prongs

    Earlier I unplugged my outdoor camara and noticed a bunch of rust on both pins of the plug.. The rust is mainly at the base of the pins closest to the plug itself.. I assume rainwater seeped in over the years which caused the corrosion.. How should i go about cleaning it off? Is it dangerous if...
  14. J

    Italian Espresson Machine plug conversion

    Hello, I'm seeking some advice on an overheating plug adaptor please. Complete amateur so please forgive any errors in calcs / assumptions / terminology. I've recently started using with an expresso machine in an Irish domestic environment (ultimately 230V 13A socket) but it comes with a...
  15. T

    Tumble dryer plug gets hot

    Hi all, I am here just doing some research. We have a tumble dryer with a moulded plug fitted. The appliance is approx 6 years old and we have never experienced a problem up to now. I removed the plug by chance one day and noticed it was cracked and burnt between the holes, so I changed it for a...
  16. A

    Plug pin getting warm

    Hi guys Recently I've had a wall paper steamer plugged into my upstairs ring main and noticed after several minutes a fishy smell which was the result of a burnt out live pin in the socket. To add add main breaker did not trip at this point or even the plugs 13amp fuse (could you advise as to...
  17. P

    Bought 32A EV Charger, need to Change CEE plug to a USA Range plug.

    Hi, I Bought a 32A EV Charger, it comes with a CEE wall plug. I need to use it with a 60A range recepticle which I use to plug in my welder. So obviously I need to change the CEE plug into a Range plug. There is no paperwork, no schematic. As the CEE has 3 wires Red, Black and Yellow/green...
  18. M

    cross wired sealed plug

    I tested an IEC lead that was crossed L--N . Both ends were sealed, so I cut the cable & the plug was cross wired. I am posting this because somebody may be churning out hundreds of cross wired sealed plugs, & how is anybody to know? Best regards.
  19. captaincaveman

    How to get a 41A oven working on a 13A plug...?

    I Knew it was going to be one of those days when my first customer couldn't understand why his 9.5kw standalone oven/hob kept cutting out because it was on the old gas ignition 1mm flex & plug. I showed him the how the cable was red hot and the plug half melted but, as usual in these cases...
  20. J

    Double insulated cooker hood with L and N only, is it okay to fit a 3amp plug

    Good afternoon I hope everyone is keeping well. I have purchased a stainless steel recirculation cooker hood which has the double insulated symbol (a box within a box) and the wiring cable is only L and N, no plug attached. I understand this would mean it has to be hard wired but I wonder, as...


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