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UK Upside Down UK Plug Socket - Is This Normal/Ok?

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Hi all,

Just recently moved into a renovated house in the UK where a desk is quite high, so the plug socket above it has had to be put in upside down! Other than a bad case of OCD, is this normal/ok?

Please see attached photo.



Thank you for your quick replies, all. Probably is best to just leave it as apparently trying to move it up and then fix the wall afterwards may look even worse! I will message the electrician we know and see what he says (he put the electrics in and is very good). Cheers!
It's going to look a bit crap with the wires coming out of the top in a loop. But that's just aesthetics.
If it really is setting your OCD off into hyper-drive , you could get the sparks to blank off the socket and cut in a new sockets directly above thus avoiding haveing to spend a hour trying to patch any damage attempting to move the old socket up 2 inches
Another crazy idea : M2 grid frame, 2 USB charger modules, and a spur down to socket(s) under the desk.
Yep, it was bought from Howdens and their desk heights are higher than the standard (not sure on the complete details as someone else dealt with it). We worked out the height of the socket assuming standard height, but no they didn’t tell us that the one they provided was higher! We probably should have confirmed, but it was too late once we had painted ready for the desk to be installed…
By the way, there are plenty of sockets below the desk, so we can always use a cable hole and drop the cables down below it if it's a problem, but was just wondering if there was an easy solution to fix this (maybe snowhead's idea is the way to go). Has anyone else come across/installed sockets this way round before?

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