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  1. S

    Connector block wiring and replace with Wago

    Hi all, I am about to fit a light fitting and wanted some advice whether I should just connect the light cables into the correct terminal blocks or should I replace the terminal blocks with the Wago connectors? I have attached a picture. Any help would be really appreciated. Sal9
  2. Z

    Wago query resin joint

    Been using Wagos since they came out, love them, but was wondering do you use them in poured resin submarine joints. Obviously if the resin had any effect on the Wago plastic you would have bad connection, whereas using old style strip connectors, even if the plastic was affected,, the...
  3. P

    Wago in-line push fit connectors

    I found these today so ordered some as I suspect I will need to extend a few cables when doing some work soon: https://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Products/WA2401.html They look neat, rated 32A and accept cable to 4mm. Also stranded cable, which some of the smaller Wago push-fit do not. While it is...
  4. B

    Use of Wago boxes for spur

    Hi all, I’m after some advice regarding use of Wago boxes for adding a spur off a ring final. Is it okay to use a MF Wagobox with 221 Wago connectors to add a spur off of a ring? I know the Wago 221 connectors are rated at 32A so no issues with overloading them, but the MF Wago boxes are...
  5. Oldskoolskater

    Wago 221 + box = replacement for 30A junction box?

    Hi, I need to swap out a damaged 30A junction box on an existing ring main circuit and thought I'd replace it with Wago 221 connectors and a Wago box, but got a bit concerned by the multiple ratings on the sides of the connectors. Can I simply swap out an old 30A JB with Wagos? Will it be...
  6. W

    Wago for extending 10mm cable

    Wondering if there is a maintenance free wago for extending 10mm cables? Tried searching and couldn’t find anything. I prefer a wago to a through crimp
  7. S

    Wago topjob current ratings

    Hello Can anyone confirm for me what the following spec for a Wago TopJob 2202-1201 din rail connector means? The connector can accept max 4mm solid core cable, so does this mean (see bottom row) the connector can cope with 32A? The row above says rated current is only 24A though? I’m easily...
  8. J

    Which Wago is best 221 or 773

    I’ve been using Hager junction boxes for ever .all been specified and now I looking for alternatives Wago’s 773 or 221 . Any preferences , been racking my brains etc
  9. westward10

    Wago or......

    Last few months working with different people I have noticed different pronunciations for 'Wago'. One says Wago another says Wago and another states Wago, I concurred with the latter so how do you pronounce it? Maybe I should do a survey.
  10. D

    Wago 773 vs 2773 is it just the push force?

    Is the 2773 just newer with less push in force???? Also when using the 773 or 2773 with a gelbox can I just bury it in the ground (low voltage 48vdc) lighting?
  11. P

    in-line Wago connector

    Just seen these in a TLC advert for "221-2411 Inline Lever Connector": https://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Products/WA2411.html Looks like a handy thing for some situations.
  12. M

    Maintenance Free 32A Junction Box

    I've been looking at the Wagobox, specifically the 221-4 box, and noticed that it is only classed as maintenance free if the current is 20A or less (derating factor applied to the 32A capacity of the Wago 221 Series 4 connectors) and has a tie-wrap fitted. Do you know of any Wago maintenance...
  13. M

    wago is loose

    using wagos on a parralel circuit 480 watts, and unlokc screw blocks i put 18awg in and it feel loose as like it wont pull out,. but u can blow the left n right are they meant to feel so loose?
  14. S

    Wago 2273 connectors

    Hi all, Was looking at buying a set of wago connectors from screwfix and I came across some 2273 wago connectors that claimed to take up to 4mm^2 cable and were 32A rated, now I thought the 2273 series were all only 24A rated and could only take up to 2.5mm^2 cable. A search on wago's website...
  15. D

    Anyone used these new sockets from MK? What are your thoughts?

    New sockets by MK - anyone used them? Almost like WAGO connectors to the back.
  16. L

    Wago 221's Do you like them and any alternatives ?

    I like the small profile
  17. Spoon

    Anyone seen these Wago connectors before.

    This just came up in my YouTube list.. Not seen them before.
  18. M

    Domestic Wago 224 Use On Under Floor Heating Mat

    Would it be acceptable to use Wago 224 connectors to join a cable that powers an underfloor heating mat that has been damaged? The mat is powered via a thermostat that is connected to a fused connection unit fitted with a 13 amp fuse. The wire feeding the mat is 1.0mm2. I see Wago call the...
  19. A

    Do Wago connectors always have to be in a box?

    I have a single socket sunk into a standard metal box in a plaster wall on a ring main. I want to put a radiator on that wall and use a blank cover on the front to close off the socket which will be behind the new radiator. I'll use Wago connectors on the old cable ends to ensure the ring...
  20. gazdkw82

    Wago 6mm/1.5mm problems

    Anyone had any issues getting 6mm into the 0.5mm-6mm wago's? It's a real struggle getting the conductors into the terminals but the biggest problem is, when 2x6mm are in, a 1.5mm goes in and just falls back out again. The levers feel real stiff. It's not a comfortable fit. This is a 3 way wago
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