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  1. C

    Moved to a flat aerial socket loose and is not connected ?

    HI i just moved to a flat. The TV reception is sporadic at best and we have been needing to re-tune it every few days. I have tried to look online and all the sockets seem to be wired in and the live wire connected ? Does this look normal ? Any advice would be great thank you. 1590129701 posted...
  2. H

    Short circuit bypasses mcb and trips submain mcb

    Good evening A cable was loose in a ceiling void causing a short circuit this didn't trip the 10 amp 6ka type b mcb but tripped the 50 amp type b 6ka mcb that supplied that board back at the mains. I am wondering why this occurred other than me thinking the local protection isn't very...
  3. G

    Domestic Loose Fill Asbestos

    Any one with extensive knowledge of lose fill asbestos that could give me and idea of I should be getting this tested?
  4. K

    Protection against open/loose neutral?

    Hello friends, is there such a thing as a "smart meter" that I can install on my backwoods house that will trip if it detects a loose/open neutral? If so, where can I get one? Thanks very much
  5. MarkRibbands

    Knightsbridge GU10 Fire-rated fittings - Loose push connectors - anyone else?

    Today I'm retro-fitting 21 x Knightsbridge mains GU10 VFRDGIC fittings. They have what looked like time-saving push connectors, similar to Wagos. But the xxxxxxx things don't work! They have two-gang connectors (2xE 2xL 2xN) but when I insert two 1.0 T&E legs into each they don't grip well...
  6. A

    Shower overheating no loose connection

    Hi all. Shower has melted on top left corner. I thought it would likely be a loose connections on the feed. On taking the cover off the 10mm coming in and connector block looks fine and is tight and I soon realised the burn Mark is from the live going from the block up to the top of the...
  7. S

    Twin&earth and SWA installed loose on floor

    Hi All, The contractor working for Magnet Kitchens at my brother's house has run the sockets ring in 2.5 T&E, plus an SWA for the cooker supply, by laying these cables on the floor under the units. I'm fairly sure this isn't acceptable - at least these cables should be clipped up against the...
  8. B

    Installation of WarmUp Loose Wire System - How To Fuse?

    Hello folks, I have just finished installing a WarmUp DWS600 loose wire system in my bathroom. A little more on it here, but essentially it's rated at 0.6kW / 2.6 amps. Warmup DWS 600 Loose Wire Underfloor Heating Kit -...
  9. M

    Low voltage between live and neutral

    Hello, ive just been to look at a job with a light not working, after checking found voltage between live and neutral is 170v, between live and earth is 230v, is it just a case of a neutral issue, eg, loose connection, water ingress any suggestions would be great, cheers
  10. R

    Remote control ceiling fan stopped working

    Hello, I have a remote control ceiling light fan which has stopped working via the remote control. The light still comes on and off when using the main wall switch but that is it. The remote used to control the light and the fan movement but now nothing. I did the obvious and replace the...
  11. F

    Commercial Generator not producing power.

    Hi I have a Loncin 5.8 kva generator that gives me power for a few hours then stops. Nothing trips on the generator or my burger van I just lose power. The output on the generator is 32 amp. I have a 16 amp lead and a 16 amp input socket. Could this be the reason for the loss of power?
  12. P

    Potential main incoming fuse issue

    Hello, I am new to the forum and I hope someone could help me with the following please I have a family member who lives at a very large property with an indoor swimming pool and hot tub. This however uses a lot of power its an old house so the original main incoming board is still intact...
  13. H

    Halogen Light

    Went to help neighbour replace lamp in outside halogen lamp because "the lamp has gone". The screws are all seized up and there's no way to get in without drilling the screw, so said for sake of £5 it'll be easier replacing the unit. I was off home again as she said "it comes on sometimes, and...
  14. E

    Shower Issue

    Went to a job today as a follow on from another sparks on our firm. Was a "fishy smell" reported, and was advised that the cable was undersized. Get there today and find a 6mm cable, 40a MCB and 9.5kw shower; and this in the isolater... Now, the supply voltage is 242, the cable run goes from...
  15. F

    Main fuse hot

    Just sitting down for tea and door bell goes neighbour tells me his main fuse is hot to touch and a smell of burning is present goes across and he's right burning smell and very warm main fuse so isolates consumer looking for any burning or loose cables in consumer all ok fuse is sealed but...
  16. D

    fused spur

    Morning chaps Im going to look at a job tonight on my way home where a guy says he has a garage fed from a 13 amp unswitched fused spur in his kitchen. { theres no rcd protection in this house } He tells me the spur is red hot to touch and also a few months back a socket melted in his garage...
  17. A

    Cooker Switch burnt live

    Just noticed a fault with my cooker as in the cooker will not switch off from the mains switch on the wall. Isolated the cooker at the CU and took the switch off the wall and investigated what was going on. When opened I noticed that there was a live wire sitting loose in the socket and it has...
  18. R

    RCD & Code 2

    Sockets that can be used for outside equipment warrants a code 2, i get that. Yet you can stand in your bathroom using your non rcd protected power shower (if installed to earlier regs of course) covered in water and that only warrants a code 3? am i missing something here:dizzy2: Thx.
  19. S

    hot shower swtch

    Hi , the switch to my shower gets very hot after the shower has been running for around 3 minutes .The shower was fitted about a year ago and has been fine up to now, the wires in the swutc are all in place and tight.. thanks
  20. A

    Best elec underfloor heating

    I'm doing some work on my own house (makes a change!) and have had a ground floor extension built which will soon be ready for 1st fix, heating is going to be electric underfloor as it can't be part of existing rads due to building regs. Just wondering what you guys use and recommend? We do...
  21. F

    power loss @ socket but MCB still on

    Just been to a job where the tenants are saying that a socket in the lounge looses power randomly but does not trip the MCB, it's on a ring so I took all face plates off and checked connections, did IR and got >999 and got continuity on the RFC, 245v and zs 0.39 the problem did not occur while I...
  22. S

    ringmain testing

    Hi, I have just tested an existing ringmain starting with the line conductor reading 0.32 and the neutral reading 0.87, these are both in 2.5 twin and earth, can someone explain why there is a big difference in the 2 readings when the conductors are the same size?
  23. E

    10.5kw shower

    Yesterday smelt a weird smell of burning/melted plastic in my bathroom after some looking about realised was the shower pull cord opened it to the the incoming live insulation completely melted an charred and the pull cord terminal melted shower was installed about 3/4 years ago but recent board...
  24. N

    Problem with light switch. Please Help.

    Recently my light for the upstairs stopped working. So I replaced the bulb, now it is working but now the switch is making some noise and the light dimms sometimes! Can anyone tell me the reason for this and how to fix it? Many Thanks
  25. S

    Melted RCD!!!

    My mate asked me to look at his board as a funny smell was coming off it. Looked inside & the neutral going into the RCD was melted & so was the switch. It's a split load dual RCD board. The RCD switches are both rated 64A 30mA. My first thought was that it could have just been a loose...
  26. P

    FCU fault?

    Hi all have any of you ever come across a problem where the fuse carrier of a fused connection unit has popped out on its own leaving the 3 amp fuse undamaged? I went to a house this morning to investigate what seems to be a different issue not related to this fcu problem, but apparently this...
  27. W

    240v but no continuity

    Hi, Just went round to a customer who wants the ring extended in the garage, Prelim checks found no continuity on live, OK on E&N. When power is on 240V on each leg. Will go back and look further, customer said everything was unplugged but thought I would ask if anyone had come across this...
  28. F

    RFC - end to end on CPC higher than expected ( EICR code advice please )

    In the process of a domestic EICR. RFC, i'm getting L-L (0.11) N-N (0.11) cpc-cpc (0.48) had to take off all socket fronts anyway as i did not like what i saw on a couple of random selected s/o & i've tightend up any loose cpc terminals i can find. I'm guessing that there could be a JB with a...
  29. C

    strange rcd problem

    rewired property and fitted b g consumer unit , on testing rcd 1 tested fine , rcd 2 would nt operate on testing , test button is fine but on usual test procedure would nt operate , so exchanged it, but its exactly the same , however now on testing rcd 1 both rcd s trip out, i m baffled going...
  30. E

    underfloor heating controller showing signs of melting

    Hi all I was called out to investigate a heating matt which had stopped working. On closer investigation I found the unit and connections had melted and same for fusespur. Could this be a fault with the matt, mayb thermostat fitted in the wrong place and not operating how it should. Is...
  31. B

    Burnt neutral wire on 100A main switch...

    Is the most common cause of this problem a loose connection? I came across a burnt out neutral wire on a 100A DP main switch earlier. It was hard to tell if it was loose as it was charred and burnt so bad I couldnt tell! The burnt wire was the 16mm incoming neutral. The establishment is a...
  32. L

    Domestic Shower 9.5kw

    Hi all my sister bought a house with old 9.5 shower she's had bathroom Upgraded and plumber ask her if she wanted like for like shower fitting so he's fitted a 9.5 kw shower its fed on a 6mm cable fused at 45amp mcb today the pull switch failed when the shower pull switch was open the live...
  33. polo1

    3 Phase query - help!!

    Ashamed to admit, but my 3 phase experience is limited:blush2: What would cause me to loose the indication of a phase, when applying a load to that particular phase? It only happens with certain loads. Thanks.
  34. S

    why is new meter tripping rcd

    any one tell me why a new meter would trip rcd repeatedly .
  35. B

    crazy voltage

    testing sockets in a school classroom (new installation) and had a reading of 196volts. Went back an hour or so later and had 240 volts. Tested another circuit which was on the same phase and had 196 volts again. All phases to earth and neutral read 245v and fuse board. All I can think is a...
  36. C

    Domestic not getting 240v

    im a builder just finished refurbishing a house and had a call from the house owner saying hes only getting about 195 volts out of his living room sockets does anyone know why this could be?
  37. J

    Faut finding with a megger mft 1553

    hi all, at collage this week and doing a bit of testing..... now i got a bit confused with the tests and what the megger reading mean eg can any one explain what reading you would get if all R1+R2 test 1) if the megger say 0.00ohm at one skt but on all other 0.13ohm 2) megger say...
  38. S

    Shower Pullcord

    I am an adult trainee and i am trying to understand a problem that i must have with my shower pullcord isolater in my bathroom. Recently it has burnt out and was wondering what has caused this, as i have replaced this isolator a few times over the years. The neutral cable on the load side is...
  39. V

    testing calc question

    a 10amp type c has a max measured zs of 1.85,i have a circuit with a measured zs of 2.03 the circuit is 2.5mm (not sure type) and it provides roof lighting also r1+r2 was 2.77ohms. is there any way i can make the zs result acceptable using the design zs from the regs or does this circuit just...
  40. C

    Shower fire

    Hi All, Got a call today from a shaken customer- her shower caught fire while she was showering, flames up as far as the ceiling! Shower was installed three years ago and looks like someone didnt check for tight connections on the manufacturers side of the connector blocks! See pics!
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