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Hopefully a very quick question. Whilst looking under my sink this morning I noticed the Earth wire between the hot and cold pipes is no longer connected. I can't recall if it ever has been but I'm assuming this has come loose and I should reconnect it? If I do connect it should I take any precautions, i.e. flip the fuse off? Thanks in advance.



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that cable (or a similar one, can't see from pic.) should connect to the cold water pipe. as close to the stop tap as practicable. generally no requirement to connect to hot.


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Looking at it, it appears to have just come out of the clamp (with the red tag visible in the photo). You should be able to reconnect it quite easily if you've got a flat bladed screw driver.


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if you bend that red label up, you'll see where it was connected. you can just see the edge of the cable clamp below the middle of the label. cable does not connect to the visible screw, that's the clamp screw.

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