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  1. M

    Long extension between meter and consumer unit

    I am planning to go semi off grid with a victron and battery system. The system will be installed in an out building about 20 meters away from where my consumer unit and meter currently is. I need to run the grid power from my meter to the out building to the victron inverter, but then also...
  2. J

    UK Meter tail extension…

    Hi all, Customer has an extension and this compromises existing meter position, DNO is extending incomer and putting meter box on a different wall further away. The back side of the new position is the existing house which they don’t want to disturb, so I can’t run the tails inside the existing...
  3. drumboog

    USA Extension cords and power strips.

    Hi, I'm a hobbyist without formal training. I'm looking to power audio/video equipment over several hundred feet of extension cords. I have 2 speakers that draw around 1 amp each, and some video equipment that draws 3-4 amps. I'd like to run the equipment in the following configuration: A...
  4. W

    UK RCD 4 gang extension for use abroad when travelling

    Hi, just hoping for a bit of advice. When I travel abroad (Europe, predominantly Spain/Cyprus) I usually take a single travel adaptor and a UK 4 gang extension. As they're getting on a bit, I've just ordered replacements and am thinking of putting an inline, non latching RCD between the plug...
  5. R

    UK Random electrical issue after new extension

    Hello, I’ve got an issue driving me crazy and can’t get anyone to figure it out as it’s not their issue. We had a new extension, single rear, double side. Side has utility, downstairs toilet and a bedroom above. Rear has extended kitchen, all of it is on its own wiring. Except the oven which...
  6. B

    Cost of first fix small extension

    Hi Wonder if any one could give a rough estimate for first fix electrics for a small 4x4 side extension? Would involve moving consumer unit same position to other side of external wall (which becomes internal wall of side extension.) 3 lighting points in ceiling, 4 double wall sockets (powering...
  7. muso31

    Consumer unit extension wiring

    Hi all! I'm not a spark but know enough to be able to install off grid solar etc. I've just purchased a new house and have noticed the consumer unit was extended at some point: The additional unit is from the kitchen as they had a new kitchen fitted. My concerns are with the quality of the...
  8. W

    Extending extension cord safely?

    So I kinda want this: meross Smart Power Strip, 6 AC Outlets + 4 USB Ports Smart Extension Lead, Compatible with Apple HomeKit, SmartThings, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Voice/Remote Control, 2.4GHz, 3250W: Amazon.co.uk: DIY & Tools But it's only a 2m device . I'd want it to be 4m instead because...
  9. Nawulf

    Extension cord usage when traveling abroad

    Hello! Which solution would be best when traveling abroad: a) buy an extension cord from your country of origin, then use an adapter in the destination country to plug it and then plug your devices to the extension cord. b) buy an extension cord from the destination country, plug it and use...
  10. E

    13amp or 40amp socket for EV charger whilst using an extension cable.

    I am looking for advice on getting an upgraded 25 meter extension cable from my office into my car park to charge my EV from an IP66 rated socket, from a standard Tesla 3 pin plug - plug in charger. I know not to use normal off the shelf extension cables as they're naff, melt and are a fire...
  11. D

    Man Builds his own extension

    https://uk.yahoo.com/news/homeowner-quoted-45-k-for-extension-does-it-himself-from-you-tube-tutorials-112344400.html Fair play to him , wonder how he got round PartPee
  12. S

    Tumble dryer melted extension lead

    My tumble dryer broke, an electrician put a new and stronger capacitor in, couple months later I realised that the socket on the extension lead that the tumble dryer was plugged into, had melted a little, does anyone know why this has happened? The only thing I can think of is that because now...
  13. T

    Extending engine ignition into the rear of the van.

    Hi auto-leckies, This is a DIY query. I have no electrician qualifications but I have electrical literacy, my original trades were heavy (HF) radio mechanic and electronics technician, acquired in the army a lifetime ago. So hopefully I'll understand your answers, eventually :) I am in the...
  14. L

    Extension Cord Lighting Question

    Hi! I am self-installing some 8' LED rope-like lighting in my basement on the ceiling. I have 3 of these 8' lights, which will be joined by 2 12" connecting cords. There is an option to wire these connected lights into the main lighting, but I don't want these to come on every time I turn on...
  15. S

    extension leads - earth leakage

    Hi all, I can't understand why but I always get a small (minimum 0.06mA) earth leakage reading on extension leads (even without surge protection). Is this normal? If it is, please could someone explain how earth leakage occurs on a simple extension lead? Thanks
  16. asheyash

    Ring main extension or spur

    I have one double socket in my living room I need to add 3 double sockets plus a socket for the tv which is now wall mounted. i plan on cutting the plug off the tv and wiring direct to an FCU (same amp as current plug for the tv) this hiding the cable from sight. if i spurred off my one socket...
  17. M

    Troubleshooting on extension

    Hi, just looking for a bit of help with a problem I have. I’ve done a bit of wiring to my apartment as we built an extension. The RCD (earth fault protection) is tripping when trying to use the sockets. The work isn’t finished and I just need power in one socket so the builders can use it...
  18. K

    Timber Frame Extension

    Hi guys After some suggestions. My next job will be to wire a new timber frame extension throughout. My questions are any tips for running cables down outside of beams to sockets and also thinking about using oval conduit within walls containing insulation boards. Any tips much appreciated.
  19. Sboyuk

    Isolate ring main extension.

    Hi all, I hope you can help, I'd like to extend a ring main into the an outbuilding and be able to isolate it if required. I'll be using power tools and wanted about 4 double sockets in there so didn't want just a spur. I've attached an image, is this an acceptable way of doing it.? The...
  20. D

    Do Quintec wireless switches / drivers meet BS EN standard, in new build extension for certificate

    Do Quintec wireless switches / drivers meet BS EN standard, in new build extension to the house for certificate. Thanks
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