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  1. S

    Domestic Water heater wiring extension

    Got red and black type mains wire to water heater switch from fuse box. Mains cable is very short as switch is upside down because cable comes from above the switch and too short to connect otherwise. Water heater switch is in plaster board with back box. Is there a legal way to put some inline...
  2. C

    Extension cabling oh dear oh dear

    Kitchen extension ,usual works,adding a section on. Thing is with the building works,it shows how poor the existing electrics are. Ring main nailed,just taped up in middle of wall where a cupboard was,still working,lights taped at recess lights. Would you advise the client,other areas in the...
  3. M

    Pricing an extension

    Hi guys new to this forums. Recently went self employed and out on my own after working for someone for 7 years, Currently working as a subcontractor and starting to get jobs in to price, Can any one advise what the best way is to price? Ie points or day rate if points is £50 supply & fit...
  4. Archy Styrigg

    Extension pricing for a sofa surfee

    Ball park figures ... How much do you reckon for a single storey extension off the back of your house, approx 5 by 5 metres, South Manc, all in?
  5. Radian

    Domestic Question about 'self made' 12V Lighting in new extension

    Straight up, I'm not an electrician. I'm an electronics engineer. I currently have a range of LED products on the market and my commercial lighting designs have been in continuous production since the 1990's. I'm having an extension built and naturally see it as a great way to showcase my latest...
  6. R

    New extension - 2nd fuse box connection

    Hi, We are building a new extension which is the opposite side of the property to where the current mains in and fuse box is located ( which are on the opposite side of an external wall ). The extension will be a new kitchen with an electric oven and hob, utility room with washing machine /...
  7. G

    Extending a lighting circuit to s new extension?

    Hi guys n girls, Building an extension and considering extending the downstairs lighting circuit which is 1.5mm t+e. It is on a 5 amp breaker and I do not know the current length so am unsure if I can extend to the osg maximum of 105m? Also not sure of the osg maximum for bs3871 type mcb...
  8. R

    Domestic Tumble dryer extension plug melted.

    Six years ago, I had a double socket installed in my store room. This was placed next to the fuse box and its purpose was so I could connect my tumble dryer. The socket was too far away from the dryer, so I bought some 1.5mm flex and wired in an extension from the newly installed double...
  9. F

    Domestic New extension to existing wiring

    Just been asked to quote to wire a new kitchen extension. I realise that the new extension must conform to the 18th IEE regs. The existing wiring in the remainder of the building has the sockets lower that the stated 450mm and the light switches are higher than 1200mm. Do these have to be re...
  10. J

    Unsafe extension use? Exploded light bulb

    Hello, experts! My questions are: 1) Most importantly... is this safe to use electronics wired as you see in my image below? 2) Why did my light bulb explode? First of all I have European plugs, not UK ones. As you already can guess my light bulb explode. It happen while switching on a table...
  11. C

    Domestic Bringing ring to regs standard, and other things

    Hi all, new to forum but excited to get in the thick of it. I've done some domestic electrical work in the past as my dad was a HV sparky when he was younger, and I have done a fair bit of LV microelectronics in my line of work. I have just bought my first house and done some things already...
  12. C

    Daisy Chain extension cordk

    Hi, first time here, Can I get some safety advice about plugging 2 x 4 gang power bars into a 2 gang extension cable. I read everywhere that plugging one extension into another is dangerous, but can it be done if the sockets aren't overloaded? In my office, the central heating is broken and...
  13. J

    extending ring and adding smoke alarms to lighting circuit on new extension cert?

    hi i'm going to be having some wiring carried out on my new first floor extension (new bedroom) which just entails extending the ring main, and lighting circuit and adding interlinked mains smoke alarms to the upstairs lighting circuit, including a heat alarm in the kitchen. i've spoke to...
  14. J

    Extension of Washing Machine Power Cable

    Our new washing machine came with a power cable that is not long enough to reach the power socket which has been installed under the kitchen sink (that's where it was when we first moved in.) I called Indesit and they told me they come like that because regulations state that the power socket...
  15. W

    10 Amp Extension Lead

    Hi Is it safe to use a 10 Amp Extension Lead with a 7 Amp Car Battery Charger? Apologies if sounds crass - just need reassurance it's safe please. Thank you.
  16. P

    "Soft" Extension cable? Sourcing sought.

    Many years ago I came across 'soft' cable. Rubber (perhaps) rather than plastic. Folded up neatly (no kinks). Full 13A capacity. Just the opposite of black and decker orange cable. My extension lead is more than tatty and needs replacing. Visits to 3 electrical outlets have resulted in...
  17. simon77

    How to send data signal from master socket to extension socket?

    Hi, Apologies if a lot of this is pretty obvious, but my knowledge is fairly limited. We just had a Master Socket 5c MK 4 fitted (downstairs) and unknown to us at the time it has filtered out the data signal to the extension socket (upstairs), where the router was previously connected to and...
  18. E

    2 gang converted socket with extension lead

    hi, hopefully this is the right part of the forum. as the title suggests; I recently converted a 1 gang socket into 2 gang with a converter. i then have a TV plugged in one socket and a 5 gang extension lead in the other with 3 items plugged into that. Recently ive been having an issue where my...
  19. telectrix

    hedge trimmer no work. extension lead fuse blown

    wonder why fuse blows as soon as i plug it in (says customer). 3 taped joints in cable. is this why we call it Destroy It Yourself? it'sonly 2 wires, what could possibly go wrong?
  20. J

    Smart plug and extension lead

    Hey guys, I'm looking for some advice on a smart plug and an extension lead. I want the smart plug in the wall socket the extension lead in the smart plug, reason is to use Amazon alexa to shut down the smart plug. In the extension I have the TV Sky box sky router DVD player and about 3 other...
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