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  1. J

    Safety - does switching off at consumer unit isolate the circuit switched?

    I am not an electrician (as you will see from the question!) and I am not planning on doing any electrical alterations. My question is one of safety. I wanted to move a couple of sockets on a kitchen ring main. So I switched off that circuit on the RCD board and all the sockets were then dead. I...
  2. Pete999


    Sorry for starters if this is in the wrong area, don't know where else to put it, I take no credit for this just saw it in PE and thought it may be useful: So ISOLATE I identify circuit to be isolated. S seek permission to turn off. O Open circuit L lock off and label A Approve voltage GS38...
  3. M

    Domestic Two ceiling rose one switch - Please advice

    Hi guys, I'm trying to figure out the wiring of two ceiling rose with one switch but I can't figure it out. Would appreciate any advice. I have identified which cable is which but can't figure out where the 2nd ceiling rose cable goes. Right now the 2nd ceiling rose is always on and 1st...
  4. A

    Fixed wired testing in situ

    I have got some heaters etc to do and after reading my PAT420 manual it can test fixed wire equipment in situ. It will do continuity test @200mA and touch leakage. Would this be OK or do I need to connect it to my tester? I have read a lot but I would like some opinions from people that have...
  5. sparky1508

    Switching non timer extraction fan

    Hi, Can't seem to find anything in the regs but I have been asked to fit an extractor fan in a small cupboard containing some IT equipment which gets quite warm and it's just to dissipate heat out of the cupboard. My question is, as it's a fan without run on timer I am using T&E to power it...
  6. J

    NICEIC Certification Scheme safe isolation- the niceic way!

    niceic initial assessment tomorrow! woop woop Seek permission to isolate isolate, locked off with signage- keep key on you prove my gs38 approved voltage indicators on a known source (will use supply side of main switch?) test between L-N,L-E,N-E for voltage re-prove voltage indicator on known...
  7. D

    Out side light Circuit

    I have a potential job coming up which is it put in a number of LED lights in a garden. The supply I think could be coming from the distribution board to feed the lights in the garden. Is there another way The supply to lighting circuit can be done or taken from. not compromising on safety
  8. G

    Kitchen circuits

    I am rewiring a kitchen for a customer who doesnt want fused spurs above appliances (washing machine etc) Ive explained it couldnt be switched off in the event of a fault but they are having none of it . They also want a socket on the inside of a cabinet which also ive explained is bad practice...
  9. S

    1 Gang DP 2 way @ 20A Switch Required

    Does such an item, in standard white format exist? I've done an internet trawl but haven't come up with a definite answer. Any links gratefully received. I want to isolate a section of the Line on an RFC. (Home use only, so no need to quote any regs at me! :wink_smile:)
  10. O

    Scheme Registration

    Guys, When registering with a scheme (new to me as Im in maintenance) how do you get round certain things like: 3 phase board and unable to turn off, are you OK just taking the cover off??? Getting Ze when unable to isolate anything so therefore unable to remove main earth??? Im sure there...
  11. D

    Help! Kitchen appliance isolator switch

    I've just moved into a new house and in the kitchen the appliances are isolated by a 4 gang switch where each switch is labelled with 'fridge', 'dishwasher' etc. One of the switches has a broken switch mechanism and shorted when I switched it so I need to replace the unit - problem is that I...
  12. D

    Opinions on coding for PIR.

    Just done a PIR today on a first floor flat. Just want a few opinions on codings for a couple of issues i noted. Firstly, none of the sockets have 30mA RCD protection. Being a first floor flat the sockets are very unlikely to be used to feed equipment outside so the requirements of the 16th...
  13. L

    Domestic Help with circuit finding

    Hi anyone shed any light on a problem i am having at the moment please :) I am trying to find the reason why i cannot isolate a light in my mums garage, it is a 3 storey house which used to be 3 flats and was rewired 30 years ago, i have found out there are 2 feeds still in the house i have...
  14. T

    Kitchen fused spurs

    I'm having a new kitchen fitted... I realise it's a good idea to have accessible spurs for my appliances. Thing is I don't want the walls cluttered with spurs. Is there a maximum distance from switch to the appliance, like the idea of having the switches together, like on a grid may be. Thanks
  15. sythai

    central heating controls....

    Hello there.... Hope someone can advise me correctly here. Have got to do the control wiring for an 's' plan.... havent done any heating systems for years. Just wondering what regs are regarding the following.... Megaflow and programmer are going to be up on first floor, boiler is down on...
  16. N

    Access to service fuses

    Yes im cheating have a look at page 7
  17. B

    how to shut off this 3 phase supply?

    this is a 3 phase supply in a shop, how to shut off the power? looks there is a radio teleswitch there.
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