earth leakage

  1. Zdb

    Computer earth leakage value (mA)

    I know every computer/equipment type will have a slighty different earth leakage stated by the manufacturer, however I was wondering what people use as a "rule of thumb" value when designing ring final circuits in offices intended to be used for computers. I was thinking 1.5mA per computer inc...
  2. E

    Earth Leakage in Processing Plant

    Hi Guys, Have a problem with a Omron Switch mode power supply & Omron Control Relay Which is only switching a 3phase mixer paddle to stir liquid while in the heating process. The control gear is fed from a single phase supply plugged into a RCD protected socket. The Rcd trips within 9ms @ X1. I...
  3. B

    Clamp meter and earth leakage tester

    How do you use clamp meter? Do you just clamp the line? Or line and neutral? Also been working with a couple of guys that have earth leakage meters and one clamps the line and neutral and the other clamps the earth? Can someone tell me the correct ways? Thanks
  4. A

    Commercial Fridge tripping

    Hi My name is Allen Brauteseth from Cape Town South Africa. I am a Qualified electrician and am sitting with a problem being I have a commercial fridge for cold drinks that trips out the earth leakage after running for 10 minutes please could someone help me as the supplier says there isn't...
  5. T

    Domestic How to locate earth leakage wiring fault [Home wiring].

    Hello Everyone, I am from India. Things were good [seemed to be good] with temporary electric connection [single phase, 230v] to our new house. Now when we are organizing electrical wiring, dividing phases, installing ELCB, the problem started occuring. Now the electricity connection is of 3...
  6. F

    earth leakage

    got a new toy ha ha clamped my new earth leakage clamp around my earth cable local to consumer and was getting 5mili amp leakage question what mainly causes the earth leakage other than computers fridges etc


    I am looking at buying an earth leakage clamp meter AMECaL ST-9810 (£59) or a Megger DCM305E (on offer at £194). The only use will be mainly domestic fault finding. Any opinions will be most welcome.
  8. F

    Earth leakage High.

    Hi All, I had a nuisance rcd tripping fault at a job , I bought a Megger DCM305E earth leakage clamp, which identified the suspect circuit which I swapped out with an RCBO and problem solved! Ive come home and checked my L-N incomings just to see and I’m showing a 513MA leakage? My board...
  9. Bobby34

    Good mid range earth leakage clamp meter

    Could anybody reccommend a good earth leakage clamp meter, specifically one that measures low mA's to find any small earth leakage current that may cause nuisance tripping? Megger is my usual go to but don't want to fork out more than around the £100 mark if I'm able to get something pretty...
  10. GBDamo

    Earth leakage clamp meter

    Anyone got one they recommend. Looking to spend upto £120. Would like micro Amp resolution if possible single digit milli Amp a must. Ta muchly. Edit: only looking at testing appliances and 240V circuits. (did a search but no conclusive answers found)
  11. stuarth

    Domestic USB sockets earth leakage question

    I have a customer who has been providing all the accessories for their renovation a real mix of manufacturers and styles, we arrived to second fix and swap existing faceplates to find that every single socket both single and double had usb ports. My question is will these USB ports all...
  12. P

    LED Flicker earth leakage problems

    Alright lads, new here as looking for some advice on a fault I've never come across and can't pinpoint.. Basically Got LED LIGHTS on compatible dimmers etc...problem I have is now and again they flicker....and I can hear a sound in fuse board as if there's an arc? But there are no loose...
  13. naylorpd

    Domestic Find electrician to trace earth leakage

    OK, so this is a follow-on to my thread about unsatisfactory EICR. There is a big inconsistency in that the EICR reports all the L-E IR as >100 Megs, but the inspector also comments about earth leakage in two ring mans and one lighting circuit. This seems to be stopping me from replacing the...
  14. sjhall

    Megger DCM305E earth leakage clamp meter

    As above New in box £165 POSTED £160 collected No offers thanks Located in Formby Mersyside
  15. B

    Leakage meter usage/selection

    Hi. I have a question about earth leakage meter usage/selection. I see that people say one should test the live wires not the earth for reasons you guys probably understand. However earth leakage meters with large Jaws to loop around both tails are much more expensive. Can I use a combination...
  16. M

    Domestic Strange Earth Leakage Trips

    I have an odd situation in that I get random earth leakage trips which happen occasionally when I turn off an outside light. I have a standard split board, half earth leakage protected, half not. Trips happen maybe once every 50 times that outside light is switched off, never when it is...

    Earth Leakage Relay connection with normal CT

    Hi Can I connect normal Current Transformers (CT) instead of Core Balance Current Transformers (CBCT) to Earth Leakage Relay.. Thanks
  18. 123

    Earth Leakage Clamp Meter...Why do I need one?

    I've read various threads on faults and it's been suggested that an Earth Leakage Clamp Meter is an essential bit of kit and some suggesting it is the first go to bit of kit in fault finding. What am I missing out on then? I do numerous call outs, and have yet to be beaten on one. What's it...
  19. Just4MeDad

    For Sale - Amprobe AC 50A Earth leakage clamp meter

    Excellent condition, full working order, manuals etc. Located in Chippenham, Wiltshire, PM any questions. Offers around £90.
  20. Soulcraft Electric

    Recommendation required: Earth Leakage Clamp Meter

    Torn between the Fluke 368 (pricey) and the Megger DCM305E. Anyone have any preference/horror stories? Default is "Yellow" but the price is scary...
  21. Midwest

    Earth Leakage Clamp Meter

    Seems I've fallen foul of this poor quality product; Dilog dl6507 beware! - And I was so cock sure here; Earth Leakage tester - Mine was the CM...
  22. T

    Residual Current v Earth Leakage

    I think I must be missing the blindingly obvious, but..... TT system......100ma time delayed as main switch, then some final circuits (which will require 30ma RCD as includes sockets etc)...then 30ma RCD for other final circuits... Prior to changing CU at customer's request to include 100ma...
  23. T

    Fairy lights, and lots of them

    Hi all, another year and another problem with Christmas decorations. I have a project with a large number of fairy lights - 230v through rectifiers, strapped to a metal grid. I am getting a pretty sizeable earth leakage per frame - around 8-10mA which increases to 15 when wet. The lights are...
  24. nowaypedro

    Earth leakage - no load

    Called out today by new owners to a domestic 3 bed semi with history of nuisance RCD tripping from day 1 (lived there about a month). TNS. No dual supply. No regular pattern to tripping. Most appliances new. First - Ramp Tested RCD unit with no loads = 25mA (can live with that). Popped...
  25. Matthewd29

    Multifunction tester/ earth leakage tester

    Hi guys I have been looking at buying an earth leakage tester as it seems to be a useful piece of kit to have in my collection if anyone could recommend any which would be good quality? I am also using a borrowed mft as sadly mine kicked the bucket and I'm torn between megger and fluke if anyone...
  26. M

    Introduction (belated)

    Hello, Just a little about myself. I am currently in the Information Technology Field with a focus on the rapidly developing Internet-of-Things (IoT) market. Personal electrical experience in the UK, the US & Canada. Continuously intrigued by the history of how differing electrical standards...
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