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    Best earth leakage clamp meter

    Hi all I want to get a good and reliable earth leakage clamp meter, been looking at the megger DCM305E which looks good but was wondering what other peoples opinions are? I don’t mind spending the money on a good one rather than getting a cheap one and getting inaccurate readings or no longevity.
  2. R

    5 amp earth leakage?

    Hi all Suggestions please. I’m working on a 3 phase shop install with a bunch of typical circuits. As each cct is energised the earth leakage rises to around 5 amps! It’s a PME supply via SWA with main earth coming from the armour. I’m pretty sure it’s not the individual ccts or appliances...
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    Lots of earth leakage from ovens

    Hi all, There's 2 single fan ovens in the house my mother recently moved into. Posh elecronic AEG units. It's been sat empty for a year, so the oven elements will have had a chance to accumulate some moisture. There's a dual RCD consumer unit, the ovens are on separate RCDs. One of the ovens...
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    Earth leakage tripping

    Why my polarity tester is showing earth is leaking after replacing earth leakage which was tripping and there is no power in the sockets. Please help
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    Earth leakage from unknown source.

    I'm new to this but stuck with an issue, so I'm looking for some help wherever possible. I have just completed a rewire, which I have a potential difference of 60v between MET and disconnected mains earth. It's an RCBO board with type 2 SPD. I have fully tested the installation and have greater...
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    extension leads - earth leakage

    Hi all, I can't understand why but I always get a small (minimum 0.06mA) earth leakage reading on extension leads (even without surge protection). Is this normal? If it is, please could someone explain how earth leakage occurs on a simple extension lead? Thanks
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    Earth leakage clamp meter

    I recently borrowed one of these to diagnose an earth leakage problem, and it was very useful: 560 60A Digital Earth Leakage Clamp Meter - Before I go out and buy one for us, I wondered if anybody can recommend...
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    Earth leakage high on oven but no trip?

    Morning, Customer has a intermittent trip which I am trying to locate. 4 circuits on rcd. Two rings , cooker and hob and one I cannot find actually powers anything as yet. Rings test fine and cooker circuit is okay continuity and I/r. I have put my earth leakage clamp on tails and when I go...
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    Earth Leakage Clamp Meter

    Hi everyone, Any suggestion for an Earth Leakage Clamp Meter within a reasonable price?
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    Earth leakage

    We have measured 50mA earth leakage from an oven.but during we touch the metal surface we do not receive shock :D how?
  11. J

    Earth leakage

    Is there any guides on how much earth leakage is acceptable in an industrial setting ie MCC. The reason i ask is it seems to be most sites have a degree of leakage which I’m not sure is due to many VSDs being used but recently a panel I saw had 0.6amps leakage but the motor starter was all good...
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    Earth leakage meter.. Do I really need one?

    While waiting for a reasonably priced earth leakage clamp meter that will do both AC and DC leakage, I find myself asking the question which is the title of this post.And so tonight (been prompted by "Listers" Post) I thought "why not ask the forum? I have to date never not solved any faults to...
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    Intentional earth leakage

    Just thinking out loud. IEL (intentional earth leakage) is already having a significant impact on domestic socket circuit design. It's impact is going to continue to increase as virtually every apiance incorporates electronics. RCBO populated DB, s will become increasing necessary to cope with...
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    RCD earth leakage meter.

    Hi all, looking for recommendations for an earth leakage test meter for RCD work that doesnt cost a fortune. Thanks in advance.
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    Earth leakage circuit breaker

    From a brief bit of Internet research my understanding is earth leakage circuit breakers monitor voltage on the CPC rather than an inbalance in current between L &N as an RCD does. Is this correct?
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    Earth leakage problem with Karcher pressure washer

    Hi all. Talented amateur here, stage electrician at school 1971 - 74 and have done much DIY electrical work iover the years, including central heating systems. I worked for several years for the residential division of Honeywell Control Systems and wrote many installation and user instructions...
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    Earth leakage clamp meter

    Hi It’s a bad setup but I went for a call out in the night in a residential unit. There’s a rcd in its own enclosure feeding a 14 way board that had tripped. I reset it didn’t trip. I passed 2 mornings later and still hadn’t tripped. Whilst there on first visit I stuck my earth leakage clamp...
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    typical earth leakage values

    hi all, If there is such a thing as 'typical' values, what, in your experience would you consider these to be from equipment such as pc's and other IT, washing machines and any other significant sources? thanks
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    Fluorescent light fittings earth leakage

    Hi everyone, I have measured an earth leakage on twin Flo light fittings (2x58W fittings) in open plan office. Office has 18x twin Flo light fittings which are divided into 3 separate circuits, and 3x (10A) RCBOs for each circuit. I have reading of 3mA at each light fitting. 2x circuits are...
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    UK Earth leakage issues.

    Hi all. Im looking for some help regards a massive earth leakage issue in a new i installation Its a little more complicated than this but its hard to explain. New board 16 way tails splits due to old board still i operation for new few weeks. Large 4 bed house. Pme system. Earth verified...


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