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  1. Wilko

    The Washer Repairman Story ...

    Evening All - got a call from Customer who had trouble with her washing machine which resulted in a damaged outlet for me to replace. Story begins with an odour in the utility room, which she rightly detected was coming from the washing machine (a late model German device). As she pays for...
  2. D

    Domestic Vax pressure washer inline fuse

    Good morning all, I have a 2500W Vax pressure washer, almost 3 years old, but only light summer use, could be described 'as new'. Pressure washing the decking the other day, Mrs wanted to cut the hedge so I let her use the long decent quality outdoor extension, I used a short indoor extension...
  3. Soulsurfer

    Washing Machine Rcd Tripping !

    Hey all I'm sure it's an old frequently asked one but had a callout this afternoon where young couple just bought brand new high end Miele washing machine and had plugged into an old powerbreaker rcd socket in garage. As soon as it's turned on to start any program and door interlock operates as...
  4. C

    Industrial Compex Exia and ip washers

    Hi there i am looking for a question answered regarding Ip washers on Exia equipment, the equipment is rated at Exia iic T6 ip rating of Ip68 intrinsically safe in zone 2 with an Exde Hawke cable gland on the cable Ip rated at Ip66/67, does this still require an Ip washer as the minimum Ip...
  5. Soulsurfer

    Recessed wall washer ??

    Hey all looking un-successfully for a downlight style recessed wall washer just like the Robus Wilson model which can angle / tilt down up to 45 degrees to flood wardrobes, the robus unfortunately is only in white and they want satin nickel, brushed steel kind of thing to go with the steel...
  6. C

    Dishwasher need bonding?

    Hello Ive just fitted a new dishwasher and after finishing the tedious job of fitting the door cover etc The second manual states that it must be bonded. So I pulled it back out and there is a screw on the back in which to earth. My questions are, does the dishwasher actually need bonding as...
  7. S

    Commercial Glass washer tripping RCD

    Hi there. I was wondering if someone could help me... Glass washers are not my usual 'thing'.. The Lambrr glass washer in my girlfriends work is tripping the RCD. It was tripping every time she tried to turn it on and start a wash cycle, so I opened it up, fixed a small leak, dried it out...
  8. L

    Dishwasher heating problem

    Hi, I realise here isnt many appliance guys on here but I have been testing my heating element in my dishwasher because the water wasn't heating up, I am getting 28 ohms on the element but not at the spade connectors where the wiring plug clips on, should I get 28 ohms across the spade...
  9. B

    Domestic Faulty socket? Works the sink disposal but won't power a dishwasher?

    Chaps, I'll don a tin hat here as someone is going to tell me I'm dim. Problem is this: old property, plug socket under kitchen sink, it powers the sink food disposal churner thingy but when I unplug that and try to install a new dishwasher it won't send any power to it?? I just tried plugging...
  10. G

    Combining circuits

    Would anything forbid me from combining the clothes washer socket and kitchen dishwasher to a single circuit & MCB?
  11. G

    led rgb apollo wall washers

    sorry to interrupt but cannot seem to figure how to send to recipients-can any body re-direct this post installing led rgb wall washers and unsure as to cable required can i use 0.75 4 core flex to run 5 led washers @each unit is 54 watt and 2.3 amp /supply is from 24 volt 320 watt...
  12. F

    Non Electrician Socket/Dishwasher Question

    Hi I am not an electrician but stumbled across this forum when trying to find answers to my I problem so thought I'd ask here, hope you don't mind. The problem is one of the sockets in my kitchens seems to be blowing up my dishwashers. I have two gaps in my kitchen, either side of my sink, for...
  13. F

    Industrial Farm Barn requires 3 phase + N + E!

    Hi, The barn in question currently has a 230V Supply, 3 core 16mm SWA is used for this. There is one ring main (32A) and three lighting circuits (3 x 6A) installed in the barn. The farmer has fitted a new pressure washer in this barn that requires a 3PN+E supply (16A). The supply to this barn...
  14. J

    Burning smell from socket / plug when using dishwasher

    I have a 2 year old Hoover dishwasher and a couple of days ago it started causing a burning smell. At first we did not know what was causing the smell but have now worked out it is the dishwasher. Today I pulled it out and all looks OK. I sniffed the plug and that had the remnants of a burning...
  15. B

    Help 3phase dishwasher

    Hi guys fitted a commercial dishwasher today extended c/w supply made drainage alterations etc.Being a helpful stupid bloke connected up cables.Didnt know neutral changed from black to blue so have connected up incorrectly none of the breakers tripped am I in the brown stuff or not im a plumber...
  16. Murdoch

    Karcher K2 - Jet Washer - BNIB - unwanted raffle prize

    Pretty much as the description says, just won first prize in a raffle and we've already got one. Online they go for £105.00 + Please PM me with sensible offers! Thanks
  17. J

    Dishwasher tripping

    Afternoon all, going to look at my friends parents dishwasher today. when connected to the kitchen ring it trips RCD but they have since had it connected to an extension lead from the lounge and it doesn't trip. i was pre thinking that there maybe water at the socket. Does anyone one have...
  18. J

    Can kitchen sink & dishwasher waste feed to main sewerage waste?

    Or should it be totally separate to prevent risk of blockage / backflow? Builder has suggested running new kitchen waste to the sewerage downpipe that is in the room rather than digging up the front garden and tarmac drive to access the sewer direct. What would be the correct thing to do? He...
  19. R

    Ongoing re-call of Bosch/Neff/Siemens dishwashers

    Not sure if it's already been circulated, but product re-call of popular Bosch/Neff/Siemens dishwashers. Was quite suprised how many people I knew had effected models! Bosch, Neff and Siemens re-issue dishwasher safety notice - March - 2013 - Which? News
  20. SKY

    In-Rush Current on Pressure Washer

    Have an install where a professional pressure washer is popping the fuse on start up. The circuit is a 16a Radial from board to garage approx 15m long all fed by 2.5mm. The washer is a commercial 1 phase unit and has the auto start and stop once the trigger is pressed as soon as the owner...