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  1. D

    Vax pressure washer died

    Hi Can anyone give advice on my vax pressure washer. It was working fine, and has been pretty reliable. However its just gone dead after a day. Now, i did use a normal internal extention adaptor and thinking this could have done it. But after changing fuses etc still no look. But when i open it...
  2. C

    Washing Machine Pressure Switch

    Hi Guys Can anyone advise which way around the pressure switch should be wired. See the two photos, the oval switch is the existing one but I'm not sure how they should fit on the new switch? Thanks for any help Clive 1588607297
  3. H

    Aqualisa pressure drop

    Can anyone help? We have an aqualisa quartz shower. It isn’t pumped but has a digital processor. We’ve noticed a drop in water pressure - maybe 50% although it still works. House water pressure is normal otherwise. Is this likely to be the processor? We changed it about 5 years ago for a...
  4. Dan

    Shower Power Booster - Had a drop in water pressure? There's a deal on these, but even when there isn't a deal going they can be a godsend. These little gizmos fire up the pressure of the water feeding your shower (or other taps)...
  5. dazkgoodwin

    Auto electrics - Halfords not accepting blame for tyre pressure monitoring fault

    This year I had 2 front tyres replaced, front discs and pads replaced (24 Aug), and I was quite pleased with the price and service, however since going in for this work the tyre pressure monitoring on my Vauxhall Corsa (2015 Limited Edition) is showing the pressures for the 2 front pressures the...
  6. K

    GEFRAN 40B96 - Pressure Imdicator

    Hi members Struggling to understand this GEFRAN pressure indicator wiring. Idea is to bypass this pressure indicator as it keeps cutting off supply to motor and stops the machine. My question is on GEFRAN output1,2&3 what is C+ and NO avd how they do they work with relays etc Pictures attached
  7. HVManiac

    How much current is drawn by an 18,600 BTU A/C compressor while running at atmospheric pressure

    Hi folks, I recently got a 26 year old hermetic A/C compressor. I plan to use this as a vacuum pump mostly for some of my hobby projects after adding an air filter and a moisture removal setup to it. The specs on the label on the A/C said that it power draw is 2450 Watts, 11.5Amps. Does it...
  8. H

    Oil pressure safety switch wiring help

    Today I tried my hand at installing a fuel pump relay and oil pressure safety switch, but didn't quite get the result I'm looking for. The fuel pump isn't supposed to run until the oil pressure sensor hits 5 psi, but right now the pump turns the second I hook the ground cable up on the battery...
  9. M

    Retired pressure jet oil & gas engineer

    Still learning after 64 years on the tools....... Self employed 47 years. Used to have the monopoly for Whitbread Pubs within 50 mile radius of Nottingham....... I've always said the more electrical complexity there is built into the modern boilers the more they will go wrong but it does not...
  10. 7029 dave

    The pressure is off now passed

    Hi all, have not been that active on here lately. Just took my final gas safe exams and passed lol. It has taken quite a lot out of me these past 3 months.! Should I sign up to the other side now, ha ha NO my loyalty is here.
  11. D

    Domestic Vax pressure washer inline fuse

    Good morning all, I have a 2500W Vax pressure washer, almost 3 years old, but only light summer use, could be described 'as new'. Pressure washing the decking the other day, Mrs wanted to cut the hedge so I let her use the long decent quality outdoor extension, I used a short indoor extension...
  12. Auto Technician

    Land Rover P1260 Fault Code Fix (FreeLander) Td4 BMW Installation

    My customer read on many forums about people suffering to solve a problem with the above Land Rover with regards to a fault code known as P1260. It seems many people have used trial and error methods to resolve the problem but as far as he could see nobody found a fix, or nobody had posted a...
  13. N

    Decent pressure budget shower..?

    Hey Can anyone recommend a 9.5kW electric shower with decent pressure for less than £120? I've seen a Mira Go and a few Tritons but unsure whether the pressure will be any good for that price. Thanks
  14. V

    basic commercial kitchen fan / ventilation, advice on how to improve please

    hi basically we have a small commercial kitchen, we have an open hood/ canopy (approx 1.5m wide), no filters or anything within it (above the gas hobs), then a solid duct goes around 3m up through 1st floor and fan on top of roof (type where fan is directly on top of duct), The fan is working -...
  15. S

    Commissioning continuous mechanical extract ventilation or cmev in domestics

    Hi all, I've tested a bit of heat recovery before so mev is much simpler, just started testing a plot today. Theres 3no outlets;kitchen, down stairs wc and bathroom first floor, all leading to the loft where the mev unit sits. Was looking for around 7l/s at trickle mode at all outlets which...
  16. F

    Industrial Farm Barn requires 3 phase + N + E!

    Hi, The barn in question currently has a 230V Supply, 3 core 16mm SWA is used for this. There is one ring main (32A) and three lighting circuits (3 x 6A) installed in the barn. The farmer has fitted a new pressure washer in this barn that requires a 3PN+E supply (16A). The supply to this barn...
  17. H

    Shower Problem.

    Was sub contracted in by a plumber to replace an electric shower. Old shower was going hot and cold intermittently. Plumber assumed the shower was knackered and told me to replace it like for like. No cable installation just a straight swop. Also as soon as shower was turned on lights in the...
  18. Z

    Low level LEDs in bathroom - please help

    Hi Everyone apologies for not posting in the DIY section but it's locked and not allowing new posts. We've seen IP65 rated small decking LED lights at Wickes which we thought to use in the bathroom, set into the wall (skirting level). We hope to fit them under a wall hung sink and toilet and...
  19. Clive P

    Ideal Boiler24 fault.

    Hi, Anyone have any ideas on this one. Helping out a friend on a job ( not boiler related ) and had a look at their Boiler which hasn't been working since before Christmas. It displays an F3 fault--fan fault. The fan is running, and after a short time the fault code is displayed. There are 3...
  20. R

    Fault Q

    Hi guys, my question is regarding a vertical baler (paper crusher). The initial problem was that when pressing the start button to begin the crushing process nothing was happening. The company who supplied the machine 10 years ago will not send me the schematics. After checking the obvious, I...
  21. S

    Aqualisa shower

    AAARGGHHH!!! Ok so yesterday I went and did the good son deed by going round my Dads house. He has had trouble with the hot water pressure in his taps even though its fed from a single point outlet pump. It seems the pump doesn't kick in straight away when you open the taps but can take...
  22. K

    Commercial boiler trouble

    Hi got to go to a building Monday because of a boiler/extractor problem. What I have been told is this 3 phase boiler 3 phase extractor fan Pressure switch either side of the fan Apparently when you isolate fan the boiler doesn't turn off and the same when the pressure drops from pressure...
  23. K

    Commercial boiler trouble

    Hi got to go to a building Monday because of a boiler/extractor problem. What I have been told is this 3 phase boiler 3 phase extractor fan Pressure switch either side of the fan Apparently when you isolate fan the boiler doesn't turn off and the same when the pressure drops from pressure...
  24. B

    recommend a shower pump?

    I know this isn't a plumber's forum but...... can anyone recommend a reliable pump to feed an electric shower? (currently gravity fed from a tank and doesn't have enough pressure) Positive head, single impeller of fairly low power (1.5bar+) is fine but this is for my own house so I want...
  25. G

    Hydraulic Pressure Valve Controlled By 4-20mA Signal

    Hi All, I want to replace a manual hydraulic pressure valve with a valve that can be controlled with a 4-20mA signal. The pressure will be monitored by a gauge which will correct the pressure if necessary. Has anyone ever seen such a valve and can recommend a model/make? Gerard
  26. D

    8.5, 9.5 or 10.5kW Shower?

    Hi all, I'm sure this has been asked before but.... I'm just about to buy an electric shower for the annexe, water pressure is just over 1 bar, the question is, is there much difference between the 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5 kW showers in terms of temperature if your water flow is average. Thanks for...
  27. P

    Power shower not running

    Hello all. After several checking several sites, this is the one with the best setup. As you can tell im new with a problem with a power shower. The shower unit is done by Gainborough link - Gainsborough Ambassador High Pressure Mixer Shower - Concealed Sadly I don't know the brand of the...
  28. P

    Problem with a pressure washer

    hi im new to all this and wonder if you guys could help me out. I am trying to repair a pressure washer at work basicly it keeps blowing a 13amp fuse in plug every now and then 1 out of about 5 times of using it. its not that old we replaced the old one because of doing a similar problem but...
  29. G

    pressure pad switching

    Hi guys ive been asked to provide small lights on a staircase that turn on via a pressure pad on the bottom step and top step, 2 wayed. ive looked about online and cant find anything suitable, anyone know what i can do? cheers guys.
  30. G

    spares from previous job !

    i have 5 hj 260w mono panels and a omnik 1.5kw inverter i have some other spares as well. looking for £1500 ono if interested please contact me on 07812951084
  31. S

    Domestic Mira Power Shower

    Morning gents. Just want something cleared up so I know whether it's me or the plumber that needs to go out. Customer last Friday had both myself and the plumber in last week, I was rewiring immersion circuits, plumber was laying bathroom floor and raising the toilet to fit it in. So last...
  32. S

    Anyone uses a Yankee screwdriver in this trade

    Ive seen a few people using them and im wondering if its useful for the electricians. Any sparks here use them. If you dont know what im talking about, its the screwdriver which you push and it turns by itself, if you know what i mean.
  33. K

    Powerful Shower For Hard Water Area

    hi, I want to get a new powerful electric shower as my current one lacks pressure and gets blocked up quite easily (we live in a hard water area). I'm wondering if anyone has any advice they could share? I know there are lots of different types of showers, but does anyone have experience of...
  34. M

    DOL starter and switches

    Hi, I have a Dol starter which i would like to use for my single phase irrigation pump. The Coil on the contactor is 240v. there are 3 lines in L1 L2 L3. It is connected to a 17 - 25 amp overload. I know that I have to link the wires together some how, T1 to L3?? There is a start button on the...
  35. telectrix

    cold showers

    recently fitted new instantaneous shower for m-i-l. shower will not heat up due to showing low water pressure indicator. have problems with our own shower exactly the same but not constantly. united utilities have been and checked the pressure in the street and said it's good. but that's at a...
  36. S

    24v dc oil pressure switch

    can anyone help i have a 24vac oil pressure switch to wire up it needsto be wired from an existing panel... can i link out the existing 24v supply ??? it also needs wiring through a 24v light stack , green meaning normal pressure and red meaning high... the pressure switch has a common...
  37. J

    pressure switch

    Guys I am looking for a 3 phase pressure switch with unloader and half inch female inlet. Would prefer one which will take my gauge but not fussy was quoted £240 plus vat today. I think the guys at it can anyone help with where to get one in a hurry.
  38. S

    Shower Pump

    Evening gents I just have something I wish to confirm. Went today to look at shower pump which was faulty. I took the shower head off, to make sure it wasn't limescale but still poor water pressure, checked filter all fine and all connections fine too so pump obviously knackered. Im going...
  39. S

    How does a IR Tester work?

    Hi guys, 1st post, so please be gentle with me! I know how to use one but does anyone know how an IR tester actually works? I'm using a Megger 1502 and testing at say 500vdc does it actually apply 500vdc all the time you press the button and deliver 1mA for the whole time? And how long should...
  40. H

    Star / Delta Compressor Diagram

    Hi all, Could anybody point me in the direction of a diagram for star / delta wiring for a compressor, obviously found them for the normal Y/D motor wiring with the stop - start but cannot find any with the pressure switch. On the compressor the pressure switch is NC but is there a diagram...
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