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  1. B

    USA T12 fluorescent to LED conversion help

    Looking for help converting T12 fluorescents to LED. Have a bunch of these in my basement and wanted to confirm the correct type of LED tube to get - single or double ended. Each fixture has 4 of the 4 ft T12s and 2 ballasts. Hopefully the pictures help. 1595423521 My preference is to remove...
  2. K

    fluorescent bulb size

    I have a bulb that is over 20 years old and has started to flicker. I've replaced the starter switch but the bulb continues to flicker. I'm going to buy a new bulb but the size seems odd. It is 34mm in diameter and the pins are 12mm apart. A T8 seems too narrow and a T12 too wide. Grateful for...
  3. E

    Insulation resistance check on LED fittings

    Hi, Do I need to disconnect LED fluorescent fittings when doing an insulation resistance check? Thanks
  4. M

    Swapping out fluorescent lights for LED in kitchen

    I’m hoping to replace my mains-wired under kitchen cabinet fluorescent light fittings with some LED strip light units and need some advice please. The current lighting system consists of a mains cable running into a fused switch on top of one of the kitchen cabinets (photo 1). This then feeds...
  5. littlespark

    Looks like a fluorescent, acts like a fluorescent.....

    ..... but where is the control gear? looking at the age of the fitting, the choke must be massive, but can’t figure out where it is? In between the ceiling and upper floor?? it’ll be coming down at some time, I was only in pricing the job.
  6. R

    Fluorescent lamps flickering after installing new dimmer switch.

    As the title says today I replaced a simple 1 way 2 gang switch with a a 1 way 2 gang dimmer switch. The first switch controls 2 ceiling lights with gu10 fittings which dim fine. The second switch controls under cupboard lights which are fluorescent lamps, they originally come on and work...
  7. C

    USA Fluorescent to LED conversion tombstone removal

    I have about 30 4 bulb 4ft shop lights that I want to convert from fluorescent to LED. I need to swap the tombstones from shunted to unshunted on one side to do this. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to remove the metal tab that the tombstones anchor in to. There are no tabs on it to...
  8. J

    USA All-Pro Dusk to Dawn 110 deg. Fluorescent Bronze Walk Light Fixture Hardwired

    I had the All Pro dusk to dawn installed in 2015..the light bulb burned out last week. The electrician replaced the fluorescent bulb. That night it did not light although they checked the bulb earlier it worked. I read where you might have to reset breaker so I did and the light worked two...
  9. meisy#

    How to connect fluorescent lights?

    All fluorescent lights in this house (230V) are connected "1 switch - 1 light". So I have no where to get inspiration how to connect second fluorescent light. Could I do this?
  10. A

    Domestic 3 pin cable for fluorescent fitting

    Hi Does anyone know the name of this 3 pin connection and where I can find one. It’s for a t5 fluorescent fitting but can’t seem to find the cable anywhere online. Thanks
  11. N

    Fluorescent tubes for older fittings

    Although I am C & G qualified and fully trained as a spark I am donkeys years out of date and wish to ask this question. "I have a two 4 foot 40 watt fluorescent fittings in my kitchen which now need new tubes. There appears to have been changes in the size of tubes with which I am unfamilier...
  12. E

    Fluorescent to LED replacement tubes

    Got a few 4'(1200mm) fluorescent tubes with ballast and starters. Although the lumen will be lower using LED, I assume the ballast and starter is by-passed. Also assume to use the SMD range of LED tubes. thanks
  13. GBDamo

    Odd fluorescent tube goings on.

    Had an interesting situation today. Playing about putting new tubes and starters in four fittings, found one pair of tubes where when new tubes and starters fitted the tubes didn't come on. When I put the old starters back in with the new tubes they came on. All tubes and starters were...
  14. V

    Choosing replacement ballast

    Hi all. I have two bathroom cabinets which each use two T2 15W fluorescent tubes. Each tube has its own ballast which are pretty expensive to replace and go about every 12 months. Just wondering what ballast would be able to replace both of these, or if anyone can give me some ballast calcs to...
  15. V

    Earthing a T5 Fluorescent Fitting

    I have a row of fluorescent fittings under the kitchen wall cupboards - all fed from a fused spur at one end. One of the fittings (near the end of the run) has failed and I've bought a replacement but unlike the existing fittings, the replacement requires an earth connection. The existing...
  16. F

    Lux levels for fluorescent light fitting in test mode

    As the title says. I'm looking for some data so that I can calculate lux levels from a 58w fluorescent batten fitting in test mode (working off of battery). I have looked on Thorn's website but all I can find is data for normal operation (not in test). Any help would be much appreciated.
  17. marconi

    Fluorescent lighting troubleshooting guide

    In the course of working on a problem on the EF to do with a strobing fluorescent light fitting I have been researching this type of lighting technology and how it becomes faulty or fails. I came across what I think is a very useful troubleshooting guide which others may want to have handy...
  18. gazdkw82

    Fluorescent tube spares - fridge

    went to the shop up the road and was approached by the owner. He asked if I could help fix the lighting on his open beer fridge. Basically is 2x 58w 5ft tubes but one of them has burnt out at the end and has stopped working. Iv took the tube out but it will need a new connection at the end. Is...
  19. J

    Domestic Fixing ballast to fluorescent lighting

    Hi, BTW I'm not an electrician. Ive got 2 five ft luminaire lights with each holding 2 T8 tubes. The other night 2 tubes went out, I changed the tubes no joy. So I am thinking it must be the ballast. The ballast is this one 2 x 58W T8 High Frequency Ballast | CEF -...
  20. david dutton

    Will 240V fluorescent tube starter work at 110v?

    Hi, I'm a novice looking for advice. I need to replace the fluorescent tube and starter on my American pinball machine. The current tube and starter operate at 110v The tube is a F18T 8CW which seems to be available in UK so I've ordered one of those. The existing starter is a UL brand with...
  21. Stuart Houghton

    4 x 50 watt LED Flood Lights on 3 PIR's

    I'm planning to install 4 50 watt LED flood lights and three PIR's the idea is to link the switched output of the PIRs so if one is activated all of the lights come on. I also plan to link the switched output to a wall switch so that the customer can turn them all on manually. It is possible...
  22. T

    LED compared with fluorescent savings

    My gut feeling is that at the present level of fancy prices LED lighting is being over-hyped by comparing the savings with old style tungsten bulbs rather than with low energy fluorescent. That if one is able to do the calculations (I am not) the break-even point from a change-over is much...
  23. G

    Domestic Help needed re-wiring my garage

    hi The electrics in my garage are a complete mess. So I've taken everything out and started to renew everything . I have installed a garage consumer unit . I have managed to install the armoured cable . I am now stuck at lights . I have taken a feed from the cu to a fluorescent light and a...
  24. simpson93

    Led tubes vs fluorescent

    Good evening guys I cant seem to find any led tubes that give out the same light output as fluorescents Anyone can point me in the right direction in particular looking for A 4ft led tube with 3k lumens+ Seems to me there's abit of a con where the manufacturers are saying 50% saving etc but...
  25. D

    LED inrush

    I'm going to look at a job this week at a warehouse which requires replacing all the existing 6 foot twin fluorescent fittings with LED versions. They've requested the fittings are kept as they're relatively new so will look to bypass ballast etc. Not sure on the number but it'll be a few dozen...
  26. S

    Domestic Fluorescent vs LED ??

    Hi guys, I'm pricing a job for a customer who wants a fluorescent in his garage, but has asked for a price for an equivalent LED fitting. Denmans do a 5 foot LED for about 85 quid, but I'm wondering what the light output is like compared to an equivalent fluorescent. I've not used one of...
  27. D

    Domestic when i press switch 1 switch2 light come on as well

    i wired kitchen florescent loop in method then i took live feed for outside light (flood light with sensor) direct to switch then to light.when i switch kitchen light on the outside light switch come on as well.can anybody help me with this please.
  28. F

    Domestic Parallel wiring Fluorescent tubes basics.

    Hi all, I'm trying to build a wall of 6ft fluorescent tubes, creating an effect similar to this: I'm looking for a way of achieving this effect, spending as little as possible as I can't afford fabrication. I've been considering buying...
  29. U

    Commercial LED fluorescent replacement tubes

    I have a customer who is trying to reduce his electricity bills at his shop, lighting is the biggest load with multi tube fluorescent fittings in the main shop area I have been looking at the possibility of replacing the fluorescent tubes with LED tube replacements but have some doubts not...
  30. A

    LED Lighting

    I am part of a team responsible for operating a village hall. We have been advised to consider replacing our current lighting system with LED lamps Currently we have egg crate fluorescents GU10, Dichroic 12 volt and 26w pin fitting CFL. Any suggestions as to replacements and were to get the...
  31. M


    Hello guys! I have one question regarding dimmers and would really appreciate any answer. Can I use ordinary dimmer to dim fluorescent light bulbs to about 60% (100% means full power)? Thanks in advance... best regards
  32. L

    Domestic Help required please - CPF Dimmer

    Hi all, I have recenly installed an MK K1525 Dimmer K1525 WHI that is used for dimmer one CPF that is a Megaman Dimmerable Compact Fluorescent 18w BC The problem I have is when the lamp is cold it flickers and strobes like a disco when turned energised. What is strange that when this CPF is...
  33. Richard Burns

    Lighting switched line in another light's enclosure

    I had a job to replace downlights with fluorescent battens, however when I came to the job they wanted the downlights to stay as well, this meant a large increase in the job requirement supplying new wiring for the fluorescents. I wired this is such a way that the switched line for the...
  34. C

    Domestic Household Garage Lighting Installations

    Hi, I've been told, Fluorescent lighting within domestic household garages needs to be of IP54 (enclosed luminaire). The current lights are std battens, without diffusers. In the case of the garage in question, the lights are around 2.5mtrs from floor level, well away from external influences...
  35. W

    ir testing

    hi guys i have to do an ir test tomorrow but my problem is that there are appliances connected as it is an existing installation. basically i want to test an installation but has a plc connected that controlls alot off the circuits that are in the fuseboard. if i join the l + n and test to earth...
  36. H

    LED light vs fluorescent

    I have an LED T8 tube, 1.2m, on 240VAC it draws about 80mA and should have 18W. I do have compared it with a 1.2m fluorescent T8 tube, 36W plus ballast which has on 240 VAC 400mA. The current I have measured with an AC multimeter. Means the LED light saves 5 times the power. If I compare the 18W...
  37. M

    How would a Fluorescent light work in detail?

    Hey I know what a Fluorescent light works, by wires etc but I wan't to go into real detail in how it all works. This is what I know so far... "a light bulb has very little in common with a fluorescent tube. In a light bulb, the light is generated by a filament. On the other hand, a gas is...
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