1. Landin

    I need help with LED light strips. I have a 120v 10a ac/dc power source. A led controller that can handle the power and output.

    As the title says. But then I cut off a jst connection off one of the light strips and I can't get them to work together... the one strip is plug and play and I wanted to attach the next one to the strip at the end so they work on the same command. It's all going into a party bus so there is a...
  2. drumboog

    Extension cords and power strips.

    Hi, I'm a hobbyist without formal training. I'm looking to power audio/video equipment over several hundred feet of extension cords. I have 2 speakers that draw around 1 amp each, and some video equipment that draws 3-4 amps. I'd like to run the equipment in the following configuration: A...
  3. W

    Can someone recommend me the best RGB LED Strips for my bedroom?

    I am renovating my 6m x 7.6m bedroom, I want to have some LEDs to go around the ceiling and then some around my desk and shelves. Can someone recommend which retailer has the highest-quality LEDs?
  4. C

    5v addressable light strips distances and controllers.

    hello all, I am about to start a mildly ambitious project with some addressable RGB led strips. I am still shopping for the perfect strip and my requirements are ip68 and <=3mm width. 30 leds/meter will be perfectly fine for my application. At that density and with the project run I have in...
  5. rhartz

    Led strips now red or green colours

    I've fitted some led lights with power supply and mi light controller, they were working fine and all colours could be seen, then for some reason red and green just stopped showing and i can only go white, yellows and blues. I turned it off at the mains and when i turned it back on i changed the...
  6. S

    LED Strips wiring - various strips length to 2 drivers?

    Hi all, I got my place recently renovated with a cove light installed in my living room. The issue is that my contractor engaged with an electrician who didn't seem to know too much and got a bad result, so I'm looking at re-wiring by myself. The cove is roughly 3 x 3.7m. I have 2 x 80W 12V...
  7. aquariumsrcool

    led strips lighting for shelf

    hi im looking to solder solid-color led strips to one power supply for each color, in order to dim each color individually. this is reasonable right? if i were to split the white strip over 4 different shelves, and i don't want to connect the ends of each strip to the next one (cause it'll be...
  8. aquariumsrcool

    DIY Shelf grow light strips and dimming

    Hi, I'm very new to electrical but I'm ready to learn. For my first project I'm looking to setup 2 shelf racks with four shelves each and about two feet long each. For my project I'm going to be lighting grow racks for plants, tissue cultures etc. I'm purchasing 2 rolls of dimmable 5630 cool...
  9. J

    LED Hooking up 12v LED strips and removing 120v transformer

    Hi all, I converting a van to a camper and wanted lights for underneath the kitchen cabinet. I purchased this led light strip for Home Depot ( The first one I bought with USB connection just wasn't bright...
  10. D

    WS2812B led strips, Series or parallel?

    I have tried to find info on connecting WS2812B led strips Dat/signal line without any luck. I wondered if it was ok to connect the dat/signal line in parallel to 2 existing led strips from the controller or does it have to be in series?
  11. GoBeau

    Why are the first 5-6 LED’s on my 24V LED Lighting Strips not lighting after a connector is added?

    I just installed some 24V LED Lighting Strips single colour in my kitchen and it seems at every point where I added a quick connector that connects a 2 wire conductors to the LED Strip that the first section of LED’s don’t light up (about 5-6 LED’s). The plastic connectors are the type where...
  12. C

    Do this particual model of LED strips produce ANY UV at all?

    Hello everybody, I have question about LED strips. I have movie prop that is very,VERY fragile and it's very sensitive to UV. I have it displayed in my cabinet and I bought LED strips for illumination. Problem is that I'm not sure if model that I bought emits UV even in smallest quantity. I...
  13. nyDIYelectric1

    Adding electric to thin interior basement wall ( w/ furring strips)

    It's common in the US to build interior basement walls on masonry using furring strips covered with sheet rock. Is there a proper way to add electical outlets to these walls and is it required by code?
  14. C

    Where on Earth sells 10m RGBWW LED strips (preferably smart enabled)??

    I can't for the life of me find anywhere that sells 10m RGBWW led strips that don't cost an arm and a leg. I can find lots of 5m options, would it be just as simple as getting two 5m reels and a doubly powerful power supply then soldering the reels together? Why does smart capability seem to...
  15. J

    LED strips, which ones to use ...

    Hi all, I have been installing a lot of LED strip lights in various different places for clients, but I am struggling to find a good quality setup. Currently the ones I have been using come with a plug top and smal RGB reciever etc, but in my eyes this isn’t very (electrician friendly) and is...
  16. littlespark

    LED tape strips. Recommendations?

    Ive got a customer asking me about an LED strip around the perimeter of a bedroom. There is an existing coving which will be removed, and a new one fitted a little lower, with the LED tape hidden above the coving. She has mentioned that there is going to be a mural painted onto the ceiling and...
  17. G

    Multiple led strips in wall

    Hi all, I want to do these leds in my hall with random sizes and spaces, how would you go about wiring it? , getting thin cable from say 6 or 7 led pieces so long as they are under 5 metres and all back to a central point for connection to the driver .
  18. J

    Figuring Out LED Strips Around Perimetre Of Room

    Hi guys, I recently bought a new place, and it has some old fashioned dado rail around the living room and the first thought that came into my head was RGB LED strips in the dado rail going around the entire room. I've measured the total LED strip length being approx 1306cm. Also the approx...
  19. M

    Installing LED strips but not working possible short circuit

    Hi all. Seems like a simple fix just need some advice. I was fixing LED strips in the kitchen today. The switch in the kitchen is a 2-gang which powers the LED strips and the ceiling lights. There are 3 seperate LED strips to go around the kitchen, each connected to an LED driver and power...
  20. King Mustard

    Method to make LED strips fade on and off?

    I have some LED strips (they have a red and black wire coming out of them) that I want to mount in my Peugeot 308 (2012)'s footwells. I intend to get them hooked up (I wouldn't know how to do it) to the interior light, so that when the car door opens, the LED strips come on with it. However...


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