1. J

    LED strips, which ones to use ...

    Hi all, I have been installing a lot of LED strip lights in various different places for clients, but I am struggling to find a good quality setup. Currently the ones I have been using come with a plug top and smal RGB reciever etc, but in my eyes this isn’t very (electrician friendly) and is...
  2. littlespark

    LED tape strips. Recommendations?

    Ive got a customer asking me about an LED strip around the perimeter of a bedroom. There is an existing coving which will be removed, and a new one fitted a little lower, with the LED tape hidden above the coving. She has mentioned that there is going to be a mural painted onto the ceiling and...
  3. G

    Multiple led strips in wall

    Hi all, I want to do these leds in my hall with random sizes and spaces, how would you go about wiring it? , getting thin cable from say 6 or 7 led pieces so long as they are under 5 metres and all back to a central point for connection to the driver .
  4. J

    Figuring Out LED Strips Around Perimetre Of Room

    Hi guys, I recently bought a new place, and it has some old fashioned dado rail around the living room and the first thought that came into my head was RGB LED strips in the dado rail going around the entire room. I've measured the total LED strip length being approx 1306cm. Also the approx...
  5. M

    Domestic Installing LED strips but not working possible short circuit

    Hi all. Seems like a simple fix just need some advice. I was fixing LED strips in the kitchen today. The switch in the kitchen is a 2-gang which powers the LED strips and the ceiling lights. There are 3 seperate LED strips to go around the kitchen, each connected to an LED driver and power...
  6. M

    Led strips controllers and power

    I am looking to purchase 5m of LED RGB+CCT strip and 2 ZigBee controllers, the controllers can take up to 6 amps, the LED strip has a max draw of 72 watts at 5m, I was planning on only using 1m on each controller and purchasing a 12v 6a power supply just incase I use the full 5 meters between...
  7. G

    Domestic Connecting led strips via 2core

    Hi, Wondering if anybody might have some advice for a little something I want to do. I want to install footwell lights in car by way of 2 separate led strips, the strips are 5050 LED Strip Light 12V Car Caravan White Blue Red Green Warm White 10 30 cm | eBay -...
  8. T

    Partially working LED strips

    Evening All, Hope this is the correct sub-forum.. I'm having issues with a little set up installing some lights on a bookshelf. I have 9 lengths of LED strips (8 x 10cm; 1 x 30cm), all connected with quick connectors. 2 of the strips aren't working (4th and 8th from the PSU). I've replaced...
  9. S

    Domestic I Need of Help Connecting LED Strips

    Hello, I have just purchased some LED strips from Amazon (link below), and I was wondering whether I could connect them up by firstly using a timer plug, followed by a 2-way plug. The timer would be plugged into a wall socket. The LED Strips: Tingkam Waterproof 1M 60 led 5050 White Color led...
  10. C

    led tape strips

    Been back to job,& fixed lights,all 20 led tape strips connecting points were faulty,can you believe.This aint cheap stuff either.Just hope my time is paid.
  11. G

    faulty photocell

    Hi all. Any one had and probs controlling leds from ss4 dusk/dawn photocells? I replaced 3 150w metal halides with 3 70w led floods. Worked perfectly fine and the customer asked me to fit some extra led strips for his sign lighting 4weeks later (L.v complete with trannys) . The lights stayed on...
  12. G

    LED Driver Question

    Novice here. I am looking to install (a lot of powerful) LED lights in my kitchen and I want to understand the implications of putting PSUs in my lighting circuit. I currently have 15 halolite tube lights (16W each). That's 240W @ 240V (so one amp of current, right ?) I'm thinking about...
  13. DaveVector

    Domestic LED flexi strips

    Hi folks, as part of a kitchen refit, I've been asked to install LED flexi strips. Having not done these before I would welcome some advice. The client wants strips in three separate ares, but wants them interconnected as they will be activated by an infra red detector(nice bit of kit) My...
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