led strip lights

  1. C

    Power injection in to addressable LED strip lights

    Hi, new member here seeking a bit of advice. I want to run 4 x 5 meter addressable RGB LED stips around my living room skirting to form a continuous 20 meter strip -don't judge me lol. The LEDS will be controlled by a NodeMCU flashed with WLED and powered by a 5V 12A 60W psu. All 4 strips will...
  2. O

    240v DC! led strip lights

    A client asked me to fit some LED strip lights, 1m long, easy enough, they bought them, probably on Amazon, 3 pin plug with 6 inches of wire and then a very small plastic enclosure about the size of a switch, then another 6 inches of wire directly into the strip lighting. I needed to extend the...
  3. M

    Best under cabinet led strip lights

    Hi guys Doing my kitchen and want to put the led strips under the cabinets and also the kick boards. Any recommendations for any? The one for the kick boards would need to fit round a u shape so would ideally be flexible to bend round. Cheers guys
  4. john watts

    INSTYLE LED - LED strip light specialists

    Hi All, We are a Leicestershire based LED lighting company, specialising in commercial grade LED strip lights and all of the accessorise including control gear, extrusions, power supplies and more. We can ship to anywhere in the UK for next day delivery. For prices or questions: Please call...
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