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  1. aquariumsrcool

    led strips lighting for shelf

    hi im looking to solder solid-color led strips to one power supply for each color, in order to dim each color individually. this is reasonable right? if i were to split the white strip over 4 different shelves, and i don't want to connect the ends of each strip to the next one (cause it'll be...
  2. aquariumsrcool

    DIY Shelf grow light strips and dimming

    Hi, I'm very new to electrical but I'm ready to learn. For my first project I'm looking to setup 2 shelf racks with four shelves each and about two feet long each. For my project I'm going to be lighting grow racks for plants, tissue cultures etc. I'm purchasing 2 rolls of dimmable 5630 cool...
  3. Wilko

    The battle for shelf dominance ... just surrender

    A mate showed me this one today, so I thought I'd share the laughter. So so true at mine :)
  4. D

    Microwave above sink

    Hi all, Was out looking at a job today in a clients office, and have been asked to quote for installing an additional socket for a microwave. They have installed a shelf directly above the kitchen sink and have placed a microwave on it - present cord is stretched out across to a worktop...
  5. S

    Fitting shelves with built in LED's

    Hi All, We're having some shelves fitted that have build in LED's (they're not floating, but will be supported by brackets) and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience in wiring these. We have 6 small shelves and 2 large ones and want all of the lights to come on via a single switch. We...
  6. Neilfud

    Shelf life for 2.5mm Twin and Earth

    I have a small wiring extension to undertake and have an unused 50 metre roll of 2.5mm Twin and Earth (Red and Black). The roll is about 15 years old (its been in the loft), and I was wondering if it is acceptable to use this, or whether it was 'past it sell by date'? Thanks.
  7. L

    Do they do ip rated clip in click roses!?

    Due to the conditions at this job,working in a new shelf life room in a commercial setting I'm after some ip rated click roses. basisaly I'm going to wire the then via conduit on the wall to a click rose and then cables individually to each light fitting(yes the fittings are ip rated)...
  8. T

    Shelf lighting.

    The Sunday night stella and pricing session is in mid flow and i am struggling to find a product for my needs! A builder who i do work for is building a false wall for a customer to recess the tv into. each side of the tv has rows of shelves with cupboards underneath. The customer wants to...
  9. K

    Small Skeleton Boards

    Hi, Does anyone know where you can get small compact skeleton board (I need dual load 8 way max). I have seen Wylex do some but these are two tall for what I need as trying to replace old wylex board in ex council house and am limited by the existing housing unit. Thanks
  10. K

    Mercury exposure, some graphic photos (if the link works)
  11. R

    Off the shelf RCBO's

    Morning guys, can anyone tell me what rcbos will fit in the place of an old wylex board. The mcbs say NB30 NB05 etc on front face of them. Cheers
  12. G

    Tradepoint woes

    Hi All I joined tradepoint at B&Q last week and all looked promising. The tradepoint depot manager gave me a tour of the warehouse and basically told me if they didn't have it in stock it wasn't worth having. Popped in there today as it was close by to a job for a few of the basics, about 30...
  13. K

    Storage heater spares Manchester area

    Hi Lads, anyone know a place in Mcr that might do of the shelf spares for creda Storage heaters\? Got a good place in Colne, but its a hell of a drive.


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