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  1. G

    changing kitchen lights to LED's

    Hi I want to change my kitchen down-lights to LED's, I have 12 down-lights, 6 on one dimmer switch and 6 on another dimmer , I have tried dimmable LED's in 6 of the lights but they are just flickering, do I need to change the dimmer switches and the transformers to make these work. Transformer...
  2. P

    LED'S keep tripping the RCD when switched off?

    Hi everyone, I have recently replaced 10 old strip lights in a church hall with new LED strip lights. I ran an insulation test and all seemed good. I switched them on and all seemed good. I had a call from the vicar to say that they are not working so went back to site to find the MCB had...
  3. happyhippydad

    Why are 'most' LED dimmer switches limited to 10 led's?

    As in the title. The varilight V-pro and MK intelligent dimmer both say they can dim up to a maximum of 10 LED's. Why can they dim no more, even if the maximum wattage is not reached? I can find no explanation on their sites. Zano produce a dimmer which can dim a much higher amount of LED's...
  4. BeeJay2

    Domestic Smart metre LED's query.

    Hello all, My present duel fuel supplier, Bulb, doesn't use the smart meters installed by my previous supplier, British Gas. The 3 LED's on a separate unit linked to the electric meter are, top, (WAN) Green, on permanently, middle, (HAN) Red continuous flashing & bottom, (PWR) Green which I...
  5. J

    LED's - Selecting the correct driver for lamp

    Hi, Could someone please tell me what has happened and please advise: I recently modified a large 5x halogen bulb lamp bought from 'Next' to take G4 LED's. I selected appropriate 3W LED SMD bulbs and got a 20W LED driver to run the 5 bulbs. There is no dimmer, its just on a foot on/off switch...
  6. rolyberkin

    Chances of constant current LED's having been fried!?

    Picked up a job where the previous electricians had not connected some collingwood LED stair lights (they were exited from the job!), they had been wired in parallel and no doubt hooked up to an LED driver, anyone up on their electronics? Have they definitely been fried or is it worth taking a...
  7. W

    will LED's work with this transformer?

    Hi, I need to replace some kitchen lights that take G4 pin bulbs. I'd like to switch to LEDs but not sure if the transformer fitted will be too much power? Please see image and these are the bulbs I'm looking at: WOW - G4 LED 3W Bulbs Capsule Bulb Replace Halogen Bulb AC / DC 12V 48 3014 SMD |...
  8. O

    Couple of question about Can-bus ready LED's

    Hello at present I drive a Vauxhall Vectra C 1.9cdti 16V 150bhp 56 plate. I wish to add some extra lights to my vehicle, as in Angel Eyes (Halo rings) to my head lights, also some extra indicators to the door mirrors and possibly some LED strip lights to the headlights that also connect to the...
  9. R

    Domestic LED's keep blowing 5amp fuse

    Hello! So I have some LED's wired up to my leisure battery via a 5amp fuse. Whenever I change the fuse and switch them on only half of the LED panel lights up and the fuse blows immediately. The fuses don't seem to be breaking in half completely, just burning and distorting to the point of...
  10. J

    Converting Floor Lamp Halogen to LED - Advice

    Hi, Could someone please be able to give me some advice and electrical theory about converting a light from halogen to LED. The current circuit has 5 20W halogen bulbs running off a dimmer: Buy Bella 5 Light Floor Lamp from the Next UK online shop - http://www.next.co.uk/g503008s1 I have read...
  11. E

    Kitchen LED transformer requirement

    Got a string of 12v led bulbs with a total of 30w which I want to use one transformer. What size/type of transformer to power these would you suggest. cheers
  12. Leesparkykent

    texecom alarm

    Doing an extension atm and part of that is adding a couple of extra zones to the alarm. The alarm is a Texecom premier elite 24.........the customer is asking if its possible to disable the LED's on the PIR's? I've had a quick look through the manual but couldn't find anything ( I do have a...
  13. C

    Which G4 LED bub type do I require?

    Hello all, I want to purchase some LED G4 bulbs for my under counter lights. I need to know whether I need 12v or 230v, and whether i need AC or DC. Here is a phot of my transformer:
  14. rolyberkin

    Domestic LED Driver Issue

    Hi everyone I have some existing MR16 LED bulbs in 3 x Ikea spotlights, two of these are driven by a low voltage electronic transformers designed to power 4 x 20w halogens. I have three of these fittings, one of the older versions is fitted with a toroidal transformer. These lights consist of...
  15. PhilCumbria

    Low Glow on LED's

    Hi can anyone help. I have installed some LED's in my bathroom and a fan which has a time delay on it. When I turn the LED's off I noticed they still have a Glow to them, so I put my Multi accross one of them and there are 103v present when switched off. If I disconnect the switch wire to the...
  16. A

    help with flickering when switched on

    Hi all new here just need some help and I am not a electrican i have LED's gu10s when I turn the swich on it is not a dimmer and it is the swich that was in when we had halogens thay flicker and thay may have been on a 30sec or so then will do the same when I also but the indution hob on it...
  17. M

    Led snubber

    Having read the forums about these, there appears to be several answers as to what and where. Is there a definative answer as to what these are, where you put them and where to purchases them ?? I dont want to go into a store and be looked at like i am speaking in tounges ! :6:
  18. A

    Domestic 24 LEDs via PC PSU

    Hello everyone, I'm new to these forums and opened the account to ask for help (please, please, please) with my planned circuit... Power Source: Basically, I want to power an LED circuit from my PC's PSU Molar (12v red wire). The internet shows the red wire to be 12+ and the yellow 5+ - does...
  19. happyhippydad

    Any advice on LED MR16's?

    Hello all.. Just brushing up on my knowledge of LED's and getting to grips with Lumens/lux, SMD, angle etc etc etc.... What is your experience of LED MR16's? In particular I wanted to know if it was worth fitting them? One of the main reasons for buying an LED is the length of time it is going...
  20. La Poste

    Another dimming LED thread.

    Has anyone ever managed to get LED's to dim using a dummy resistor? You know when you fit a few LED lamps and the wattage amounts to about 30 Watts and hence too low for a standard dimmer. I hear placing a dummy resistor in parallel with the LED load is the way to do it but can't find any...
  21. S

    Which LED driver?

    Hi, I would like some advice on LED's. I have four LED's which came as part of a set with a transformer. The LED's are designed to be recessed and can be ceiling mounted as down lights. The four LED's plug into a splitter which connects to a single transformer which is plugged into the mains...
  22. P

    led flood light

    as the title led flood lights, has anyone used them yet? good or bad, only uses 3 watts cheap enough to buy but i can`t be bothered stuck up a ladder to have to take it down the next day if it`s rubbish.
  23. D

    LED and electronic transformers

    Subcategory - Lighting Hi, I have recently been experimenting with LED replacements for halogen 12 volt downlights. The instruction state NOT to be used with an electronic 12 v transformer, however I find they work very well using an electronic transformer if the load is sufficient, (ie...
  24. C


    LED grow-lighting well, i am sure you have all seen theese "new" LED growlight systems - well i want to build one! (this is actually NOT going to be for illegal purposes though - just want to test the idea out on some various vegetables/fruit. So saying that i want to get 3 spectrums of light...
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